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Proper positioning of the Aneros
  • Hi all,

    Just got an Helix and I'm not sure how much of it must go in. Above the handle, there's a narrow neck that enlarges in stages to form the head. Should the anus close on the narrow neck (i.e: all the way in) or should it close slightly above it (on the broader part).

  • rumelrumel
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    This question arises every few months as new users join and haven't read much of the Forum. Some users have tried to get their Helix fully into their rectums, this is unnecessary, ineffective and incorrect.This image from the Aneros HOME page more accurately depicts the correct positioning of your Helix model when inserted. image
    The tip of the Aneros (while inside the rectum) pushes against the prostate gland. The walls of the rectum are very flexible and elastic, they will easily stretch to accommodate the shape of the Aneros. You will notice that the narrow 'waist' of the Helix will naturally seat itself at the most constricted portion of the anal sphincter muscles. Trying to force it further in (down to the 'Tee') will be futile as it will just tend to pop back out as the 'P-tab' arm will act as a spring to pull it back to the proper position.
  • Thanks for the prompt reply.

    Aneros should really add that figure in the "Instructions" section. A picture is worth a thousand words.
  • Was the height of the Helix p-tab altered at some point? Meaning the length of the tab that extends in the same direction as the massager. I can't get a proper perineum contact unless the Helix is fully inserted. :?