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  • I just got the helix and tried it today. It was kinda painful. It felt like the tip was to pointy. Any one else feel this with the Helix. Maybe I got the wrong one. Very let down. :(
  • Did you experience pain during a contraction, or while the rectal muscles were relaxed? Also, did the discomfort rise during or after insertion? What type of lubrication did you use? It'd also help if you can share your height and weight, as to rule out the less likely possibility that the Helix is the wrong size for you.

    Right now the possible causes include a fissure, hemorrhoid, muscle cramp, tissue irritation or a tender prostate. I'm trying to narrow the list down.

    Ah, one more - what position were you in during the session? I've noticed that the angle and the amount of body pressure projected on the rectum can considerably alter the way the Aneros makes contact with the prostate.
  • I'm 5'11' to be exact 150 lbs.
    The pain was after insertion and during contraction. Felt like I was being jabed. I think I was also underlubed.
  • Ahh. I was on my back mainly. Some side.
  • Alright, I think that rules out most causes. When I started using the Helix several months back, I too felt an uneasy sensation if I did a careless contraction, causing the Helix to literally jab my insides. When you learn to fine tune the muscle control and your prostate becomes more familiar with the massage, painful sensations should cease.

    Try to keep the contractions short and gentle - also if you're mentally aroused, you might not need to do any voluntary contractions to feel pleasurable sensations from the massage (this claim is based on personal experience alone, I do not know how common it is).

    If you start experiencing pain in the area outside the sessions or during a bowel movement/urination, then the cause might be something that needs to be checked with a doctor.
  • Great advice. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Was discouraged. Think I was a bit over excited and not prepared.
  • I've said this many times before, but my first session with the Helix was an utter failure. It wasn't until my third session that I started to get the basic hang of it.
  • My best results are when I do nothing for the first 10 or 15 minutes except relax and let my body adjust to whichever model I am using.

    And lube is extremely important. You need to be sure the entire portion that is inside you is well lubed. A dry end inside of me would be painful. I also lubricate my anus before insertion.

    My mantra is do nothing, expect nothing, and let my body tell me what it wants instead of my mind telling my body what to feel. Takes a while a few sessions to get really relaxed when first starting with the Helix.

    Final note: Be sure your rectum is empty before insertion!
  • By the third time, it was working great. Te first 2 sessions were too short, but once I relaxed enough, I got butt buzz pretty quickly.