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Use while sleeping
  • I just got my helix yesterday. As expected, nothing fantastic in the first session. I was thinking about ways to speed up the "rewiring" process by integrating sessions into my daily routine. For one, I think I'll use it while I shower (I have 2 10-15 minute showers daily). For another, I was thinking about sleeping with the unit in maybe once or twice a week.

    Has anyone found this helpful? I would like to get some feedback from those who have had experience sleeping with a unit in before ever attaining a super-O. Are there any potential dangers doing this (circulation, over-vigorous massage, etc.)? I assume I will run out of lube while asleep - could this damage rectal tissue?
  • VoyagerVoyager
    Posts: 199
    I have slept with both a Helix and Mgx on occasions.
    It did nothing for me.
    There were no problems with removal in the morning.
    I would try the shower routine and see what happens.
    I have had some nice sensations walking around and sitting
    with my models in situ.
    Give it a whirl, you never know !
  • macjimmacjim
    Posts: 28
    I just got my Helix three days ago, and I've had three sessions, including the last two nights with it left in for 4 or 5 hours while sleeping. Both mornings after, I've awaken with a raging erection out of deep sleep. I'd like to know what the pros here think, but I really enjoy it. If it's not a wise idea to leave it in that long, I won't do it anymore.
    The first morning after, I found a huge pool of precum on my leg, the biggest amount that I've ever seen before in my entire life. Then, later that day, I tried it in the afternoon and had a constant dribble of pure semen for about 40 minutes. It never gushed, just a small flow or trickle about like precum during foreplay.
    I've used estim for 16 years, and I found out from that that my body is rewired and becomes more sensitized and responsive over a period of months and years. The changes are very subtle, and sometimes I thought nothing was happening at all, only to be surprised by sudden erections and orgasms coming out of the blue. Some of the Erostek programs I don't feel at all, but I still get very erect. Those programs can milk semen out of me without an orgasm by just increasing the intensity level. Amazing!
    I think the aneros is doing alot to my nervous system even at this early stage. I think there's alot going on that's unconscious.
    I got the idea of leaving the Aneros in overnight because I did that while stimming. I love the feeling of a prolonged drooling erection and edging while stimming, and probably didn't even discover the concept of prolonged arousal and edging until my 40's. With estim, sometimes I'd wake up after 4 or 5 hours of deep sleep and have an intense orgasm before I had time to turn down the power level.
    I know the Helix is working even though I don't feel any overwhelming intense feelings, just continuous pleasant feelings right now as a beginner. The clues are the huge precum flow that I've never seen before, and the semen milking that's much more subtle than estim.
    I'm not expecting a fast rewiring of my brain/nervous system, since I didn't have that with estim.
    I've switched to Aneros from estim because of BPH, and now that I'm learning more about it, I'm very glad I'm switching. I got it to help drain semen, since I've had such severe prostate infections recently that I couldn't pee at all, and all the docs tell me to get the semen out frequently to prevent infections. I had no idea how much pleasure there was going to be!
    If you do keep your aneros in overnight, let the rest of us know how you're doing with it. I plan to keep doing it.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Regarding the following. I don't produce much 'natural lube' so YMMV.

    Suggest give consideration to vegetable fat or oil based lubes for extended use. I pack an SGX for 3-4 hrs on Saturday mornings using Crisco with no lube issues. Apres sex I've fallen asleep again with Crisco and awakened with no issues. I've also fallen asleep following a 'journey' session that used alv's Shea+Coconut lube -- again no issues. No clue on how 'natural jelley' might survive.

    I've not done as well when traveling (I use SlipperyStuff Gel on the road.) -- Six or seven hours of sleep in an arid hotel room yielded hemorrhoid damage.

    ... hth rook
  • macjimmacjim
    Posts: 28
    I'll try crisco soon. And I'll think about the possibility of hemorrhoid irritation. Was that just because you used Slippery Stuff instead of crisco?
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    La Petite mort

    May I just say it is as well you don’t live in southern Australia. Here the shortage of water is so severe that the accepted norm is for one’s daily shower to last no longer than 4 minutes. 10 to 15 minute showers would be considered gross extravagance, let alone two of them a day! Lucky you to have such an abundance of water!

    Seriously though - with reference to extra-long Aneros sessions, my understanding from the wiki on this subject is that leaving the device in all night is not recommended. I would have thought that leaving one such as the Progasm in all night would become quite painful.

    Having said that, I normally fall asleep with my chosen model inside me, but almost always remove it during the night after it has woken me up, and I have perhaps enjoyed a further period of fun with it. I think the longest time that one of the conventional models has remained inside me was the Eupho, which managed to be there for about six hours. Normally whatever device it is stays there for about three hours.

    That last statement does not apply to any of the Peridise range. Those I expect to leave in all night. That is mainly because I feel no discomfort with any of them and it is rather nice to wake up and enjoy an early morning session before having to get up.

    My lube of choice is a plug of unrefined Shea butter, about the size of a small broad bean, inserted immediately before the Aneros device. That seems to work regardless of which device is being used. I doubt it would ‘run out’ during the night. I don’t think I would leave even a Peridise in all night if I was using a water-based lube.

    All in all, I think it becomes a matter of comfort. If it is comfortable, I would leave it in, if it is at all uncomfortable, take it out.
  • OK, here's my take on this, LPM.

    For most guys, it takes a while for Aneros to become effective and being to stimulate the prostate enough to begin to enjoy its manifold blessings.

    In the majority of cases, this is process requires patience, attention to detail and conscious effort. I think that leaving your Aneros in place while sleeping will delay your progress. I say this because the rewiring process is that of coaxing the prostate to respond, and by coaxing, I mean being aware of ordinarily subtle feedback as you learn to know what it's all about and what that feedback should feel like.

    Leaving your Helix in while sleeping does nothing for your awareness growth, IMHO. I think I remember from Chat that you're a young guy. Young guys get erections all the time, Aneros or not, especially in the morning. I really don't know if your Helix is the causal agent in that case, but I'd suspect not. It's like bludgeoning your prostate with constant contact. Ordinarily, Aneros use is about that subtle massage which brings about orgasms, and not bombarding it for hours.

    So, I suggest that you NOT do this. Use it for normal sessions and remove it. Start a new session in the morning rather than leaving it in all night. I'll be willing to wager that your body will be MORE responsive to a good evening session, followed by sleep, and another session in the morning, than by having your Helix in all night or even for a protracted session.

    I have been meaning to post my findings on multiple sessions within a 24 hour period, and my belief that one successful session enthusiastically encourages a second, even if it's only a couple of hours later. I've had four sessions in a 12 hour period on several occasions and each was better than the previous. But, and this is a caveat, only do so if you're comfortable, no pain or soreness, which would be an indicator to stop doing what you're doing.

    Anyway, and again, my opinion only, multiple sessions rather than overnight insertion. I'll be interested to hear what others may have to say. I believe there is greater bliss to be encountered this way than overnight or protracted sleep/wake sessions.


  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    I concur absolutely.

    The reason for my removing the device during the night is that it is invariably becoming uncomfortable by then.

    Noting that I am now sure I have not yet achieved Super-O status, I'm beginning to wonder if my three hour sessions are too long. You suggest it be removed after a normal session, but what do you consider to be normal?

    I frequently find that my best responses don't happen until the second or third hour. Maybe I am having sessions that are too long?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    La petite mort,

    I know it is important to be in a relaxed state to optimize your Aneros massager experience and many users (perhaps most) use their Aneros in bed so it is quite natural for users to fall asleep with their massagers in place. I agree with the reasoning of 'Cockaddodle' regarding the lack of learning time during sleep but that is not the primary reason I don't recommend Aneros use during sleep. I am more concerned with the potential for self injury. With their tail/handles intact all the Aneros models pose a potential problem of getting entangled in bed clothes, sheets or blankets. Also many of us are animated sleepers, we toss and turn frequently during the night increasing the possibility of applying undo torque to our inserted massagers if we roll over suddenly or catch it on something. We need to always remain cognizant of the delicate nature of the internal tissues these devices are in direct contact with, it is far too easy to cause tears or bruising to the urethra, prostate, seminal vesicles, ampulla, rectal lining, etc. Hence the manufacturers direction to not employ any manual manipulation of these devices. IMHO, similar caution should be used when there exists potential for contact with external surfaces or objects.

    If you are still intent upon use through sleep periods, I would recommend that you remove the tail/handle appendage at a minimum and use a long lasting oil based lubricant rather than a water based one (water based lubes are more readily absorbed and will therefore dry out more quickly).
  • Thanks for the advice!

    I've decided not to attempt sleeping with a unit inserted. I've already had some soreness from too many over-vigorous contractions; I can only imagine what it would be like to roll over and impale myself! :P And my (very limited) experience thus far confirms what you've told me: sessions of that length would not likely benefit me.
  • macjimmacjim
    Posts: 28
    The helix has never been uncomfortable even after all night. I never wake up during the night. Maybe it's too small? Maybe I need a bigger one?
    What about unconscious rewiring? Can the brain be feeling things from the prostate region even when we're not aware of it? What about vagus nerves? When I was rewiring with estim, I got to the point that I could have hard erections and orgasms without feeling anything external to my cock with certain waveforms. I had to learn that.
    How do you explain the huge amount of precum I find in the morning, and the gigantic throbbing erection I wake up to? I haven't awakened like that for 40 years! Now I'm recalling how fun it was as a teen again! I can see the pre-cum could be from mechanical action of the massager, but what about the erection?
    I'm 64, and not used to constant erections throughout the day, for about 10 years (just kidding! 40 years!).
    I never toss and turn at night. I wake up in exactly the same position I fall asleep in. Sometimes I turn from my left side to my right side, but the covers are never out of place.
    I hope you can accept that some of us may still want to play with our cocks while we have the aneros inside, during our early rewiring. If the rewiring is going to take awhile anyway, why not enjoy what I'm feeling now? So it takes me longer.
    In deference to you more experienced users, I will refrain from leaving it in all night. I enjoy estim very much and I'm very happy with it. I can have two or three wet orgasms from stimming without losing my erection. My addiction to that may impede my progress too.
    I immediately enjoyed the feeling of the helix inside from the moment I inserted it. Reminded me of how estim felt at first.
    I would like to experience non-ejaculatory orgasms though. I'm just not into super O's as much as you are because I've never experienced them. I want to have fun while I'm getting there. I'll practice without penis contact as much as I can, but the aneros feels better when I'm hard, and just having it in makes me semi-hard or very erect because the PC muscles are contracting along with my anal sphincter contractions, swelling my cock. Apparently I can learn to just contract my anal sphincter by itself.
    Please feel free to flame me if yiou want. I'm still absorbing what you're saying.
    When I already have one addiction, it's hard to completely give it up for another addiction that may take time to learn.
    I know about the tantric practices to have non-ejaculatory orgasms. I guess there are too many pleasureable feelings competing within me.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    [QUOTE=macjim;86429]I'll try crisco soon. And I'll think about the possibility of hemorrhoid irritation. Was that just because you used Slippery Stuff instead of crisco?

    Not at all. Slippery Stuff is a great lube but like all water based lubes it gets absorbed more rapidly than fatty lubes like Shea Butter or vegetable oils. I'm great with Slippery stuff for 1.5 to 2 hours. I was asleep for about 6 hours.
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    I've had lube after 6 hours before, and it was Slippery Stuff. There was plenty of it, but I also give a thin coating of Vaseline over the Aneros.