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Aneros Mod, funny but serious
  • geezergeezer
    Posts: 18
    O.K. took off the curly hook right back to the main shaft, wow !! feels really good. sat on the toilet, mmmmm, felt really good, pushed a little too hard, you guest it, down it went around the trap......took off the bowl and rescued the beast !!! Major save of an aneros...
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    Not understanding... You cut off the curly handle?
  • geezergeezer
    Posts: 18

    Originally Posted By: FleshJoe
    Not understanding... You cut off the curly handle?

    Yes, all the way back to the main shaft, sanded it all nice and smooth, it really seems to let the head exert a little more pressure on the prostate and seems to bring the perenium tab closer to the sweet spot, did on both helx and sgx, still waiting for my mgx to show up, ordered over two weeks ago.
    It has improved the sensations quite a bit.
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    OK, tried it on my Aneros MGX classic (the one with the two bumps on its business end), it was AWESOME. The difference is that the Aneros kind of disappears and you're just feeling the pleasure and pressure, without feeling the Aneros itself there. It moves much more freely and really does a good job of inducing involuntaries and dry orgasms.
  • rorymusclerorymuscle
    Posts: 74
    Tentitively, I took the hacksaw to the handles of my MGX and SGX. I sanded them down and rounded the nub off nicely.

    I just had a go.

    WOW! WOW! And I say it again: WOW!

    This has improved the Aneros experience a thousand fold. I like to use it laying on my back with my legs at right angles, but what would happen is the handle would sit on the mattress and jam the Aneros into a less movable position. Cutting the handle off has freed it up and my body positively seem to suck the device into my body.

    I also found with the handle, it would make the top of my crack sore after prolonged use, but now I can just ride away into the early hours with no need to apply antiseptic cream.


  • nlr420nlr420
    Posts: 18
    Any Helix users cut thier curly handle off???
  • mu1timu1ti
    Posts: 61
    Yes. I took the handle off my Helix and my MGX.

    My reason is that I like to practice on my back with my knees bent - the thing just gets in the way.

    The only thing you lose doing this is the ability to manipulate the unit via the handle - I was happy to commit to the Helix & MGX as hands free devices. I had been able to O with some handle manipulation but there was always ejaculate.

    What I have gained via this mod is for the first time I can now lie back in my recliner chair in my studio & fill the room with music.
  • BRAVO!!!! Good man!!!! I like to hear about progresive and experimental minds!!! Maybe Aneros will hire you to work on the Next Generation of products!!! I wonder if a vibrating one could be the next step? Or one that has a gentle heating control system...? I'd be intrigued!
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    With current technology, the main centre shaft of the aneros could house its own built in vibrator, or even a small opening to allow lube or whatever to be gently pumped up the centre shaft and out the top...just like an ejaculating dildo !!!!! Why, even a remote camera to check if you are actually contacting the prostate and seeing if the prostate looks ok,...think of the savings in doctor visits !!!
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    "just like an ejaculating dildo!" Geezer, you crack me up.