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Which muscle and breathing
  • hoohmhoohm
    Posts: 2
    Hi guys.

    I wanted to ask you some questions. I have been using aneros toys for, i don't know how long, but never got a big-O.

    I am having nice p-waves but it seems that when "it" gets very high, it suddenly stops and won't come back.

    I have some trouble knowing which muscles I should use and how I should breath. I understood that breathing is a big part of it.

    So, I can willingly use two seperate muscles:
    1) The one you use to stop urinating-> PC muscle if I am correct
    2) The on that you use to defecate

    Using both at the same time is still hard for me but I got nice sensation trying this. Still, which should I use more? Should I use both at the same time, one after another... If someones has an advice about this, thanks a lot.

    The other trouble I am having is with the breathing. If I read correectly, when the pleasure rises and some p-wave occur, I should try to focus on breathing slowely, is this right?

    Thank you for reading me and thanks in advance for the advices.

  • aliquisaliquis
    Posts: 77
    I assume you should use your ass ..
  • hoohmhoohm
    Posts: 2
    that's not what I call usefull :)