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Potential initiate with one last question
  • I've been mulling over the "starter kit" with the MGX for a few days, I have one last question about the perenium tab. (I may have spelled that wrong, forgive me.) Is the arm that holds the tab in place flexible or rigid? I'm curious to know if the arm bends to allow insertion all the way to the base of the device. Or does it stop once that tab hits your body, leaving (what looks like) an inch or so outside of the sphincter? Let me know if I'm being unclear. Thanks in advance.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
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    Hi Late2theparty,

    Welcome to the Aneros Forum,

    While there is some flexibility to the plastic P-tab arm of the MGX, for all practical purposes you should consider it rigid. It takes quite a bit of force to cause this arm to deflect, probably more than you would be able to exert through your sphincter muscles.

    The P-tab acts in two modes simultaneously :
    1.) When you perform an anal sphincter contraction, you pull the body of the device further inside you, this action brings about forceful pressure from the P-tab onto the perineum acupressure (see ”sweet spot”) spot.
    2.) Once drawn in to a certain extent, the P-tab then also acts as a fulcrum point for anchoring and allowing rotation to occur. As you continue to perform contractions it is this rotational movement as well as the in/out movement from further contractions which provides the massaging action. (somewhat like this animation of a Helix model in action).

    In actual use very little of the main body shaft of the MGX model will be outside of your anus as the abutment tab (P-tab) will dig in pretty deep with strong contractions.
  • aliquisaliquis
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    Nice animation, makes me wonder if the Progasm vs say the MGX will hit very different spots as in prostate vs "sädesblåsan" whatever it's called in english or the urin bladder.