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Help! I gotta get the cum out!
  • macjimmacjim
    Posts: 28
    This is an introductory post since I just joined your forum.
    I'm a 64-year-old male with an 80cc prostate. My urologist and other docs have told me to ejaculate as often as possible, because I keep getting prostate infections. The infections are related to the large prostate size. I've had three biopsies and they've all been negative. They won't do prostate reduction surgery, so I'm faced with more infections and antibiotics.
    Apparently the Aneros was invented for EXACTLY the kind of problem I have !! Whooppee!!
    I understand the passion for dry O's from reading most of the stickies and recent posts, but I really need to get as much semen out as frequently as I can (Oh! What a chore that will be!).
    Apparently I can get semen out without an erection with the Aneros. I've done that before without the Aneros by tapping directly on my prostate through my anus with my finger. It felt like more of a reflex than a super-O.
    Is there info on milking without an erection with the Aneros?
    Would it be better to try to learn dry O's and then masturbate later to get the spooge out?
    Or would it be better to insert the Aneros and masturbate to ejaculation and then try to work on dry O's afterwards?
    I just ordered the Helix a few days ago, and it should arrive by Friday.
    I guess I want the best of both possible worlds: Semen out, AND dry super-Os!
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,832
    Hi macjim & welcome,

    By sheer numbers, you've got me beat. I'm fortunate with just a 45 gram/cc prostate. Also fortunate to have, so far, dodged both the laser and the ream-job. My normal dose of Hytrin is 1mg each morning with an option of an extra milligram in the afternoon if I'm 'tightening up.'

    I use the Eupho for 'solo' sessions. Dame Eupho is superb at building p-waves and dry-Os but I don't rank it as an 'industrial strength' massage tool. MGX and Helix seem better at 'loosening things up.' Once a week with either of those along with a wet-O finish keeps me close to even in the bph game.

    Note: I'm one of the group of guys who conserve semen on the day before and after Aneros sessions that aim for a dry-Orgasm. (I call these my 'journey' sessions.)

    About once a month the need for Hytrin increases and I aim at a 'clean out.'

    In my bod, MGX provides more consistent prostate and cowpers contact than Helix for all body positions so I usually start with MGX then switch to Helix. Helix is more maneuverable laterally and pressures my rectal wall onto the left and right laterals of my prostate. On-belly and side body positions along with some pelvic maneuvering help this work. (No clue how it might work with an 80 gram prostate.) When I'm on my back with Helix, I get little prostate contact but do get good vibes from the posterior rectal wall. (I'm one of those outcasts who was deprived of anal fun for most of my life and am now catching up.) :D

    I swallow the whole daily dose of alfa blocker about an hour before the session. I'm OK with this 'full dose' since I'm going to be lying down and not 'driving heavy machinery.' :) I'm not shooting for a lot of Aneros agility so skip the rectal douche and shower part of prep. I do pre-lube with a couple of ml of a vegetable oil (Castor is the current favorite) and smear some shea-butter on the Aneros. (A heavier lube than I use with the Eupho.)

    After an hour or two of gentle massage with MGX and the Helix, I edge up to a wet-O, trying to get just to the single-pulse point and kill it there. If you're good at Aneros Kegels you'll find it easy to kill ejac -- piece of cake! Then, repeat as many times as possible. Finally, let go and after the ejaculation is complete, relax for a few moments and remove the Aneros. Removal action yields another large slug of ejaculate (an MGX or Progasm seems to yield a larger slug than does the Helix -- however being 'endowed' with an 80ml prostate, your results will probably be much different than mine.) All told, I'd guess about 50% more semen that I produce on a simple j.o. maneuver when I haven't medicated with Hytrin.

    I haven't tried using Saw Palmetto the day before one of these sessions but since it's also a relaxing agent for the prostate, it might further help clean things out.

    I haven't used Saw regularly since I started with the Aneros but, before that I used it to help Hytrin do it's magic. Have to give it a try again. Testing is fun!!

    Enjoy all the Aneros sessions no matter whether you are aiming for a dry-O, for a house cleaning or just some raunchy fun to wake up your internals. ... hth

    Late edit -- After any heavy edging session like this I sometimes produce some small dark specks the next time I urinate. Uro has scoped me, found nothing wrong and isn't concerned.
  • macjimmacjim
    Posts: 28
    Hi rook,
    I looked up hytrin because I didn't know what it was. It's an antihypertensive, and I don't have high blood pressure. I take .4mg flomax twice a day.
    Does hytrin make it easier to pee? Is that what you meant by tightening up?
    Why do you conserve semen before and after the dry O? Does conserving semen make the O more long lasting and intense?
    I'm looking forward to playing with the Aneros. Maybe I'll need a smaller one if my prostate is that enlarged. If anyone knows what size I should try with a big prostate, I'd be interested. I already know I have a huge cumload, I guess because the prostate is so large. It'll be interesting to see how much semen I can get out with Aneros. It sounds like it'll be alot more.
    It sounds like you edge first with the Aneros, but don't have a dry O before you ejac ( I guess ejac is a house cleaning?)
    My docs say ejac every three days at a minimum. Can I milk semen without a erection and orgasm with Aneros? Then I might enjoy a dry O more?
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,832
    [QUOTE=macjim;86314]Hi rook,
    I looked up hytrin because I didn't know what it was. It's an antihypertensive, and I don't have high blood pressure. I take .4mg flomax twice a day.
    Hytrin (teradosin) is just another alfa-blocker and works like Flomax which includes an alfa-blocker as one of its components.
    Does hytrin make it easier to pee? Is that what you meant by tightening up?
    Yup and yup
    Why do you conserve semen before and after the dry O? Does conserving semen make the O more long lasting and intense?
    Idea is to get a bit horny for Dame Aneros -- makes one more eager for the 'date' This isn't given for all the older guys who hang here but is a recurring theme in the Forum. It all depends on your own hornyness factor and your own Testosterone level. The 'under 25' gang (the 'anytime baby' tigers) don't have to sweat this. Since the whole 'journey' session is going to take a couple of hours it's worth going into it with a good set of head horns. That avoids 'dudding out.'
    I'm looking forward to playing with the Aneros. Maybe I'll need a smaller one if my prostate is that enlarged. If anyone knows what size I should try with a big prostate, I'd be interested.
    Early on I had the same concern and bought an SGX (similar to the MGX but about an inch shorter). Turns out, at 45gm I'm g2g with Helix and MGX. The SGX is a fun tool that we've adopted for foreplay. I was getting a bit of mild discomfort during quick foreplay moves and the SGX doesn't do that.
    I already know I have a huge cumload, I guess because the prostate is so large. It'll be interesting to see how much semen I can get out with Aneros. It sounds like it'll be alot more.
    It sounds like you edge first with the Aneros, but don't have a dry O before you ejac ( I guess ejac is a house cleaning?) yup -- sorry for the slang.
    My docs say ejac every three days at a minimum. Good advice and falls in line with some University Med School Studies regarding prostate health. Can I milk semen without a erection and orgasm with Aneros? Then I might enjoy a dry O more? AFAIK manual manipulation of the Aneros, aside from Perineal muscle contraction isn't recommended -- you have to do your own research on this (open the Wiki and for 'milking') and set your own course. No clue as to your past anal-play expeirence but, rember that you're dealing with some fragile tissues. Be well cleaned out, well lubed, take care and ENJOY !

    .......... rook
  • macjimmacjim
    Posts: 28
    I've been injecting testosterone legally because I found out I had low test. 15 years ago. It was like turning a switch on!
    I have the libido of a younger person, but the high DHT made my prostate grow alot.
    I think I'll try to work semen expulsion every three days and then try to work in the dry super O's as best I can in between.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 576
    Hey, macjim. Rook's suggestions are excellent and well thought out. To answer your question about Hytrin, it is an alpha blocker which has the same urological effect as Flomax, but Hytrin is an older product and lowers blood pressure also, an excellent choice for someone with elevated blood pressure and lower urinary tract obstructive symptoms due to prostate enlargement. Flomax would be more suited to someone needing the beneficial urinary flow effects but not so much lowering of blood pressure. My urologist recommends frequent ejaculation for me also, though I've been blessed to keep a small prostate now over age 50. I don't have the extensive experience to comment from as Rook does, but I think what you're after here is trying to frequently ejaculate significant quantities of fluid, say twice a week or so given your earlier remarks. I've used the Aneros (Helix mostly, though more recently a Maximus and a Eupho) for 7 months and though I've had fun learning just recently how to produce prostate orgasms, they are, as in I think most guys' experience, dry orgasms. That is, it's a very intense orgasmic sensation that lasts longer than a traditional ejaculatory orgasm, but doesn't produce anything other than at most, and not on all occasions, maybe a few drops of clear fluid from the urethra said to come largely from the Cowper's glands though I wonder and some believe a tiny amount of prostate fluid could be included in this. Doing that alone, as pleasurable nonetheless as it is, wouldn't help your prostate congestion I would think as much as coupling it with traditional ejaculation which produces the fluid output that we're all familiar with and appears to be what your urologist mainly is after. Rook and others may be able to give you better detailed suggestions here, but I find that having a traditional ejaculation following an Aneros session, or with the Aneros (a smaller model is more comfortable for this) still inside me produces a much greater volume of ejaculate, which appears to be what you're after. Be gentle with an 80 gram gland in there and let the Aneros do its massaging with its own natural motions, and no manual pushing or manipulating it. And mostly, just relax and enjoy it.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi macjim, rook and slimjim!!! :D :D :D

    Great semen seminar you have going here men! :D

    63 and in the same boat basically. While I also use the Eupho, the Helix and the MGX for my BPH therapy sessions at times, I find my Progasm Ice does a great milking and edging build/rebuild cycle that clears greatest fluid flow, and the biggest semen blowout sessions!!

    all the best prostate health treatments effects and joys all

  • macjimmacjim
    Posts: 28
    Thanks for your comments, SlimJim
    I've always leaked a huge amount of pre-cum for extended periods of arousal, so I'll be interested to see what comes out while I'm doing the Aneros non-erect part.
    It looks like everyone feels I should do a long session without touching my cock, and holding off ejaculating for as long as possible.
    I've always enjoyed edging without ejaculating, and I've always noticed I spewed more semen if I waited, and it shot out further (feet!). Plus the orgasm felt much more intense! I'm really intrigued about a dry prostate orgasm! Wow!
    Since I did that with estim, I was always super-erect and penis-focused. My prostate used to ache when I did that though. It needed to be massaged right then, but I didn't know that! Not being able to pee has changed my whole focus!
    I'l try not to force anything, but just relax and work on breathing. I've studied Tantric sex practices, and that should help. Thank GOD I'm past the horny teenager stage when I'd come in a minute. Sex ed doesn't teach delayed orgasm and edging. It should, because women usually like something longer lasting than a minute. I should have started that at about age 13! I guess our culture is too sexually repressed.
    You mentioned that a smaller Aneros might be more comfortable. Do you think the Helix is going to be too big? Does a larger model hurt when having a traditional wet O (from the involuntary contractions, I assume)? I'm certainly willing to buy a smaller model later. Which smaller model do you recommend? Eupho?
  • macjimmacjim
    Posts: 28
    Thanks for your comment, Artform!
    Isn't the progasm kinda big? I'd like to use the model that cleans out the most semen though.
    Would progasm be too big with me having an 80cc progasm?
    Is one model better for dry O's, and another model better for max semen shooting?
    I guess I'll be buying a bunch of different models. This is all much cheaper than estim though.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 576
    Hey, macjim. I've tried traditional ejaculation with the Aneros in only a couple times, once with the Helix which was uncomfortable when the really strong phase of ejaculatory contractions came and once with the Eupho which was more comfortable--kind of fun, in fact--but both produced much larger ejaculate volumes than a typical ejaculation without them. I wouldn't think having one of the larger Aneros models in when those traditional ejaculatory contractions come would be very pleasant, but others may have more insight into this than I. I tend to think from reading the forum that I have less precum during dry prostate orgasms than many guys do and the fact you normally produce a lot of precum during normal arousal suggests that you'll produce a lot during prostate massaging, which might help you. But I tend to think getting good semen output on a frequent basis is what will help you most (and seems to be what your urologist is looking for) and so I wouldn't recommend going long intervals without traditional ejaculation, even though that is often advanced as a technique for making Aneros sessions more effective in obtaining that elusive prostate super orgasm. I think the Helix you're getting will feel fine for you unless your gland size is such that it makes sliding a finger into your rectum past the gland really tight. In that case you may want to try the SGX as it is the smallest of the massagers I believe, though I have no personal experience with it. The other thing to recall is that while generating prostate sensations and ultimately prostate orgasms with these massagers comes more easily for some than others, you may be like me (and I think a lot of us) in that for quite some while (in my case about four months) even with diligent trying, it will feel like nothing more than a funny feeling piece of plastic stuck in your rectum.

    Finally, here's a whole other consideration with gland size that you may or may not wish to pursue or apply to your situation, but I hope the information will give you some insights into managing gland size. I'm an doc in real life actually, and though not a urologist I do treat a lot of mens' health issues. As you know, there are two categories of drugs that help urinary flow, the alpha blocker class such as Hytrin and Flomax that help open up the prostatic urethra so urinary flow improves and medications like finasteride (Proscar) and dutasteride (Avodart) that help shrink the gland to improve urinary flow. There are mild side effects to consider with the prostate shrinking drugs such as decrease in volume and force of ejaculate and for some men a slight decrease in libido, but most men do not end up discontinuing them for these concerns, and the reduction in gland size and in cancer risk with these drugs make them an attractive approach to managing a large gland. I would not presume to present this as a recommendation to you, but you may wish to ask your urologist next time what he thinks. I think it is still accepted by urologists that using this class of medications reduces the likelihood of future prostate surgery for urinary symptoms.

    Again, I wish you the best in managing your urinary flow and prostatitis issues. Using the massagers is fun and fortunately the prostate symptoms start improving even before any of the feel-good orgasmic sensations begin to occur so just relax and don't feel hurried about getting to the dry orgasm stage.
  • macjimmacjim
    Posts: 28
    Thanks, SlimJim,
    I saw my urologist today. He doesn't think prostate reduction surgery is warranted at all, and he wants to do watchful waiting and get a PSA in 6 months. I inject testosterone, and he thinks being at 750 ng/dl is a good place to be. My PSA went from 4.9 in October '09, to 29.4 in early January '10, and then down to 7.0 a few weeks ago. They used an ultrasound to see how much urine I retained after urinating, and it was 87 ml, considered acceptable.
    I'm taking .4 mg Flomax twice a day. He took me off avodart. He says it cuts the PSA reading in half, but it doesn't help with urine flow or urination frequency enough to justify it.
    I told him about Aneros, and he had never heard of it. He said I read the Internet too much! I may copy the medical journal double blind study I found on this site about Aneros vs non-aneros, and how aneros reduces infection frequency, compared to not using it. He did a finger probe of my prostate (it was big but nothing felt cancerous), and some semen leaked out of my penis! It must get pretty full! ( A friend helped me empty it tonight!)
    I appreciate all the info on where to start and which models to consider if the Helix is too big. I''ll report on my progress here.
    I need to add that I really like sex, and alot of my motivation is to enjoy sex as much and for as long as possible, and have really hard erections. The statins I'm on should reduce the plaques in the small arteries in my cock and improve bloodflow, hence reduce ED.
    There's so much technical talk here that I just wanted to repeat that I love hard erections and long, intense orgasms!
    That's the passion behind everything that motivates me!
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 576
    Hey, macjim. When I saw my urologist a few months ago I mentioned the prostate massagers to him and he'd never heard of it either. He said it made sense though to massage the gland to relax it and thus reduce swelling in it so the bladder could fill better (as in not getting up at night to pee) and the prostatic urethral flow would be better (bigger, harder pee stream). He's an inquisitive enough fellow though that I imagine by now he's looked it up and linked to the Aneros site to read about it. Yes, when I get the finger wave a little drop leaks out of me too. I think everyone does that and in this case it's prostatic secretions being milked from the gland by the firm pressure of the urologist's finger. The Aneros does not push on the gland that hard and the gentle stimulation it provides encourages more Cowper's gland output (the clear mucous like pre-cum we all identify with traditional arousal). The cholesterol meds are good for keeping those arteries open. Indeed, it has become medically accepted now to ask guys about their erectile health in order to identify those that may be having the earliest signs of atherosclerosis.
  • macjimmacjim
    Posts: 28
    Thanks, SlimJim,
    I think I'll copy the medical journal review of Aneros that was somewhere here on a forum, and give it to my Uro. Does anybody remember where that link was to the article? I really think Uros should know about this.
    I love my cowper's gland! My pre-cum flows like a river in normal sexual activity or arousal! During even "brief" periods of arousal, my briefs get soaked.
    I got my Aneros Helix today. It's a big sucka, bigger than I expected! Anyway, I'm going to try it later today. I've practiced meditation since the Vietnam war (helped me get through that period of my life), and took tantric lessons from a gorgeous 50-year-old female in Boulder, Colorado (Good temptation for semen control! Tantra stresses semen control and extended periods of arousal without ejaculation. Also dry orgasms.)
    My uro said the main cause of ED is atherosclerosis of the small penile arteries.
    My '94 Explorer died yesterday and I'm looking for a replacement, so I'm kinda busy right now and don't have unlimited time for the Helix.
    Is there a non-stim related forum here? I also have this French cartoon (only the French would do this) with a dancing penis and balls getting a condom. It's hilarious!
    I'd love to put it on a forum that's non-Aneros, or forward it on to anyone who's interested.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    Here is the link to the On Going Study report .

    As regards to the cartoon, you can post a link for it into 'B Mayfield' s thread ”The F-Spot”.
  • macjimmacjim
    Posts: 28
    I posted the cartoon on the F-Spot, and I copied the study to my computer. I'll print it and take it to my urologist immediately!!