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is this a problem?
  • Hi, a couple days ago, i took my Helix out, and i noticed the back end of it where the loop is had been broken off, and im worried about it slipping in now, the other end is still attached, the nub that goes between the testicles and anus. but im just worried about it slipping in. :?

    should i be concerned?
  • From what I've read, certain users have consciously modified the Helix in similar manner, cutting the tail off to a certain degree or completely. If the p-tab is still intact, I doubt it'll slip in. Smooth off the fractured end, and give it a try.
  • aliquisaliquis
    Posts: 77
    Guess you lied on your back or something such?

    But as said plenty of the forum users have modified their Helixes like this in purpose because they think it gives more movement. See the poll for more information.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 573
    Yes, many users cut off the "tail" to lessen its interference with bedding materials, movement of the massager, etc. I think there are posts with photos and even a poll regarding the various modifications involved in cutting off the tail. I've done that with my Helix and like it. Just be sure you've filed or smoothed away any sharp edges and if you're like many you'll enjoy it even more this way. It cannot slip inside whether the tail is cut off or not.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hello Sam_Toxx, :)

    Like the others have said, it is not an issue. Just smooth off the broken end.

    Here's the relevant thread being mentioned.

    While I previously have not liked my Helix without the handle/tail. I'm at the point now where the Helix is my primary Aneros due to it giving me the most pleasure. And now not having the handle/tail on it doesn't seem to be an issue as far as how it performs, and for all I know could very well enhance it's use from what other users claim that it allows it more freedom of movement without the handle/tail.

    While it's still not as easy to remove without the handle/tail. I find that involuntary rectal contractions right now don't seem to help or increase pleasure, and these are what generally make the Aneros toys go off center when the handle/tail has been removed. So I just relax my way through them so as to avoid them.