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offtopic: Anxty atck: The ways in which women can squirt?
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 435

    I am having a huge panic. Please help me.

    Basically, I have some sexuality and sexual OCD. First I believed I was straight (crushing on girls), until 14 when I began to think I was gay after some gay wet dreams. Then hetero wet dreams. I was confused and had 24/7 anxiety and ruminating. I didn't want to "lose" my old "hetero life". I developed an OCD fear of anal sex because my mind said: you could do that with men. I couldn't even watch women do it with dildos.

    The sexual OCD began after watching porn, and readin about female sexuality. My mind says: women lay down, get all the pleasure, have more orgasms, more pleasure, no pressure. So I began to get OCDish about this too. I was disappointed in male sexuality. I wondered if I wanted to be a woman, sexually.

    The fear of anal culminated in me going into a mental hospital (panic attacks, ruminating) after hearing a man's "G spot is up his arse". When I left there, a woman on a forum told me: "it's not gay, furthermore, it can be stimulated externally via the perineum". This settled me down.

    I began to be "okay" with the male G spot, as it gave us something to compare to the female one. But I still had the sexual OCD (women get more pleasure, not every woman will do anal to a man, etc).

    Women can have so many types of orgasms: vag, G, clit, cervix...whereas men are limited to penile and whatever their woman will allow.

    I read that a woman can only have a squirting orgasm via G spot contact. This is harder for men (that's half the posts on this forum). But if the G spot is not being touched vaginally, and she is just rubbing the clit, can that also produce a squirting orgasm? I've just seen some crazy shit in a porn and dunno whether to believe it. I am having a lot of anxiety about this. Chest pain, etc. The squirt I saw, I won't describe here, but nothing was touching her G spot.

    What are the other ways in which a squirting orgasm while rubbing the clit can be produced? Are all rubbing-clit squirt orgasms fake porn? Sorry for the question. I am just OCDing at the moment. I think I've seen another type/method for women to orgasm and I feel so panicky. Thanks.
  • I don't understand. Why would anyone obsess over the number of ways the opposite sex can orgasm?
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 435
    [quote=Rod of Plastic]I don't understand. Why would anyone obsess over the number of ways the opposite sex can orgasm?

    Because it seems like these ways are ruled out for men. We are doomed to poor penile orgasms, or, by miracle, we can hide and conceal (from family, wife, gf) an attempt at thi "Journey" to a prostate orgasm. It seems like women can orgasm at the drop of a hat, to any stimulation - yes, I know some women can't O, but for those that can, there are so many ways.

    If a man has a girl that thinks prostate stim is gay, he is limited to a single penile orgasm. It causes me anxiety, stomach heaviness, fight or flightness. It is not rational possibly, but it is how my mind works. I just wanted to have a good new year. Now I'm shaking, thinking that the only way I'm going to get to experience all the types of male orgasm is by encounters with men or something. No offence to anyone meant by that. I just would prefer my orgasms to come from girls. I just want to have all the pleasure that they can. :(.
  • MarkMMarkM
    Posts: 34

    As with many of your other posts, there are issues that are going on here that cannot be adequately addressed in this forum. My sense is that no matter what input anyone has on this, you will have an opposing answer to it. It is the nature of where you're at. I have a member of my family who has been dealing with OCD for many years, so I am very familiar with this. This is something that is best dealt with professionally, not in a men's forum on prostate stimulation. Strategies for dealing with your obsessions and the compulsions that follow will not be found here.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    While I have sympathy for your condition and wish you well in your ongoing therapy, I have to agree with 'MarkM'. This Forum is not the appropriate venue for dealing with those issues. If anything, engaging the membership in discussions related to your issues is likely to add to your confusion and frustration without providing the level of help only a trained psychotherapist can offer.
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 435
    OK. I am trying to calm myself down. It is very obvious to my mum that I am in hightened anxiety coz I...just look awkward, avoid eye contact. I am seeing my therapist (fortnightly scheduled) on Jan 10th, so I will take it up with him if I can wait that long.
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