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Feeling lightheaded = p-wave?
  • Trying to keep it short & simple:

    In my previous Aneros sessions the sensations I've mostly felt have been pleasurable pulsating and buzz in the anal / pelvic region, until two days ago. Having spent several hours with the Progasm, I started wondering what would happen if I concentrated on the thought of ejaculating - shortly after focusing, I experienced what felt like a case of vertigo, losing momentarily my sense of balance and feeling as if my legs were rising off the ground (luckily I was in my usual position, leaning on the bed with my knees on the floor). Quite a psychedelic bout, and like the major sensations in my earlier sessions, seemed to come out of nowhere.

    The odd thing was that I didn't feel much in the pelvic region, aside from some considerable involuntary contractions moving the Progasm during the event. I haven't really understood what constitutes a p-wave, just wondering whether this sensation might've been one.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,773
    Hate to dampen the joy however comma,,, Hypoxia? Low blood sugar? Flu bug?

    Syncope from low blood pressure? (beta blocker? alfa blocker + viagra?)

    If you suspect low blood sugar then modify your lube routine -- Shea butter for the Aneros and a chunk of hi-quality milk chocolate in the mouth :D 8) :P :o :D :D :!:
  • ffd71ffd71
    Posts: 93
    You could have something going on that is medical but I have experienced what you are talking about. It is very common for me to experience the feelings that you describe. Many times I feel like the room is spinning and that I am about to "fall off the edge of a cliff" so to speak. I know consciously that is not possible since I am laying flat in the bed with feet flat on the bed. There have been times that I could not feel any of my extremities. As sense of numbness I guess you can say. I have also experienced the feeling "like I am floating". I do believe these are common in the sessions, some can be intense.