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First Time
  • MouseyMousey
    Posts: 7
    Just tried my Helix for the first time without any success. Just gave me a sore bum and set my hemeroids off bleeding and made me crap. Will try again ina few days, I'm ever hopeful
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460
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    Hi Mousey,

    Welcome to the Aneros Forum,

    I'm sorry to hear of your negative first Aneros experience. A couple of thoughts come to mind.

    The 'urge to purge' (have a bowel movement) can often be triggered by lubrication which contains glycerin. You may wish to check your lube for this ingredient and try an alternative lube (without glycerin) if yours has it. Also, it is a good idea to have had a BM a few hours before an Anerosession. Aneros use can induce peristalsis and this may lead to the need to have a BM if you had not already evacuated the lower colon.

    Performing strong, intense contractions with your Aneros can act in a manner similar to straining with a BM in that it could aggravate hemorrhoids, also inadequate lubrication can further irritate those delicate tissues. My suggestion would be to use plenty of lube and be gentle with the contractions in future sessions.
  • fun4twofun4two
    Posts: 14
    whats the best lube that dont give you that got to have a BM feel???
  • fun4two said:

    whats the best lube that dont give you that got to have a BM feel???

    Probe "Thick and Rich"
  • enigmaenigma
    Posts: 90
    fun4two said:

    whats the best lube that dont give you that got to have a BM feel???

  • MouseyMousey
    Posts: 7
    :) Thanks, I got Maximus today and it feels much better. I have a problem with the douche, found all I was doing was pumping in air. Problem now solved by ensuring bulb is full and putting one foot up on toilet, much easier than on all fours or lying down. Still getting used to the feel of something inside me but I am sure I will get some sensations soon, hopefully :)
  • aliquisaliquis
    Posts: 77
    I bought maximus to from LH, and liquid silk from another site. If I had known the same company had maximus earlier I wouldn't had.

    What about silicone?

    Does anyone know if there is much difference in sliquid ride silicone and sliquid silver vs some brand name silicone like pjur original, wet millenium and so on?

    I saw titanmen or someone had a silicone gel.

    What about all the petroleum/oil products? Like elbow grease, boy butter and such?
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807
    Only silicone I've tried more than once was Swiss Navy. It's OK but expensive and not equal in slipperiness to alv's Shea butter+Coconut Oil. Or, rumel's Natural Jelly. I pasteurize mine (170deg. for 5 minutes). Rumel uses a double boiler to blend his Jelly and that should do the same job.

    Some petroleum substances are neurotoxins. I'd look for an FDA product approval or USP certification on the ingredients regarding their suitability for internal use. (no point in sizzling your nerve endings).

    Probe and Slippery Stuff Gel work OK for me when I'm in a hurry and are free of glycerin. Only downside is that I need to re-lube at about an hour. The Slippery Stuff folks have claimed a USP certification for ingredients suitable for internal use.
  • MouseyMousey
    Posts: 7
    Just had 3rd session with my helix. I think I felt it in contact with protate at last, a very slight feeling of pleasure. I think proper preparation is very important, take time to do everything before you start the session. Outside of anus is quite sore and seems to be a bit distracting, any help here would be appreciated :)