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For me semen retention just seems to kill my sex drive
  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    A few months ago I was to the point of ejaculating about once or twice a week. However it got to the point to where I just never felt sexually aroused. There's been several threads here on this forum that discuss semen retention as a favorable way to help build and keep arousal levels high so to be able to have better aneros sessions.

    Not sure if I'm the only one but I really feel this just doesn't work for me. I find my sessions to be no better if I go a week without ejaculating or just a day or two. I feel this is because the longer I go without ejaculating the less I care about sex or wanting to have a session.

    Plus when I did let myself ejaculate it was always disappointing because it wouldn't be anymore intense than if I had ejaculated just a day prior. And I would expect to see a much larger volume of semen but no.
    So about a month or more ago after feeling like my sex drive had been at's its lowest in my life, I decided the hell with this and decided to ejaculate everyday and sometimes every other day. Plus I decided to take a break from the aneros during this time as well.

    The result. I'm horny as crap everyday and my ejaculations are way more intense than when I was ejaculating once or twice a week. I have to actually force myself not to ejaculate twice a day. I get a ridiculous amount of random erections all day practically making me feel like a teenager again something that was becoming non-existent before this. And these aren't just "normal" erections. These are more in the line of mini o erections. The same type I get when I having an aneros/aneroless session. The best ones normally happen when driving.

    But with this increased horniness I've found that it can often times be difficult focusing on aneroless sessions. I'm almost too horny to stick with it. Thinking I need to find a balance between them. Like maybe forcing myself to only ejaculate every other day and have my aneros/aneroless sessions on the days between.

    I'm not having a problem as far as having good aneroless sessions. It's more that whole itch that I need to get rid so I can focus on other things. When I'm super horny my mind is fixated on sexual pleasure and the such making it much easier to put of daily things that need to get done.

    Don't get me wrong though. I'd much rather have this problem of being too horny all the time than how i was not long ago of a dead sex drive.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Good for you Billy! You found a schedule that works for you. Keep experimenting and things will surely take off for you.
  • PanPan
    Posts: 249
    Hey Billy,

    like Buster, I'm glad you chose to find what works best for you rather than blindly follow the suggestions of others. However, it seems from your choice of wording that whether you are ejaculating or not, it has become an issue of willpower. Comments like "when I did let myself ejaculate" or " I have to actually force myself not to ejaculate" indicate to me that perhaps some of your choices regarding ejaculation have been based on control rather than pleasure.

    Why not let yourself ejaculate as much as feels right for you? Perhaps you should just go for it and get it all out of your system, so-to-speak. Fulfill your body's need so completely that you reach the other extreme. Then find the most pleasurable balance between the two.

    Personally, I've been refraining from ejaculation (average 1-4 ejaculations per month) for over a decade. But my one rule is that I never force myself either way. I simply follow what feels best for me. Every once in awhile I feel a clear need to really "clean the pipes" by ejaculating several times in a row. So I do and I enjoy it thoroughly. Then I slip right back into my normal schedule, feeling happy and refreshed for having indulged myself.

    My advice is to do just that. Indulge yourself so completely that you have no urge to ejaculate for awhile. Then you will have a sense of what your body really wants and needs. My body always lets me know when it's time to ejaculate and I never argue with that request. The result is that my body and I work together as a team, which I assure you, is a lot more fun than trying to control or it, or worse yet, resenting it because I can't control it.

    My general rule is to let my body do whatever it wants, I simply guide it gently and gradually towards a more pleasurable goal (like the Super-O) and it usually goes quite willingly. I think you'll find that your body really wants to give you all the pleasure you desire, it simply needs to be included in the process of finding out what works best for both of you.

    Best of luck,

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi Billy11, Buster and Pan!!! :D :D :D

    Just want to second your comments Pan! For me that key word that captures this is: balance. And this can be difficult to maintain with all the varied events and stresses that daily life can throw our way.

    There are points of perfect balance in space around the Earth, the Lagrange Points , where free-floating space cities can be built and remain in stable position, because those are where the gravitational effects of the Earth/Moon or Earth/Sun are in balance. These are 2-body parallels in a way to the geo-stationary orbit height for communications and other satellites.

    IMHO, having a similar energies balance in ourselves is a great precursor easing the way to Super-Oing and Beyond. I agree completely with you Pan on the sexual/ejaculation practice that contributes to the deeply relaxed natural balance that so facilitates our orgasmic practices and successes. It is the complement, the handmaiden of flow; the full orgasmic energies flow within and without our physical body. Balance and flow... balance and flow... so grateful too... flying... flying... balance and flow...

    all the best relaxing and finding one's own Lagrangian balance here all

  • artform, you always just nail it! I'm so amazed by your awareness.

    I so appreciate how you, unlike anyone else on the forum, can express what I can only feel.

    Thank you for your incredible insights.

    That's truly it, Billy11. He's got it. You've got it. Balance, to satisfy your spiritual equilibrium and flow to fill yourself once again.