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Peridise - amazing
  • OK. This is a first post for me. I have been using for about a year the helix, MGX and progasm. I liked the helix best (pro always leaves me a bit painful). About a week ago I got the beginner Peridise. I thought....hmmmm....this is too small can really work. I put the small one in. Nothing. Then after about an hour put the larger one in.

    WELL....what can I say.....I has a SO in about 2 minutes. I had a two hour session with the strongest SOs ever. I can't wait for the small one to start working (anybody know how much I need to work with the large one first?). Anyway, for anybody out there I can warmly recommend the Peridise.
  • sounds fascinating . i feel like trying it soon
  • mogmog
    Posts: 183
    Hi dave,

    >anybody know how much I need to work with the large one first?<<br />

    Initially the largest Peri was the most effective for me, and I went through a period of maybe a few months trying to determine which of the sizes was my optimum. This was not easy to begin with but I know now that the smallest is the most effective and important device for me.

    It also complements and enhances my KSMO practice (although I can reach the heights without any insertion).

    I find now that all the original Aneros types are too aggressive and I can easily do without them.

    I have nearly all the Aneros variants but if I had to choose just one orgasm enhancing device it would be the smallest Peridise.

    Mog :)
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Hey Santa !
  • I agree that smaller seems to be better. All of the peridises work really really well for me as does the eupho (or nothing). I can go all night with them. I made the transfer to the smaller peridise after three of four sessions with the bigger one and it went fine. I agree that the larger ones are too agressive for me now. I can go 3 hours or more with peridise or eupho or helix, but if I go to anything larger ...the time span gets shrunk considerably. I can only go an hour with a maximus or less with a progasm
  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    My body seems to react the best to the smallest peridise as well. I've given the helix and mgx lots of chances in the last month only to have ok sessions. Since I've used the smallest peridise twice and just have been blown away by it. The regular aneros models seem to just engage my prostate too much and kill the subtle sensations.
  • I wish I had the same sensations . I am in for the same reason , all other models than peridise are too much for me at this point . with this said , I get only some light buzz , even very from the peridise . I should read the directions and re-wire . or , any other advice ? has someone here been to the super O with the peridise ?