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We Need a Sticky on Lubrication
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    I believe we need either a comprehensive Sticky or a comprehensive Wiki entry on the subject of lubrication.

    At the outset, I should perhaps, declare that I am a resident of Australia where we would constitute only a small segment of the Aneros community. I have not yet found a satisfactory solution to the use of lubrication, I suspect because the recommended lubes don’t seem to be available here.

    From my reading of forum posts, it would appear that the lubricant of choice would be unrefined Shea butter. I have searched chemists (pharmacies), health food shops and supermarkets and have found almost without exception, that no-one here has even heard of unrefined Shea butter. The only person who could offer any advice was a young woman in a branch of The Body Shop. Even she could only suggest I pursue the health food shops. She also suggested that unrefined Shea butter would need to be stored in a refrigerator since, like ordinary butter, it would be likely to go rancid if stored at room temperature. Is this true? If so, it would seem unwise to purchase it over the Internet!

    Refined Shea butter is readily available both in health food shops and chemists, where it is sold as a skin care formula. I assume that in this form, the formulae would contain preservatives to prevent them from going rancid. I could also imagine that these chemicals might be carcinogenic and might not be good for long-term use near one’s prostate. I have used refined Shea butter, as supplied by MAS to business class passengers, but have found this to be very thick and difficult to clean up.

    I have also used one of the skin care formulae. It was not as difficult to clean up, but was quite difficult to administer. It also worked quite well and was comfortable to use over several hours.

    Most of my experience has been with a product called “Wet Stuff”. This lends itself well to being injected by eye dropper or by medical syringe, but it is pretty messy and doesn’t seem to last very long. After a couple of hours, it seems to break down and loses its effectiveness. I have not used KY jelly (much used by medical practitioners, and presumably the safest stuff to use and having the same consistency as Wet Stuff), but I have been told that it too would break down as Wet Stuff does.

    My retailer of Aneros goods has strongly recommended a product called “Swiss Navy Lubricant” and was persuaded to buy some. He swears by this product and is also an avid fan of the Aneros Progasm. I have just used it for the first time (with my Helix) and couldn’t have been more disappointed.

    I began by injecting about 4ml into my rectum and then lightly lubed the Helix with it. I normally make my preparations in the bathroom on my way to bed. Even while walking to the bedroom, I was conscious of the lube running down the inside of my legs! Within half an hour of being in bed, I could feel that the lube was not doing its job, and I was beginning to feel sore. It was clear that there would be ‘no goodies tonight’, so I ceased the session and withdrew the Helix after just over an hour. On cleaning up afterwards, I found it is also oily.

    I would love to hear from anyone who has found a good solution to the problem of finding a satisfactory lubricant, that will last for at least three or four hours, that is easy to administer by syringe and is easy to clean up in water or soap and water, or anti-bacterial ‘toy’ cleaner. It would also be helpful if it was available in Australia!
  • alvalv
    Posts: 179
    i like you had problem in finding a suitable lube - I live in Dubai.

    Finally my solution is - virgin pressed coconut oil (1-2cc applied with a medicine dropper in the rectum) and shea butter already mixed with vitamin E to coat the aneros. Both bought in an organic shop and no other chemicals or preservatives added to it.

    At about 22 degree centigrade the coconut oil will wax and needs to be slightly warmed to be liquid and it really smells like fresh coconuts and the oil is primarily intended for culinary use as it is in the food section of the store.

    I have no problem with it loosing the lube properties over a many hours.

    EDIT 13Nov09: See update further down
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    Thanks alv.
    Funnily enough, I have just found an on-line source of unrefined Shea butter and have ordered some.

    I hadn’t heard of virgin pressed coconut oil. I assume this is a liquid (when warmed) if it can be administered by by medicine dropper? If so, it sounds ideal.

    I will certainly seek this one out for follow-up. Thanks!
  • The best lube I have used with the aneros is:

    Natural Jelly formula

    3 (400 IU) vitamin E capsules (cotents only - not the capsule casing). Vitamin E has antioxidant properties which nourish and protect your skin, and it acts as a natural preservative to prolong the shelf life of your Natural Jelly.
    1/4 tsp. shea butter (this is optional, but it adds a certain creaminess to the mixture)
    1 tsp. beeswax
    3 tblsp. almond oil, olive oil or coconut oil (your choice)

    Step 1.) Place all ingredients in the top of a double boiler setup, heat and stir until all ingredients are dissolved.
    Step 2.) Remove the mix from heat and stir the ingredients constantly as your petroleum jelly alternative cools and thickens. While still slightly warm, scoop the jelly mixture into a dark glass jar and leave unsealed to cool completely.
    Step 3.) Keep your Natural Jelly in a cool, dark place, or in your refrigerator. Use it as you would use commercial petroleum jelly.

    You can adjust the viscosity of the mix by increasing/decreasing the oil proportions. The advantage of this mixture over natural oils alone is the increased viscosity due to the presence of the beeswax. The beeswax is the key to insuring good lubricity between you and your Aneros as it creates a micro thin film which holds well to the plastic. I’ve used this mix for my last couple of sessions and have found it to be a very satisfactory natural lubricant.
  • Hi Pommie,

    I was just like you where the lubricants I tried (even shea butter) just didn't do it for me. The aneros would just sit there stuck and not really move. I was pretty much stalled until I posted and The_Bishop suggested the Natural Jelly formula (See his above post) and I can say I haven't looked back as the first time I used it I had the most amazing sensations which just weren't there with anything else.

    In the instructions it says to use a double boiler setup but I didn't want to go to all that expense so I just used a thin glass placed in a plastic bowl and added boiling water to the bowl (Not enough to actually go into the glass. Then I added the beeswax and Shea butter and mixed until they melted then added the rest of the ingredients and mixed well.

    Once they set you only have to scoop some out and put a light coating on the Aneros (I also lubricate my Anus with a small amount as well) and now matter how long a session I have the Aneros comes out still lubed up which never happened with anything else.

    I too think this one piece of lube advice should be made a sticky as it's taken me a long while to find this wonderful stuff :D

  • Thanks Microboot.
    Credit goes to Rumel for this discovery.
    I skipped the double boiler too and used a regular pot (with water it in) with a large glass jar. Does the job! :D
  • VicVic
    Posts: 99
    Hey Pom, ever considered "Goanna Oil" ?
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    Thanks to The_Bishop (and perhaps Rumel) and Microboot.

    It sounds as if between you there is a veritable apothecary in operation! Seriously though, it seems that if we are to get what we want out of this, we have to make a little effort and manufacture it ourselves. At least I have learned that much and look forward to sampling the brew when I have got all the ingredients together.

    I also like the idea that you don’t have to use a lot of it for it to work properly.

    To Vic; I have heard of Goanna oil, but I thought it was more of an antiseptic for use on cuts and abrasions. (By the way are you also from Victoria)?
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    After a fair degree of patience and anticipation, I have finally been able to procure all the ingredients and the time and opportunity to make a couple of batches of Rumel’s "Natural Jelly”.

    It seems to have formed thicker surface but is lighter in texture below the top 5mm in the jar.
    I stirred it up and then tried it out last night but was deeply disappointed with the result.

    Although I covered the body of my Eupho with a liberal coating of the jelly, it didn’t seem to slip in as easily as usual and it really didn’t seem to do much of a job of lubricating at all.

    I had stuck pretty faithfully to the list of ingredients and proportions and had used Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Could that have been the problem? I am also wondering if there is some special trick to the application of the jelly.

    I’m currently thinking of going back to straight unrefined Shea Butter.
  • ffd71ffd71
    Posts: 93
    Does the shea butter require refrigeration?
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello Pommie, :)

    I'm not an expert on Rumel's Natural Jelly recipe, but perhaps you used too much Olive oil? Another idea is that perhaps an oil should be used that solidifies at a higher temperature such as shea butter or coconut oil. Also you could try keeping it in the refrigerator to keep it solid. I'm sure Rumel may have some ideas since he is well experienced in it's making and use.

    Hello ffd71, :)

    Does the shea butter require refrigeration?

    It's up to you. Shea butter starts to go soft around 75F/23.9C. So if your indoor temperatures are higher than 68 to 70F/ 20 to 21.1C, I'd think about refrigerating it. If it gets too soft, it is impossible to manually insert chunks of it with your fingers without most of it smearing in the crack of your ass.

  • hello has all I use for 30 days has an oil-based just drop it is really great it has even changed inside my anus is much softer 8) 8)
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    I am sorry you were disappointed by your initial 'Natural Jelly' production. I don't think there is any special trick to the application, I just use my finger to scoop out about a ¼ to ½ tsp., coat the Aneros by using my finger to spread it, then use the residual on my finger to lubricate my anus, relax the muscles and gently insert.
    BTW, I don't bother to refrigerate my jar, I just keep it away from light and heat sources, but at room temperature. I don't use the shea butter in my batches now, I like the simplicity of just the three ingredients Almond oil, bees wax & vitamin E.
    There are a few variables that I hope you will consider.
    1.)- Prior to attempting insertion, I suggest you manually apply some lubrication to your anus and sphincter areas, perhaps doing a short massage there as well. This will help relax those muscles for easier insertion.
    2.)- I found the original recipe to be too thick for my liking (too much like petroleum jelly), so in subsequent batches I played with the bees wax proportions to get a thinner, less viscous compound. This seems to be the key component to controlling viscosity.
    3.)- You may wish to try a batch using an alternate oil (I prefer the more stable viscosity of almond oil with respect to temperature).

    If the 'Natural Jelly' doesn't work for you, then by all means go back to using the Shea Butter. The most important thing is to find a lube which is agreeable to your body.


    The ingredients used to make “Yes” contain the same compounds as 'Natural Jelly' - "Yes® Oil based lubricant contains two rich organic butters – cocoa butter and shea butter, which impart smoothness and body; two fine emollient oils - sweet almond oil and sunflower oil, both organic, which confer a silky texture and skin moisturizing benefits; and lastly a little white organic bees wax, and some Vitamin E which as well as benefiting the skin, acts as a preservative.

    I find the 'Natural Jelly' also helps keep the anus soft and supple.
  • alvalv
    Posts: 179
    Just to add my two cents worth, as already reported elsewhere in this forum I now use a mixture of unrefined Shea butter and cold pressed virgin coconut oil about 50:50 proportions. (no longer use the prepared shea butter cosmetic as reported earlier in this thread) The mixture gels at room temperature and for prelubing with medicine dropper I stand jar in hot water from bathroom tap for arbour 5 minutes while I do my thorough cleaning. I prelube about 2cc, and apply a bit of Shea butter to aneros. After a three hour session, remove the aneros which is still oily and nice and clean as a result from proper cleaning. After night sleep, I can reinsert aneros and butt is still sufficiently lubed for a nice session.

    As both products are natural, not heat treated they contain all the necessary vitamins and according to the literature some some very rare vitamins and rare oils. Now this mixture has other healing properties. I have suffered next to my nose now for years of some kind of eczema or fungus infection, as well as in the ear and the back of my skull under the hair, really getting nasty at times. The skin reddens, itches and dry skin flakes. The docs had no clue and all ointments given to me suppressed this but would flare within two days of not using. Since applying the Shea/coconut mix the problem was fairly immediately cured. Later I found in the Internet
    [quote=]Both common colds and flu are caused by viruses. Many people suffer from a colds or flu from time to time.You may be able to boost your immune system with the consumption of organic virgin coconut oil, which contains up to 56% of Lauric Acid (or called Monolaurin) that acts as powerful antibiotic and is scientifically proven to strengthen the body's immune system and prevent colds, flu and other diseases and viruses.

    The same amount of Lauric Acid is naturally found only in human breast milk, which protects infants against various diseases and viruses. Monolaurin (Lauricidin) is currently being tested in clinical trials as a treatment for genital herpes, hepatitis C and HIV. .
    So, by now I should have the healthiest butt around :D