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First session with the Helix
  • Finally got to try out the Helix today. I was too tired after a long day to be aroused, so I just wanted to see how it "worked".

    With some lube, it slid in quite easily! I did some evening chores around the house. After a short while, I got used to having it inside me. No fireworks for me (not that I was expecting any on my first try), but I had some nice feelings when I walked up the stairs, so I did that several times.

    I was able to generate some pleasurable feelings while using my muscles to slide the Helix in and out. :twisted: Despite not being aroused much, a small amount of pre-cum was pressed out.

    The "session" only lasted about 30 minutes, but long enough to let me know better things are on the horizon once I'm really ready for it.

  • rickgrickg
    Posts: 94
    Glad you got some precum at least. I tried running the vacuum with my helix in. It was suggested by some guy here that he got really great feelings from it. Sorry to say, nothing happened but a clean house. :-)