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new forum: bad use of vertical space
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,353
    just to bring this to better attention of support, this is a recap of what i said in another thread.

    in the listing of threads page, i think the use of vertical space is pretty bad. i suspect each row is taking about twice as much vertical space as in the old forum (just a guess as i don't have a screen shot of the old one). the cause of this is the huge and basically useless icons on the left (the idea of a "hot" thread is meaningless, and the status of being read or not is evident in the bold font)

    there are two reasons this is a problem:
    1) only half as many threads are visible on the screen at one time, so you have to scroll twice as much to read the listing
    2) the distance between the titles is twice as far so your eye has more difficulty scanning.
    3) under each title is the "posted by" which your eye has to ignore when scanning the titles.

    this could be easily corrected. there is plenty of horizontal space for a Posted By column like in the old forum. and, ditch or shrink those big (dumb) icons on the left


  • You make valid points to your argument. I never really thought of the icons as an issue. I just scrolled and viewed the material as if that's the way it is. I am so accustomed to this style of forum board from another site that these things don't bother me. However, I would love to see your suggestions become reality to gain a new perspective and hopefully understand the ease of use that you talk about. I commend you for speaking out and illustrating that which could be improved.
  • DeepDeep
    Posts: 78
    Yeah I agree with these points, it feels a bit clunky at the moment. Hopefully it's still a work in progress so we'll see some more changes soon.
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    Ditto. And what's with having to log in by hand every time now? And why doesn't the read posts read read (sorry) after you log in? It lists nearly every post as unread, when I know I read yesterday's posts.
  • DeepDeep
    Posts: 78
    Ah yes, read new posts is bugged. I've noticed that one too.
  • MouseyMousey
    Posts: 7
    I notice that pages are taking much longer to load now. I agree that is a bit of a nusance to have to log in on every visit
  • Darwin-
    You can increase the number of threads on the page up to 40 by going to: Settings > Forum Settings (bottom left side) > Number of Posts to Show Per Page.
  • aliquisaliquis
    Posts: 77
    Noticed, agree.