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Progasm - which way is "up"?
  • I'm confused on which way the Progasm is to be inserted. Instructions elsewhere on the Aneros site referred to a "thicker" arm (they are both exactly the same thickness), and the "one which curls upward" (they both do...?).

    One side of the body is more deeply sculpted and is the side the end "points." Instinct says that this should go upward but it is uncomfortable on the outside and as another user said, is very uncomfortable on the tailbone. I put it in the other way and similarly felt more prostate contact; also the tabs were more comfortable. The aforementioned user said the "right" way was for the "point" to be toward the belly instead of toward the spine but I wonder...? Or is my anatomy just wonky? :)

    Thanks for any help!
  • I put it in with the point aimed at my back one time by accident and seemed to get more pleasure from it that way.

    I thought maybe I was the only one who did that but I am beginning to think that is the way I will use it in the future. I say whatever works best for each person is the "right" way for them.
  • Hi, Istguy

    Like Helixbill says, whatever works is good...BUT, anatomically speaking, and the way it's engineered to work is with the curve of the Progasm toward the front of your body.

    Imagine it like a big finger, and if you'd want to massage the prostate which is located behind your scrotum, then insert it the way your finger would bend.

    Check this out:

    Got it?

  • alvalv
    Posts: 179
    just look at a picture of a helix, the curly tail is backward and the tab with circular bit forwards - now just overlay the progasm and use your imagination and you will know which way round it is to be inserted.

  • Thanks for the replies. Yeah, this is what I had suspected, but for some reason in the "right" position it doesn't seem to touch my prostate at all with any but the most extreme contractions and bearing down. If I thrust my rear down onto the bed I get a little more stimulation. I've used the maximus and that provides a lot more stimulation for me and though I haven't had a "Super O," I do get to the point of long-lasting involuntary contrations, especially in the abdomen. The perineum tab feels like it's cutting into me but I remedy that with a few folds of tissue paper.

    But back to the Progasm -- the biggest pain in the ass (so to speak) is the K-tab; it's downright painful and because it's gouging me so deeply I suspect that because of my anatomy, it might actually be keeping the Progasm from moving as it should? I'm going to be patient and work with it a while before I go trying to alter it in any way.
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777

    You can carefully bend it up/out at the elbow of the K-tab with a hairdryer and steady pressure on the ball. Be careful not to heat it too much or bend it too hard, because you can damage it. My first Progasm broke the P-tab off because I used too much heat and the plastic burst in two (internal air bubble). I had also removed the K-tab on that one, but I haven't on its replacement, which came a week or two before the Progasm Ice was introduced (dang!).

    If you try to bend the K-tab out, only move it about an 1/8-1/4 inch at a time. Good luck.