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Twitching, now what?
  • So I've been using the Helix off and on for a few months now (mostly off, to be honest) and I've never been able to get anything involuntary. I started my session earlier today just laying there(after shower, arousal, etc), for probably about 10-15 minutes with device inserted, just focusing on rhythmic breathing. It's comfortable and maybe a little pleasurable, but nothing great. I then tried the holding contraction at 30% technique and after about 5 minutes started getting really strong twitching. It felt better, and I started leaking a bit out of my penis, but there really didn't seem to be any rhythm to it, just sporadic contractions. I held this for maybe 30 minutes or so before I got sore and started 30% contractions with breathing. Again, it feels pretty good, but no p-waves. At no point did the twitching ever feel like it could give way to rhythmic, involuntary contractions. I consider this a successful session, but where do I go from here? Should the twitching segue into rhythmic contractions, in time with the breathing? Is this similar to anybody else's experience?

    I'm going to continue using this technique in the future. I guess I'm still being impatient? I have a feeling I just need to take it one step at a time and get comfortable reproducing results at each step before I move on.
  • aliquisaliquis
    Posts: 77
    I don't know but I think holding a contraction even if just slightly hurt, probably because mine is too long.

    Anyway the rhytmic "sobbing" breathing down the bottom of the stomach gives me more of a nice feeling. Guess you have tried that but if not try it.

    I personally feel like contractions come somewhat by themselves from doing that.