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Back door won't open.
  • Hi guys, I just recently received my Aneros in the mail, and I've been pretty excited about it. Now I've tried using it twice but I haven't been able to actually get it past the second involuntary sphincter. Now I've tried to relax myself before the sessions like showers, and getting comfortable on my bed. But my anus still doesn't want to relax enough to let it go in. Now I'm thinking this is because my state of relaxation might be, to someone else a state of low to mild anxiety. I have pretty bad OCD, and it's hard for me to ever get my mind clear. But that's my burden, my question here is does anyone have any tips on how to relax, either just overall way of relaxing or specifically relax the anus enough to allow penetration. Any advice would be helpful.
  • Hi,

    What model did you buy?

    I was the same way. I was never into anal play or even the thought that it could feel comfortable to have something in my rectum. TAKE YOUR TIME and if you need to, put it away a few weeks and try again. Over time it will be easier to insert and after awhile your body may crave it. I like the PROBE thick and rich as a lube. Remember everyone is different. I cant use the lube with glycerin, they make me feel like I keep having to go to the bathroom.

    Good luck, keep us updated and maybe you need to introduce some high fiber into your diet like shreeded wheat or fibre one cereal daily. It helped me.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,087

    I just created and lost a fairly detailed post for you (they're still working the kinks out of the forum). Unfortunately I haven't much time now, so I'll try to give this to you thumbnail.

    The hot shower or bath is a great idea for starters. After that, go with some relaxing slow, deep breathing exercises, such as used in Yoga, KSMO or self-hypnosis. Breathing like this cleanses the body of tension and helps balance energy.

    From there start with some perineal massage using your fingers. This is the area between your scrotum and anus. Use gentle circular strokes at first, becoming deeper over time. Try contracting your anus and feel how it changes the underlying musculature. You may experience pleasant sensations in your prostate from this or not, enjoy what comes your way. After several minutes slowly move down to your anus. Lubricate several fingers well and focusing on the surface/exterior of your anus only, lightly tap or drum your fingers upon it. Now, using one or two fingers, massage the exterior of your anus for several minutes add a slightly deeper intensity, becoming aware of the outer sphincter.

    Lubricate your middle finger (make certain your nail is well clipped for this part or wear a glove) and slowly introduce it into your anus. This should NOT be done with a single thrust, but rather a gentle slow in and out motion that VERY gradually moves inward. This provides for more thorough coverage of the tissues with lube and allows your body to become more accustomed to the penetration as well. If you feel uncomfortable at any time and need to stop, do so, keep your finger still and allow your sphincter time to relax once more. If you need more lubricant, slowly remove your finger and add some more. When re-inserting remember to use the same technique above. Once your finger is past your second sphincter and inside your rectum (you will be aware of the open space inside), let it rest for a moment.

    After a moment of relaxation, keeping your finger at that same depth and begin to slowly rotate/pivot your finger inside your anus as if you were attempting to draw small circles with your finger tip. Over time the entire length of your finger should be following the same path, around and around. This massages the inner and outer sphincter simultaneously. (If you're confused what kind of movement this is, make an "O" with the thumb and index finger of one hand, then put the index finger of your other hand half-way through and move it around and around in a clockwise motion. If you push on the sides you will increase the circumference of the circle...get the picture?). As comfort allows, gradually increase the circumference of the circle. You might also find it helpful to use the deep breathing here too. Just remember, the idea is to relax and loosen things up.

    Now using a children's medicine dropper or lube applicator pre-lubricate your rectum using 4 to 5 mls/cc's of a thin weight lube (ID Glidle, KY Liquid, Wet etc). This should be prepared ahead of time and should not be used until after the massage (the lube will flow out otherwise). What this does is to provide an inner well of lubrication right where it counts the that second sphincter.

    Now slowly introduce the Aneros using a hooking or "spooning" motion (vs. a straight thrust). This accounts for the shape of the Aneros and conforms more comfortably with one's anatomy.


    BF Mayfield
  • Thanks guys, the next time I try to use my Aneros(MGX) I will defiantly prep with my fingers first. I suppose a condom is just was good as a rubber glove, my nails are pretty rough, part of my OCD I chew on em. Oh and the hooking technique sounds very useful, again thanks for the advice. I'll tell y'all how it goes.
  • It may help if you're already used to entering the anus. It's difficult to relax if you have new sensations down there, which can cause your sphincters to contract sharply and painfully. Just relax.
  • artformartform
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    Hi guys!!!

    Agree completely with BFM! And it is great to see your willingness and enthusiasm for "defiantly" doing this Normandy! Have you ever explored or practised yoga? Any other deep relaxation and body attuning practices that are known in OCD management? Being able to relax generally and deeply, as well as being able to focus on specific organs, muscle groups and other tissues and nerve systems can make a great difference in your aneros MMO practice.

    all the best with your journey and the new indoor finger walking Normandy and all

  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    In order to get the Progasm in, I have to use the spooning/hooking method or it can hurt like crazy, even after all this time. It is funny how some times your anus is more relaxed than others. The first time insertion is the worst because of the anticipation of all that you have read in this great forum. I have never had and issue with the Eupho or Peridise set.