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Still Trying...still getting dissapointed... feeling ripped off by this product.
  • Where do I begin? The beginning I guess...

    After reading about how great this product is by the people on this forum and testimonial page and debating about buying one, I finally took the plunge and bought the MGX model. Just picking one out was a tough choice since the web page lists 3-4 of them as beginner or 'for all users'.

    This was back about 4-5 months ago. I ended up using the Aneros three times the week I got it with no pleasurable results of any kind at all. I had followed everything I read to the letter: Plenty of time to use the Aneros, enema for clean rectum, warm shower, plenty of lube, etc... I laid down on my right side, brought my left knee up to about waist level and inserted the lubed Aneros and waited. it kind of sucked itself in when inserted. I was left with the feeling that something was there, but not inside me, more from the sensation that my anus had something in it. I relaxed for 15 minutes and started light pc muscle contractions. Didn't feel anything. I tried tightening up my anus a few times. Nothing. After I started flexing, the P tab started feeling very uncomfortable. It felt more like a knife digging into my skin. I kept repositioning the tab, but no matter where I positioned it, five minutes later the tab started hurting me. No pleasurable sensations at all. Nothing remotely even close to pleasure. Just the pain from the sharp P tab digging into my skin. I couldn't tell if the head of the Aneros was touching my prostate at all.

    I posted the entire experience on these forums and was directed to a lot of resources on this site and was given the encouragement to stick with it. I read the articles Awakening, Keys to the Back Door, Getting Started, and Aneros basics. I read all of these these resources multiple times trying to figure out what I was doing wrong, but after a while I started to think I was doing everything correctly. I re-read all of those resources again and started using the Aneros over again. With the exact same results that I had the first three times I used it. The only trick I learned that seemed to help was the Kleenex or a sheet of toilet paper over the P tab. That seemed to take the edge off the pain, but the P tab still felt uncomfortable. I keep using the Aneros another week with no changes in the results. Disappointed, I put it back in my dresser drawer.

    Life happens: Work picks up, responsibility to the family, life's chores take up all of my time. I forgot about the Aneros in the dresser for a few months. Now my situation changes so I have more free time on my hands and recently rediscovered the Aneros in my dresser when I was cleaning it out last week. I've tried using it again about five times so far, but still I'm not getting anywhere with the Aneros. I'm getting the exact same results as before.

    I can only assume that the Aneros only works for some people, not everyone. I feel left out when I read other users experiences on this forum about how they are getting some kind of stimulation, response, "waves of pleasure" or even the "Super-O" as you all call it. I know you all say it takes time to reprogram your nerves to get pleasure...but I would think I would feel something....anything by now. I'd be satisfied with something other than pain and discomfort at this point.

    I keep wondering if I bought the correct model? I still wonder if I am actually getting any stimulation to my prostate at all. I can't tell.

    Will the company still honor the 100% Satisfaction guarantee for my Aneros? I still have the original packaging, but I can't find the receipt. I bought it from this website, Would they have a record of it? Do they browse these forums? I would even be willing to send it in for an exchange for another comparable model.

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,832
    Hi Flare65,

    I appreciate your disappointment, particularly since your prep and initial approach seems sound. Very deep relaxation is essential to a successful Aneros session. With the amount of irritation you describe I'd bet that you aren't exactly, "as loose as a goose."

    My own experience is that the MGX is less sensitive to body position or gravity vector than the Helix. It provides pretty good prostate contact regardless of what I do and is a good choice for prostate massage or stim.

    Before you throw in the sponge try some padding (two or three '2x2' gauze pads folded over) between the p-tab and your perineum.

    I suffered p-tab 'dig' from my Helix for the first two months of use and overcame that by putting a rubber medicine dropper bulb on the p-tab until I muscled up enough. (see the Wiki regarding padding.) Ideally we'd all like the positioning precision offered by a naked p-tab but remediation of the pain should be your higher priority.

    Then muscle-up with a good Kegel program. hth... rook.
  • Maybe come back to it is a couple of months when you are less frustrated?
  • [QUOTE=The_Bishop;85302]Maybe come back to it is a couple of months when you are less frustrated?

    Isn't that what i just did?
  • Let me ask a few questions to maybe get a more overall sense of your general anal experience. Let us exclude the Aneros entirely for this moment. Have you had much anal experience? Have you used toys, vibes, or any other sort of anal device? Have you tried an specific prostate stimulation? Have you fingered your prostate or had a partner figner your prostate? I'm trying to figure out if you've had general anal pleasure before. Also, direct prostate stimulation with fingers helps to key in on that sensation with the Aneros product.
  • No previous anal experience at all. No toys or anything. Never had a finger down there or a doctor do anything with my prostate. I'm think I've done everything by the book as far as prepping myself, relaxation, etc. I just don't get what is going on....err not going on.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    I would dearly like to help you, even though, like you, I am a relative newcomer to this activity. We don’t know how old you are, but my guess is that you are quite a lot younger than I (at nearly 71).
    I think your problem might lie in the model you are using and that it may be affected by your anatomy.
    Like you, I tried one model at the start, the SGX, and it did almost nothing for me. In fact, I have had success with almost all of the other models in the range, and still find the SGX to be a bit of a disappointment. You might just find that the Helix or even the Eupho will “fit” you better. You might even find the SGX is better for you.
    Please don’t give up. I’m sure the wonders of these devices will suddenly surprise you one day, as they did me!
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    I am not sure that the problem is with your MGX Flare65. I have not heard any of the more advanced members of this forum mention that they have one model that does not work for them. Maybe there are, but I don't recall. I wish I had a magic answer for you but this can be a complex set maneuvers that seem so different from one guy to the next. In the first month or so of my Aneros use, the only indicator that I was on to something was that for no apparent reason during a session or two my heart would start to race. There was no pleasure associated with was just plain weird as I recall. I vividly remember my first sign that I was on to something special. I was about 3 months and countless sessions completed before I got a single shot of something that I would consider orgasmic down my leg. It lasted about a second. It was the start I needed to see to keep going. It was another few months until I could get anything moving. I bring this up because I was as frustrated as I could be. I almost gave up multiple times. The advise I have for you is DONT GIVE UP. Come back to the forum regularly and engage in some helpful conversation. It kept me going and I am so glad that I kept with it. It is amazing what your body is capable of. You deserve to experience it.
  • I have been in a slump lately too. I have plenty of involuntaries but no precum or waves. So I figured I wasnt hitting the prostate.
    I went online to a bunch of medical sites to look up how to find the prostate myself.
    It took a bit of positioning but I found it with my middle finger, doing this I made a mental road map of where I had to go. So when I inserted my mgx I was right on target, got almost immediate leakage and after 20 mins, small p waves.

    dont give up! again relaxation is key. no extreme muscle contraction. also hang out when the chat is up again. the people are alway willing to help
  • Good day, Flare...and I'm sorry for your frustration, but I can surely commiserate with you.

    First of all, it is apparent that you're doing many things correctly, that's good. So, to answer your concerns I'll start by saying that if you bought the MGX here, then I'm certain that they'll honor your request for a refund. HIH is terrific with their support.

    I struggled for several months with an MGX, and to this day, (sorry Buster) it does not work very well if at all with my body structure, etc. So my first suggestion for you is to get a refund on your MGX and order a HELIX as soon as possible.

    I also sense that your anticipation for success and the expectations that come with that are creating some psychological barriers for you as well. Your preoccupation with the MGX's failure to satisfy your expectations colors all the rest...and that color isn't a rosy red. So, a bit of cooling off, loss of high expectations and a relaxed approach may bring much better results.

    I submit, that even though you've have not had the success you seek, your journey HAS progressed, and you're ready for a change. A Helix will be very different for you. It's longer, shaped differently and I am pretty confident that you'll find it much more to your liking. The P-tab is much less aggressive, and it's a much more comfortable model.

    Flare, PLEASE don't give up. This is worth the trouble. I, too, was in doubt that I'd ever get anywhere with the Aneros. I almost gave up, as well, but the HELIX and then the PROGASM changed all that, and I progressed to where now I am in Super O bliss regularly. IT CAN BE DONE, and you can do it.

    So, spend the money, it'll be a lot less with your refund for your MGX, and come back to the journey with a Helix. I'm willing to bet that your current gloomy perspective will improve significantly. Others may wish to offer their experiences with a model change, but speaking for myself, it made all the difference in the world to me.

    Peace, brother, and success on your journey.

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,832
    OK, let's get crude! Maybe it's time to go to the dark-side and wake up the prostate with some plain, old raunchy prostate rubbin'. Guaranteed to not result in a Super-O but fun nevertheless.

    Prep, generous pre-lube, insert, get on hands and knees. Totally reduce yourself to a pool of sweat with just anal contractions and pushs. MGX should be showing a lot of travel -- perhaps 1/2 to 3/4 inch (yeah, peek with a mirror)

    Contort your spine occasionally to aim the head of the MGX at either side of your anal canal and see if you can sense the right and left sides of your prostate.

    Expect a lot of sensation and an occasional sensation that you need to pee (caused by stimulation of the nerves at your bladder neck.)

    Stop if it hurts and you might have some lower back pain the next day. Any bruises should heal in a day or two. If you have difficulty peeing for a day or two consider that you might have aggrevated an enlarged prostate.

    If this doesn't produce some sensation, get back to the group with some info on age, any known prostate enlargement and prior belly surgery. hth, rook

  • This is a bit of a simplistic answer, but from personal experience I'd say that uncomfortable p-tab "digging" is usually caused by too forceful voluntary contractions. Although I do think that maybe the coin-shaped tab wasn't such a good idea, I've grown fond of using the Progasm, as I find its ball tabs far more gentle.

    When you have your next session, see that your position is relaxed (laying on your side on bed as you mentioned is good), and that you don't need to make major movements with your upper torso once you've inserted the MGX, as these will likely cause your pelvic muscles to flex as well. Try to remain completely relaxed, without any voluntary contractions. If you still find the p-tab painful, it could either be caused by muscle tension in the rectal area that keeps driving the Aneros in regardless of your physical input, or a particularly tender tissue in the perineum area.

    If the p-tab does appear to settle comfortably while you're relaxed, try to focus on mental stimulation instead of contractions. From what I've gathered using the Progasm / Helix, the contractions required for stimulation are almost non-existent, they feel more like a reflex that conscious flexing.
  • I sent off a email to support to see if I can return or exchange my Aneros. We'll see what happens.

    @ Cockadoodle - I don't think I am putting any great expectations on myself or the Aneros when I start my sessions. I always start with an open mind and do my best to relax and just let things happen. If the company is willing to take my MGX back as credit toward the Helix, I would gladly do so as I don't want to give up.

    @ Pommie - I'm 34 years old, 5'11, 200 lbs. Athletic build.

    @ Rook - I'll try that this evening.
  • churneychurney
    Posts: 42
    Flare, Glad you are still with us. I would like to add to the already great suggestions. If you go back to the Wiki you will find a section written for both the Sweet Spot and the P-tab and you can also "Search" the forums for further information.

    You state "I know you all say it takes time to reprogram your nerves to get pleasure...but I would think I would feel something....anything by now. I'd be satisfied with something other than pain and discomfort at this point." So lets go back to when you are first inserting. From your account it appears you are doing a good job of prepping. Can I ask how long it takes to insert your mgx? I'll bet it is under 2 seconds. Slow this process down. After you are lubed up, slowly control the insertion. Note any feeling or sensation, however seaming minor. Is there a difference in sensation as the MGX passes between the outer and inner sphincter. As you continue the insertion can you feel the head sliding into your rectum? Can you feel the difference as the mgx first touches the prostate? Try and relax. And again control the speed. Is there any points and or places where you "feel" any sensation of pleasure. Once you have the MGX in place evaluate if its in the proper spot. If it isn't then slowly and gently adjust it. By doing a "quick insert" you may be overwhelming the nerve pathways and interpreting these new pleasurable signals as "pain".

    Check in with the chat this coming weekend. You will find many members there that will give you direct feedback on your questions.

    Good Luck C
  • Update:

    I've spend some time with some emails back and forth between me and customer support. I looks like I'm doing everything correctly except for the intervals of usage. I'm going to try to stick with an every other day schedule for a month to see if I get any feeling at all.

    I just finished with a session today, but I don't have anything to report that I have not said already. The P-tab still gives me a lot of discomfort.

    @ Churney - I used to just let the MGX "auto home" itself as once you insert it, it seems to suck itself in automatically. Today I held onto it for the entire insertion. I'm not sure if its hitting the prostate or not. I'm just left with the feeling of something down there. I'm not getting any sensation of pleasure at all.
  • aliquisaliquis
    Posts: 77
    [QUOTE=Flare65;85326]No previous anal experience at all. No toys or anything. Never had a finger down there or a doctor do anything with my prostate. I'm think I've done everything by the book as far as prepping myself, relaxation, etc. I just don't get what is going on....err not going on.For me using the progasm I turned off the lights, turned off the computer, lay down on my stomach doing the deep breaths for some time, and later did the small breaths like sobbing down my stomach and relase.

    Sometimes it feelt like it was rotating around the anus even though of course it didn't, sometimes it felt like it was going to push out my ball sack and sometimes it was drawn in digging the tab into my skin.

    If I don't do anything, just sit, doesn't relax, look at some web page or something I don't feel much at all. The same goes for lying on my back with the feets up.

    But lying flat on my stomach and later at my side with one knee up and doing the "sobbing" stuff worked, though maybe sobbing would work even better on stomach, though that tend to stimulate the penis to ..

    Tonight was my third time and I just used it in a hurry on stomach only focusing somewhat on breating while having lights on and watching a porn clip but I ended up with ejaculation from it. No truly special orgasm, just more emptying I guess (how should I know, I was on my stomach :D), anyway guess my penis and the porn clip did some work to ..

    Yesterday when I had my second time (first was mostly just inserting, no work beyond that) I had the longer session in the dark with more breating and it felt good but in a "good damnit this is ok but can I please have the fucking orgasm soon", rather like if you wanted something more to push you over the edge, heck I was even thinking "hum, maybe it would feel better with someone using their penis", and well, I have no such experience ..

    I have no idea if it can work for everyone but try it when you got some time to spare, turn off anything, get rid of all lights, lay on your stomach and just relax without trying to focus anything or contract yourself or something. When it feels ok try the breathing patterns and try to feel for any sensations or movements.

    For me the harder contractions where the tab was digged in happened when one had remove the air form the lungs after the sobbing movements, it was like sobbing in = building more and more feelings, high at the top, and then breathing out and it eventually contracted, and during that time I didn't felt like breathing, and then rinse and repeat every now and then.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    I wouldn't hasten to exchange your MGX for another model just yet. If you can afford to keep the MGX, I would suggest you do so and add one or more alternative models to your arsenal. You may find, as I did, that a change is as good as a holiday, and you might have surprisingly good results from revisiting the MGX later on; maybe even a year from now!
    I rarely use my MGX these days, but it is still there at the bottom of the drawer, Complete I might say, with the the eye dropper cushion permanently installed on its P tab.
    Stick with it and Good Luck!