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I just wanna pee and crap with these things
  • Got an MGX and Helix. Keep having to take it out to pee and crap even though I've done them both beforehand.

    Not getting anything in the way of feeling any of them against the prostate with relaxing and contracting. It's a very numb experience and after several months I can't see the big fuss.

    I can feel it nudge the prostate going in or if I apply pressure and some semen is released.

    One thing it does is enhance the build up during masturbation as contracting when doing so you can feel the prostate being stimulated, although my orgasm/ejaculation still feels normal. I must point out that my penis never becomes fully erect like it blocks blood flow.

    For all the effort and trips to the bathroom not to mention some messy accidents I'm for giving up. My last try will be with sex with my wife.

    I know others have success and that's great for them and I believe there's something for a lot of men using this expensive product.

    Like a lot of my sexual dysfunction problems I place a lot of the blame on the ever reliable passion killing SSRI Celexa 20mg. I can't help this as I've suffered years of problems.

    At least I gave it a shot. :roll:
  • Sorry to hear that you have not had any luck.
    I would not throw them away, maybe come back to the aneros in a couple of months and try again? :idea:
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 756
    I get the poop thing from time to time. I have a BM, then clean up and wait a 1/2 hour or so, and about the time I start inserting or shortly after, I get phantom urges to go again; it's real annoying. I think it's psychosomatic.

    I wouldn't worry too much about the pee urge unless it's been a few hours or so, I think it's related to the orgasm; like the feeling you were about to pee the first time you ejaculated.

    Come to think of it, Glenzo, does the lube you use have glycerin in it? Check the ingredients and see; if it does, get something else, like coconut oil, unrefined shea oil, Probe Thick Rich or my personal favorite, Slippery Stuff Gel. I'll inject between 11-16cc in my rectum, and put a light coat of Vaseline on the Aneros, and it will stay slippery until I pull it out or gets some 'contaminant' (i.e. poop) leaked into it.
  • No, there's no glycerin in it.

    I'll take your tips however and try the lube with some vaseline to make sure it's more slippery and perhaps not stimulate the bowel as much as what it has been doing.
  • It helps if you flush the rectum before Aneros use. By flush, I do not mean take an enema.

    The rectum is basically a hollow chamber that the colon empties into when it is time to defacate. Take the time to study your anatomy and look at some medical pictures so you become more familiar with all the 'plumbing' in your lower body.

    If you use about 3 ounces of water while sitting upright on the commode it will not be enough to get up into your colon. It helps if I then practice my Kegel's for a few seconds which rinsed the rectum out with the water and also make it easier to have a bowel movement.

    If you are not feeling anything it is probable that your rectum is not empty when you start. Occasionally, the movement of the Aneros will cause my colon to empty into my rectum and I have to stop and have a BM.

    Next time you use the Aneros look at the tip of it when you pull it out. If it has poop on it your rectum was not empty and the poop inhibits the movement of the Aneros.

    And most important of all, QUIT TRYING to make anything happen with the Aneros. It is not designed to be used as a dildo.

    I usually try to relax and do nothing in the way of physical exertion for the first 10 minutes or so. In that time I will start to recall the best sex I ever had in my life or just start a fantasy about some woman I am physically attracted to. I go through the whole 'movie' in my head starting with the foreplay, undressing her, feeling her body all over, etc. Somewhere in the middle of the movie I start to feel an automatic reflex in my body. NOT an erection, but more of a tickling sensation in my rectum/prostate area.

    Jack Johnson's MMO talks about 'letting the fawn come to you'. If you were sitting in the woods and a fawn started to approach you and you moved you would startle her and she would flee. If you sit perfectly still the fawn will come to you since she will not be afraid.

    Re-read the Aneros Wiki, I think it will help. Even after almost a year of Aneros usage I am still learning and still having new experiences. I haven't had the "Super-O" I read about but I really don't care if I do or not. What I am learning and experiencing is more than enough reward for me.
  • hulahula
    Posts: 234
    Think of it this way. At least you are getting some reaction from the use of the aneros. It sounds to me like you have some anger that your quest for isn't bringing more pleasurable results faster. But try to take pleasure in whatever it is causing, even if that just is defecation and urination. just my two cents