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  • Man, where to start... I've had my MGX for 2 weeks now. The first time I tried it the experience was pleasurable but nothing to write home about. Last Friday I got some 'alone' time and decided to try again. I lubed up and inserted and then relaxed on the bed for 15-20 minutes then did some deep breathing in rhythm with some gentle anal contractions for 5 minutes or so before I got what I'll describe as a 'little itch' - near where I'd guess my prostate lives - this was followed by some minor twitching and a semi firm erection. I rolled on my back and kept up the very gentle contractions and within 10 minutes or so (who knows how long really...) it felt like I was going to cum - but I didn't - the sensation in side kept building and building...and building until my enter pelvic region was shaking violently - I was moaning and gasping for air but couldn't 'hold it'. I was able to repeat this build up and trembling a few times - each time lasting longer. What I realized is that you if you clench down hard on the Aneros you'll only get so far - you have to keep just a tiny bit of tension, breath and let it come to you. Once I got this I was able to plateau and sustain wave after wave for 20 or 30 minutes until I was completely spent.

    Saturday, I was able to achieve several smaller waves of pleasure without the Aneros simply by putting a bit of tension on the ol' sphincter - amazing...

    For those of you still trying, don't give up - I would never have believed what this thing can do. I just finished another 2 hour session and while I was unable to reach the same intensity I was able to control things a bit better. I was so exhausted that I rolled over on my hands/knees to catch my breath when out of nowhere I was hit with wave after wave of intense spasms and was able to trigger more just by 'bearing down' slightly (as if to defecate) - it was amazing. I finally collapsed on my stomach but the aneros wasn't done with me - I had 3 more intense waves of pleasure before I had to stop.

    I have not yet 'cum' in the normal sense with my aneros, really not even seen much 'pre-cum', but what I have experienced has been so intense that it doesn't matter - I literally had tears in my eyes after each of my last 2 sessions. I am exhausted...but smiling.
  • xheperaxhepera
    Posts: 48
    Congratulations DoRey! You're well on your way it seems. If my experience is anything to judge by, it will get better and better as your body and unconscious learn the subtle nuances of movement and mind-set that will send you into orbit. Be open to even more new sensations! :) It seems the Aneros can be full of surprises.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,738
    Nicely done DoRey ! Congrats. You've now done what it took me 3 months to "discover." Your attitude seems right-on.