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  • I am new with my Aneros and although I tried several times I was not successful. I find it interestinng how successful many of you are and I have tried several suggestions and techniques but no success. Many of you state videos and have left sites. I am afraid to use any of these Xtube etc. How safe are X rated sites in terms of being caught in viewing. I don't want to jeapardize my interigy or work position. Are these sites safe and is your identity protected???? How many use porn sites in helping to modivate success with your aneros?
  • alvalv
    Posts: 179
    I don't get your query work is work and what you do at home is your private matter, the two do not mix.
  • JayDJayD
    Posts: 38
    I would worry more about your work investigating your web browsing habits before if your identity is safe with these sites. Don't view these sites from work, including this one.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807
    JayD said:

    I would worry more about your work investigating your web browsing habits before if your identity is safe with these sites. Don't view these sites from work, including this one.

    JayD's advice regarding self-inflicted wounds while on-the-job is right on :!:

    While corporate security is most interested in illegal on-line activities (like gambling, kiddie porn, fraud, intellectual property theft, terrorist communications or espionage) the same software will detect visits to xtube, monster and this website. It sends periodic notices to HR or corporate security.

    Remember too that if you use a corporate owned laptop on the road, from a public (Starbucks) WiFi connection or even at home on your own ISP's service the machine may be recording your activities and periodically uploading history to corporate.

    For your own machine on your own Internet connection:
    -- Consider using the Chrome browser from Google and use it in the "Incognito" mode. There is now a version for the Mac. One for Linux is on the way .... ). We don't know all that Google might be collecting from Chrome, in or out of Incognito. Breath easy though because there's a phenomenal amount of data in the cloud.
    -- If you're using Firefox, go into "tools>options" and fine tune all the security and privacy settings. Set these to clear everything but "saved passwords" each time you close the browser. Pressing Ctrl+Shift+Del then Enter on a PC will clear cookies, history and cache anytime you wish. Check over your Firefox plug-ins and deactivate (but don't remove) plug-ins that might act as spyware.
    -- If you are using Internet Explorer (I avoid doing so) turn off automatic updates so that your security settings will not be reset every time Microsoft or some malware producer sends you an update. If you get something like a Flash or pdf update from Adobe then re-check all your security/privacy settings.
    -- Using any tabbed browser: avoid having webmail, a corporate VPN connection, IM, SMS, Facebook, twitter or any Chat open in one tab while you are looking at a "questionable site" on another tab.
    -- Regardless of what browser you use: close the browser every time after you leave a website, delete all cookies, empty History and clear the cache. Regularly examine your 'temp' files and remove all internet temp files. frequency is dependent upon your level of paranoia). :shock: Using 'Disk Cleanup' in 'disk properties' is a quick way to clear the bulk of this stuff.

    Browse behind a hardware firewall, use a properly updated anti-virus/anti-malware program and sleep soundly while having a Very Happy New Year !!! :D

    Edited to correct posting error regarding Firefox.
  • Good info to know, thanks rook!
  • Good info Rook.

    mousy33, you may also wish to have a look into a FREE program called cleanup, you may be safe to use your work computer providing you run CleanUp prior to loging out on each occasion. This is a decision that only you can make after you check it out.

    From the website:- “CleanUp frees disk space and reduces the "clutter" on your computer helping it to run more efficiently. It also can be used as a way to protect your privacy on the Internet. You can even instruct CleanUp to securely delete files making it impossible to retrieve their contents using lower-level disk tools - just another way of protecting your privacy.”

    Should you decide to use it, after downloading open cleanup, click on options and then check FULLY ERASE FILES (WIPE CLEAN). This will take CleanUp a little longer to run but instructs CleanUp to overwrite the files several times before deleting them. This makes it almost impossible to recover those files from the hard disk using even the most advanced data recovery techniques, ensuring you the greatest degree of privacy.

    This program is provided free so should you download CleanUp please consider giving the Author a donation, it is well worth it.

    I have a friend who is the proprietor of a retail computer shop including installation of systems to large corporations as well as computer repairs and he recommends this program to all and sundry.

    Should you tick the option as recommended above, the first time you run CleanUp it may take a while? However, thereafter it runs in just a few minutes, if you run it daily as I do. In fact as soon as you leave a questionable site it's advisable to run CleanUp.