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Just got a free aneros in the post !!
  • shyzenshyzen
    Posts: 54
    wow ,
    postman knocked this morning , wondered what could this be as i havent ordered anything ,

    opened it up and to my surprise there was a huge looking aneros called the maximus !
    he he he :P

    it looks huge , and a shop i bought my others from want me to road test it ,
    i cant find a picture of it anywhere though , the maximus on here looks like the helix ?

    its made from silicone rather than plastic ,
    cant wait !!
  • DeepDeep
    Posts: 78
    Er, doesn't sound like an Aneros to me.
  • shyzenshyzen
    Posts: 54
    i was thinking that , any ideas anyone ?
  • shyzenshyzen
    Posts: 54
    Deep said:

    Er, doesn't sound like an Aneros to me.

    ok , i asked the shop and its not an aneros , thought it looked abit mad !
    ah well still worth a try :lol:
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807
    shyzen said:

    i was thinking that , any ideas anyone ?

    Heat it a bit and check for noxious fumes, plasticizer odors, etc. Mentally calculate how fast your rectum would absorb those and send them to your brain -- cool trip!

    Edit: actually the veins in the rectum are arranged to send most of this to your liver. The liver will probably save your brain from destruction. However there's this little matter of liver canc.....

    Smear it with all the lubes you might use and see if it's impervious to those. (A silicone lube, like Swiss Navy, will probably damage it beyond repair.)

    Remember -- not all silicone products are FDA approved (for example silicone grease for potable water valves is a very special product.) Arsenic was once an important component of one type of self-curing Silicone Rubber from GE. They tinted that product black to help identify it in the marketplace and isolate it from food preparation equipment.

    That said, testing is always fun.

    You're hired! We'd like the Preliminary Report by this afternoon and the Comprehensive Trials Report by close of business Friday! :D

    BTW -- does this gadget have manufacturer's name on it :?:
    And -- you don't have any outstanding gambling debts with the mob ? :)

    rook :roll: :shock: 8)