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Aneros Session Sucess Problem Almost Gone But Not Quiet Yet
  • thecrittathecritta
    Posts: 154
    Hi guys since my last post i have been to visit another doctor a female doctor and
    when i went to see her i was advised by my good friend chuck_t who i have been
    talking to almost every night and has been helping me through this fun wrecking
    shit of a problem and i told him i was going to see another GP after my great
    failure you know my last post, sorry i have not replied to any of your posts the
    depression after wards made me feel like not responding so i will respond in
    to your posts from now on, well anyway chuck advised me not to tell her that
    my pain and discomfort inside my anus was caused by using aneros and instead
    tell her that i have pain discomfort inside my rectum especially when i go to pass
    a bowel movement so this is what i told her that i had pain discomfort inside my
    rectum and especially when i pass a bowel movement, so i told her all this and
    she gave me some suppositories for anorectal conditions and some actilax too make
    my shit softer and runnier, and she also told me to come back in three weeks if
    things are not better so she make an appointment with the royal Melbourne hospital
    to get things looked at.

    And about two weeks a go chuck got me to put the aneros eupho in and told me not
    to do any contractions but of course i did some small contractions and this bought on
    some minor discomfort just a small set back nothing to serious.

    And last night he wanted me to try putting in the aneros again to see how it went
    after i told him my problem was feeling much better so i did, and i stuck the smallest
    of the peridise advanced set in and i was using contractions but i was not very aroused
    and had trouble getting aroused the mood was not quiet there but anyway i used it for
    about five minutes with no buildup of discomfort and of course i told chuck this and after
    about ten minutes chuck had to leave and go some stuff and he said to me you had better
    take it out now, and of course i did not i continued for about another twenty minutes feeling
    nothing but having only slight contractions with only a tiny winy little bit of discomfort no major
    pain anywhere so i finally took it out went and had a smoke came back to my bedroom lied on
    the bed for five more minutes feeling a bit more aroused now deciding whether to just let it go
    for the night and see how it is tomorrow or have another little play, so i decided to clean it off
    with hot soap and water, actually i ended up cleaning the clean one first the bigger one lol then
    i went back into to my room lied down dipped the peridise head first in my bottle of lube and
    rubbed it over the rest of the aneros then stuck it back in and lied there gently contracting for
    about ten minutes with hardly and arousal at all, and then my level of arousal build up and i
    got an erection then started contracting and immediately felt a pleasurably contraction which
    made me let out a slight moan of pleasure and then i was off into a midley pleasurable orgasm
    and boy did it feel good, and at the end of the orgasm i even said fuck because the pleasure
    felt so good and after this i had another orgasm in which i could feel the the level of pleasure
    build to the next level of intensity but as soon as it started it died of and my level of arousal died
    down and i took it out about two minutes later oh well at least i finally got what i wanted a a pain
    and major discomfort free session.

    But atm i still feel as though the problem is not quiet gone, and this morning i woke up with
    a little bit of discomfort no pain so i am thinking i will lay off it for the next two weeks and see
    how i feel then.

    But i still don't understand what the hell is going on, what the problem is, one week it is really
    bad the next week it seems not not so bad and the week after that it seems fine can anyone
    see what the problem might be? Can anyone tell me what the hell is going on with this problem?

    Thanks for all the help and great replies guys, and happy anerosing, and may great waves of
    orgasms come to you all and sweep over you and wash you out into a sea of pure ecstasy

    Cheers thecritta

    :D :D :cool::cool:
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    Hello again critta,

    It sounds to me as if may well be on the road to recovery. I'm glad to see that you have at last found a medico who seems to be prepared to follow up on your problems.

    It might well be wise to lay off for a couple of weeks if you can, and just see what your next visit to the doctor turns up.

    I look forward to seeing more favourable reports. All the very best!

  • mrkpnhmrkpnh
    Posts: 58
    I think it is really important that you tell your doctor that you are using your toys. I don't think you can hope to get a correct diagnosis if you are not saying exactly what is causing the problem. Don't be worried about what your doctor will think - she will have dealt with lots of men who use similar toys.