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  • Hi,

    i just ordered my aneros for the first time, helix model along with some lubrication.

    I was just wondering if it will be difficult to use since nothing has ever gone up my anus before?

    please reply.

  • valliantvalliant
    Posts: 120

    No it's not, the helix was also my first and all you have to do is:

    enough lubrication but don't over do it.
    Being very relaxed bringing it in and slowly,don't do it to fast.
    All that is left is enjoy the journey,you are in for an amazing ride.
    If you don't feel anything at first don't give up,it takes a while.
    Myself,i don't have super O's yet but the sessions are so good even now i'm addicted to them.
  • A couple of points:

    Your rectum needs to be empty. Best to have a good bowel movement before inserting or use a syringe to rinse out the rectum.

    Don't forget to lubricate your anus before insertion. Just put some lubricant on the end of your finger and insert it as far into you anus as you can.

    Take your time and relax. Once you get the Helix partially inserted you will probably find that your body will pull it the rest of the way in on it's own. That part is enjoyable but can be a bit of a surprise the first time it happens.

    Good luck on your journey!
  • for the help.

    appreciate it.