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Hi Everyone!
  • I had some quiet time here at the house and thought it may be time for an update.

    Health wise for me.. things are doing better. I have finished my first round of chemotherapy and now on to another regimen of Taxotere that so far has given me a much needed reprieve. It's "nicer" on my body than what I went thru the first go around. This round feels more like a constant flu. There is a lot personally going on in my life and drama at every turn and so I will take any of the good things handed my way! I wanted to say thanks for the emails, and a "few good men" that keep in touch and offer support at each turn. You are greatly appreciated.

    Secondly, you all remember my neighbor that was a paraplegic and had shared a horrible time with some very archaic methods that he had been given to use for sexual arousal by a physician. Several of you offered some words of advice, encouragement and other possiblilities. The two of them found a level of closeness and appreciation they were previously unable to experience. Because of his medical condition they have had to use medication to assist them in their sexual encounters, along with the Aneros. However, a wonderful outcome has occurred.

    It worked! It has worked so well... they are expecting a baby! She had some complications in the beginning... but, the pregnancy itself looks good and they are looking forward to the birth of a baby boy. They wanted you to know that their holiday season is bright and full of expectations for a new year, complete with early morning feedings and diaper changes. But, mostly they wanted you to each know they shared a part of their Thanksgiving honoring and giving thanks to each of you.

    Just wanted you all to know.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello nurselady, :)

    It's so nice to hear from you again. I hope your health continues to improve. And that is quite amazing that your neighbors have had such good luck with the Aneros products and medication to have produced a baby and a closer bond between them. There is much to be thankful for.

  • Hi Nurselady!

    Wonderful to have you back here again!
    I had no idea that you were having health problems. Family and friends are your best ally, so keep them close. Walking everyday has wonderful health and mental benefits. Don't forget to smile and laugh too! Laughter moves lymph and oxygenates your organs.
  • The_Bishop

    Hello! I'm back. Though I've never been far away. I have went from a girl not ever having an earache, strep throat, etc... straight to a more serious illness. It certainly has been a rough haul. Being by myself in the midst of a divorce from hell hasn't been easy either. There's been a few here on the Aneros site that have been godsends and have offered their support many times.
    I've been a bit too ill for walking for exercise. A lot of my time has been spent on the couch. By the end of the work day, I'm an exhausted person. I have continued to work.. it's just me and so I have to provide for my children. I've had to take some time off a few times, but I'm hoping this round of Taxotere stays just like this! I'm crossing my fingers!
    Thanks for your well wishes.
  • Wow, still having to work too? Try to take it easy the best you can and LET PEOPLE HELP YOU! :wink:
    Hopefully the next round is EVEN better! 8)
  • ffd71ffd71
    Posts: 93
    Hey Nurselady,

    Have you ever thought about alternative / Naturopathic treatment? I was a SICK Man several years ago and now,I am a BELIEVER that this treatment works. Also I have a co-worker that has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and he decided to try this avenue and has proven to effective to the point where his PSA has dropped to normal levels and he feels the best he has ever felt. Not sure what part of the country you are in but thought i would ask if you have tryed anything like this. Anyway along with diet change and this treatment it has made me a believer like I said. If you want more info. let me know.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    All the very best wishes as you continue to progress through this Nurselady! Thinking of you always. :)