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First and Second Timer
  • Hey everyone!

    I heard such great things about this from my ex, so I went out and got an MGX today.

    I unfortunately fell into the same trap a lot of first timers do and expected a huge explosion on the first try. Went at it for a couple hours figuring out the mechanics, but it didn't quite do it for me. Finally jerked off and called it quits.

    WELL, a few hours later I got horny again and decided to give it another go. Did the whole relaxation thing and it went better, I felt more, but it still didn't feel like my prostate was getting massaged. Great regular orgasm though, and it helped me understand the mechanics of the contractions better.

    Had some questions though:

    1) It doesn't feel like it's hitting my prostate exactly. I'm completely versatile and so know what prostate stimulation feels like during intercourse. Should it feel the same as intercourse stimulation?

    2) Does everyone douche? I don't, because I've never need to for bottoming. But does it really affect movement all that much?

    3) How much should it be moving? The movement feels very small and it doesn't do much...

    4) Should I have gone bigger? I thought my ex had gotten the MGX, but it turns out that he got the Progasm. If I'm used to bottoming for larger dicks, should I have gone with a larger model?
  • aliquisaliquis
    Posts: 77
    Atleast if you bought the MGX here they had the guarantee so if you don't get it to work I guess you could switch it out. Maybe.
  • Well, to answer your last question first, in my case, I'm used to larger objects during anal play myself, mostly large double didlos. I too expected something different at first, having much bottom/anal fun in previous experiences. With that said, I actually purchased the Eupho. So, I got the smallest model available. I have had wonderful results. So, I do know that some models are more appealing to some than others, I think you should be fine to learn with the MGX.

    Now, as far as being in the right spot, have you tried moving positions? To begin a session I usually get nice and lubed, which for me is a dabble of KY Jelly on my finger tip, spread it around the Eupho, then insert the extra amount inside of me and spread that around, then apply a thin layer of Astroglide to the Eupho only. After that, I lay on my side with my knees curled to my chest, in a small fetal position, for just a moment. This gets me nice and relaxed and allows the Eupho to nestle inside of me and find a good home. Once I feel it start to wriggle, I tend to move in whichever direction feels good. Once my session really kicks into high gear, I tend to be flat on my back, legs spread wide apart, and knees bent up in the air, with me feet flat on the bed mattress. I know changing positions can affect sensation.

    As far as feeling like intercourse, it does not for me. Let me describe what I mean in this way. Intercourse tends to hit my prostate as an after thought. It's a byproduct of the toy sliding in and out of me while I squeeze the toy with my muscles. Then the prostate gets grazed repeatedly in a back and forth motion. The Eupho is more like the tip of someone's finger right on my prostate spot gentle doing a "come here" motion. It's very specific and intense. In fact, when I lube up, I'll rub my prostate with the tip of my finger to sorta get started a little bit.

    With the right amount of lube, my Eupho can move quite a bit! It can wriggle and stay just right at the prostate, or it can move in and out of me a little bit when I really get excited. When I'm at the point with my muscles force it in and out of me, it's almost like intercourse. Usually it tends to be very focused on the one area though.

    I wish you the best of luck! Keep us posted on your journey. :)
  • Thanks for the replies so far everyone!

    I actually decided to insert it for a THIRD time and just do regular household stuff with it in, like sit on the sofa, watch TV, etc. And it actually felt a lot better this time. I could definitely feel it.

    I am still having trouble moving it though. I may just lack the muscle control still or need to get more lube into my anus. We'll see how I do tomorrow. :)
  • I made some progress today!

    I had been doing a movement that was somewhat like a contraction. It could stop the flow of urine while urinating and would also draw the aneros inside of me more, but it never actually affected my sphincter.

    Woke up this morning and it was like a lightbulb had gone off. I made that movement go a little lower than usual and voila! My sphincter contracted and it felt kind of good! I just need to practice holding the contraction longer now.