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male breast orgasm

  • Of course it exists, and not only for women, as this link implies. Lately I have used my nipples as a kind of foreplay for breast orgasm. That is to say that by stimulating only my nipples (no touching the penis!) I bring myself near to nipple orgasm. This activates the erogenous feelings in the surround breast area, then I leave the nipples alone and begin slowly massaging my breasts to orgasm, which is usually multiples.
  • After my third session with my new Progasm Ice, one of my nipples was tingling like crazy! This tingling lasted for the next day and a half. Every time i touched it it felt so good. The following evening while at the movies with the wife, i couldn't take it any longer and started to play with the nipple and after about 20 minutes or so it kept building and led to a mild full-body orgasm! it was great...This was my 1st "O" using Aneros and i can't wait for the next one... :D