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What is a Mini-O?
  • It is so difficult to know the answer to this one. The whole concept is very subjective. My experiences are few and far between. Soon after insertion,the Aneros begins to create a host of very warm deep sensations. I love this. shortly, I get a surge of tightening pleasure which comes in waves deep in my abdomen and brings about an erection which increases with every wave. This is really wonderful as each wave is very similar to that wonderful surge one gets just prior to ejaculation. Of course in that situation, the sensation is very short lived and decreases during the sperm realise. So I think that the waves are all mini- orgasms. However, when the erection is full, the waves cease and the experience fades. Sometimes, when my penis has gone down again, I can repeat the performance, though only once or twice more. I then give up and try again another time. I never seem to go beyond this. again I ask. Has my wiring gone wrong or short circuited in some way. I would be very grateful for comments or suggestions. Regards to all. Tomasheen.
  • rumelrumel
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    The Aneros WIKI Glossary defines a ”mini-O” as “A less intense non-ejaculatory orgasm, typically experienced in the early stages of developing non-ejaculatory orgasm skills. They are often focused in the pelvic area and involve a mild but distinct orgasmic contraction and sense of climax.”

    I agree with your statement “The whole concept is very subjective.” just as establishing definitions of what constitutes an orgasm or a Super-O are equally subjective. We are dealing with a continuum of sensations and feelings here which do not easily lend themselves to explicit categorization. From your description of sensations, I would agree with your conclusion you experienced some mini-O's.

    You make note of your erectile state as if it should be a gauge to your orgasmic potential - ”Sometimes, when my penis has gone down again, I can repeat the performance, though only once or twice more. I then give up and try again another time.”. IMHO, this may be an erroneous assumption. I encourage you to read the Penis, NOT! thread by Cockadoodle for a little insight on this issue.

    I don't believe your wiring has ”gone wrong” at all, you are just experiencing many of the nuances of body sensations this journey of self discovery reveals. In “The Multi-Orgasmic Man” by 'Chia & Abrams', it is pointed out that orgasms may occur in many different parts of the body, not just in the genitals. Albert Kinsey said “There is nothing more characteristic of the sexual response than the fact that it is not the same in any two individuals.”

    IMHO, while it is interesting to establish a rationality to these experiences, it is also counterproductive to over analyze and try to “think” your way forward on this journey. It is the process of “letting go” of conscious control wherein your body sensations take the lead that your real progress and pleasure will be derived. You will have plenty of time after your sessions to try and understand what happened.
  • Thank you rumel Very good advice indeed. Tomasheen.