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Question for people w/multiple Aneroses...
  • Hi all...

    For those of you who have multiple Aneroses (Anerii?), how do you determine which Aneros to use for which session? (i.e. "Today feels like a Helix day...") Also, if you use multiple Aneroses within a session, when do you know it's time to switch up?
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Welcome! Luv the term "anerii"

    I've not yet super-o'ed. Still plodding along the path. :D

    For 'journey' sessions, those intended to produce Orgasmic pleasure, I stick with the Eupho and I don't use the Eupho for any other anal action.

    Exercise sessions: (Helix or MGX). Foreplay or TaiChi: (SGX).

    Switching: When a 'journey' session fizzles out (goes 'dud') it's out with the Eupho and in with something else -- usually a 'edging/finishing' tool like MGX or perhaps Progasm (either yields max precum -- YMMV).

    Slogans for this:
    - Flexibility is the key to indecision.
    - Flexibility is OK but don't go entirely limp.
    - Hang loose!
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello myxtrash1, :)

    Like rook, I myself have yet to achieve super-O's. But I definitely receive pleasure from sessions. My experience has been that I usually have one Aneros that seems to work better at giving me pleasure than any other. So when that one stops working, I start experimenting with other models until something happens. I went almost a year with the Progasm being my exclusive favorite. And just recently it stopped working all that well. And the Helix has now become my favorite that works the best for me. Much more subtle and gentle in it's prostate stimulation than the Progasm.

  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    Patterns have changed for me over recent months and, like others, I have yet to experience a Super-O. If I am looking for some real pleasure, I’ll currently go for the Eupho or the Helix. If I expect the session to continue for a few hours, the Eupho is favoured over the Helix. The Helix works better if I am feeling tired and expect to fall asleep within an hour or so.

    If I can’t be bothered with a full session, I’ll use the 18mm Peridise model as a treatment for haemorrhoids. It stays in all night and I’ll accept whatever pleasure comes along, even if that isn’t until the following morning!

    I recently tried the Progasm Ice for the first time for some months, and found it far too aggressive. The session lasted only about half an hour and it was clear it wasn’t going anywhere.

    As to whether to change models mid-stream, I never have. I prefer to stick with whatever model the session started with, and not break the mood by fiddling with removals and insertions with all that that entails!
  • Hey, myxtrash1, welcome to the forum.

    All the other guys are right! By that I mean, we all have our own feelings on this subject.

    Personally, I have four Aneri (love it) to choose from. And yes, that's exactly how I view it. Today is a Helix kinda day! And I go for it. Other times, because I love the "full" feeling of the Progasm, then it's the one I choose.

    Variety is the spice of life, and certainly one of the keys, I believe, to Aneros success. Having more than one is really great. Some guys like to start with the smaller toys, MGX or Eupho, and then elevate their sessions to Helix, Max or Progasm. Others, like me, prefer to stick with one size for an entire session most of the time. I think changing is distracting, unless, of course, I find myself in a nice little rest period between sessions, and then it can be very stimulating to bring a different massage point into the session. Each Aneros massages slightly differently, so changing can sometimes be a real stimulant for success.

    I am blessed, I guess, in that I do achieve Super O regularly, and with any of my Aneri. My favorite is my Eupho, followed by Progasm and Helix.

    Remember, myxtrash, this is about REWIRING, and once you've achieved that, the model is inconsequential to enjoying a session, IMHO. Just have faith, and as ArcticWolves always says: "NEVER GIVE UP" in your quest for Aneros success.

    This goes for the rest of you guy, too, especially those still working toward Super O. PARADIGM SHIFT, takes time to move a Paradigm.

    Here's to Super O success.

  • I have 3: progasm, MGX, and the helix. As with most of the other posters on this question, it truly depends on how one feels on a given day. Typically, I do "warm-up" with the MGX or helix, depending on where I want to "hit." The helix has a nice angled head that can be manipulated to put pressure on certain parts of the prostate during contractions. Likewise, I also enjoy the pleasure derived from the ridges around the base of the MGX, so I may play with that for awhile. After about 20-30 minutes (1-2 super-o's) I then switch over to the progasm and that usually takes me in for the final ride. I can go for about another 30-45 minutes with it and I'm usually pretty worn out by then.

    My main thing is appreciating the difference in features of these models in terms of feel and pressure on the prostate. Each of them has various advantages and I personally recommend not limiting yourself to just one.
  • Hi all,
    Been awhile, I have Hilex, Eupho, Mgx, Pro-g, Peridise and I prefer to start larger and if I feel the need to change I like to go a little smaller each time. I really enjoy going from the Progasm to the smallest peridise really gets the anal contractions going. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  • tokertoker
    Posts: 128
    i start with helix and have super-o 40% of time if i dont i usually switch to the progasm until tonight i had not managed to have a super-o with it its been a week since my last session it started well had involantries quickley then lots of mini-os then the helix was auto fucking me was amazing but didnt quite go full super-o switched to progasm immediately felt so intense after a few minuts everything started twitching and i felt like my pelvis was on fire i was vocalising i dont normally then it just exploded into an amazing super-o and peaked with a super -t hands free i almost blacked out im still having after shocks an hour later :D