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mental orgasm
  • gdbh2gdbh2
    Posts: 3
    the weirdest thing happened to me last night.

    i've been using the aneros for a couple of months, and have had pleasurable results with it (no super-o's or whatever you call them, but still very pleasurable).

    the thing is, last night i was lying in my bed, no aneros, just relaxing, and (like any other 20 y/o) thinking about sex, when all of a sudden i feel this small contraction in my lower back muscles, then those started to spasm (which is the way my body usually behaves with the aneros), then those contractions spread to all of my body, and before i knew it i was having an orgasm, with no physical stimulation whatsoever.

    it wasn't the longest, not the strongest orgasm ever, i'll admit, but it was amazing in its own strange way.

    i've never experienced anything like this before the aneros, and by the way my body behaved, i'm tempted to believe that i owe this new discovery to the aneros.

    has anyone else experienced this kind of reaction? is it common? do you think it is aneros-related?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484
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    Hi gdbh2,

    Welcome to the Forum,

    The reaction you experienced is what is referred to as an “echo effect” (see the WIKI Glossary). It is fairly common amongst Aneros users. It is not anything you need to be alarmed about, just enjoy your body providing you with some bonus mini-O's.
  • gdbh2gdbh2
    Posts: 3
    thanks!! quite an impressive amount of information you've got here

    i'm pretty sure it's not this "echo effect" you're refering too.
    "Spontaneous body sensation(s) felt after an Aneros session"
    they're not spontaneous (first one was, though). i just experienced it again last night, twice. it's not spontaneous so much as, voluntary. it's like masturbation, but with your mind?
    i'm certainly not alarmed, i'm excited about it, to be honest. it's like i discovered a new part of my mind, in some way.

    so, i guess the question here is, is it common for people to be able to... "think themselves into orgasm", after using the aneros?
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi gdbh2! :D Welcome to the Forum and the great conversations here.

    Very interesting that you draw the fine distinction that characterizes your newest orgasmic experience here!!

    Based on your first report, Rumel's suggestion is certainly the reasonable one.

    What appears in your new report is the element of intent, just as penile stimulation masturbation is an act of intent. You apparently felt that your "thinking about sex" triggered these aneros-less orgasms (except the first?). You thought/intended these orgasms into being triggered. This is moving into the realm of the adept, the skilled MMO (multiple male orgasms [dry]) practitioner who can bring on these orgasms anytime, at will, by his own choice/intent.

    Did you then also think them into amplifying in intensity at all, or relax and let them do whatever they would do? Like other things, there are degrees of skill with intentionality, which is why I ask. Maintain, the "no expectations" relaxed openness approach and see where things go. Let these skills come to you. Don't go looking for them.

    Every man's journey is different. Your rewiring may be taking you into "intent" before you get into the higher level types of orgasms. That is not common, but not impossible either. All the best with your journey. Perhaps you would like to blog here on the Aneros site about yours, as it may reveal important effects for others.

    relax, be open, listen to your body, allow its adventures, ENJOY all

  • gdbh2 said:

    so, i guess the question here is, is it common for people to be able to... "think themselves into orgasm", after using the aneros?

    Short answer: YES!

    Welcome to a higher level of mind/body awareness.
  • Hi Dbhb 20 year old,

    Can you describe the "orgasm" I have similiar and was wondering how your body actually felt? did you ejaculate without toughing? thanks.
  • gdbh2gdbh2
    Posts: 3
    there is indeed intent involved.

    i'm having a hard time describing it because it's not something i've ever experienced/heard about before. like i said, it's like masturbating, only, with no touching. (except for the fact that my body doesn't usually thrash about on it's own when i masturbate)

    i'm happy to report, however, they are getting better. first ones were nothing impressive. today i did it again three times, it's starting to become easier, and they're feeling better, though still nothing other-wordly ^^.

    they are certainly not dry orgasms, so there is a refractory period involved (though this is the case with my aneros sessions as well)

    @artform, thanks for the advice, i'm certainly keeping a no-expectations mentality, the journey is enjoyable enough as it is. i'll think about blogging but... it does feel a little weird even writing here so, i'm not so sure about it.

    @healthyprostate, what is there to describe? it really just feels like a regular orgasm.
  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    gdbh2 wrote:

    they are certainly not dry orgasms, so there is a refractory period involved (though this is the case with my aneros sessions as well)

    Be careful with this. I for one got to the point of being able to mentally give myself an orgasm/ejaculation as well to the point that I stopped even needing to use my hands anymore to ejaculate.

    Problem with this though is people have been finding that the ability to do this has been a road block in being able to achieve multiple dry orgasms with no refractory time. Sort of like a trap.
    You're learning to ejaculate hands free but not learning to separate orgasm from ejaculation which is the whole point of the aneros and learning to become multi-orgasmic.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    EXACTLY!!! :wink:

    Billy11 right on! Billy, do you now find that you can easily choose which you want to do? The Dry Ecstatic Orgasms Universe, OR the Hands-Free Wet Emissions Range Solar System. I say that referring to not only the Build-Up and Ejac Wet Orgasms, butt also Pan's Long Slow Flow Wet Orgasms, which others have reported as well. Pan discusses those in this dialogue in my blog:

    As you become in tune with your neural signalling on this your prostate will tell you when it is switching from the gentler more diffuse energetics of the dry orgasm track, to the heavier my insistently rhythmic pulsations of the wet prostate-centred orgasm, all this hands-free. Be patient and wait for the signs. As you sense this you will become able to mentally will that switch as you intend. Or did it work differently for you Billy11?

    If you don't sense this don't worry, for many the aneros practice can accomplish the same thing through the sub-conscious autonomic nervous system. Then it will be your body/mind rather than your mind/body that decides automatically for you.

    Then again you can learn to sense this switch too and choose whether to be on automatic pilot or not, butt that is a later luxury choice for many so be happy with whatever joyous forms your body/mind assumes for you!! :lol:

    IMHO, Billy11, your mind induced orgasms thread, the first link in your post above, also merits becoming a Sticky!! :D :D

    gdbh2, Billy's thread includes major posts by Pan, as well as references to KSMO. I added KSMO very early in my Aneros practice and thoroughly mixed them. KSMO gave me amplification of involuntaries and p-waves and every thing rapidly, adding "intent" signalling as a key skill soon as well.

    all the best gdbh2 and all in becoming ecstatic switch masters inside your neural networks all