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Which Muscles
  • I have been working with the aneros helix and progasm for a little over a year I have very little to no progress to show for my addiction.
    I think my biggest problem is which muscles do I hold?
    I have found that I can squeeze my anus around the progasm ect which holds it still in place, or I can squeeze what seems to be a different muscle group which pulls it into me a little deeper, And a third set of muscles which are the orgasm group i think these ones feel best when I m hard.

    So basicly I am very confused i have read through the forums watched videos which oh ya I have never been able to get a push pull contraction spasm either where the aneros will move in and out I've never gotten an outward movement atall.

    I would love to get some help on this matter thanks in advance for your replies.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    HI Warren13 and Welcome to this wonderful website and community! :D

    Going right to your Progasm practice, sounds like the key muscle group you might need to work is that which you use when pushing outward, as in encouraging a bowel movement completion. The alternating of that and your anal contraction/release should give you the great in-and-out extended mobility possible with a Progasm, at least as I experience my super smooth Ice! Mine travels over an inch in and out, back and forth automatically, in what feels like what many here call the Auto*F.

    However, you need to apply these muscle exertions lightly and release each impulse quickly in a general state of deep relaxation. Similar in-and-out with the Helix are very short and very subtle compared to the Progasm. The objective is not to have to consciously "pump", but to find your combination of hold and release that triggers your body's desire for these sensations to train your autonomic (subconscious) nervous system to automatically DO THIS FOR YOU!

    Sounds like rectal muscle wall muscles pulling it in deeper and these can play a role too in subtle prostate massage motions. Your "third set" sounds like your PC muscle which is the one your contract to squeeze urine out or close off/hold when you pee.

    Getting to know the feel and function of these and other muscles and their nerve connection networks will come to you naturally as you treat your sessions as times of deep relaxation quietly listening to the subtle signals your body starts to give you. These recognized and observed quietly as they naturally develop, can turn into the involuntary muscle twitches that power your aneros automatically hands-free. Or you can use the low level light squeeze-hold-release patterns to help prompt these initial involuntaries.

    EDIT: Having just seen Rod of Plastic's great comments below, I agree Rod, in my experience as well, NOT squeezing or "intervening" in any way initially was the best for me too. What did work was applying the Key Sound as in Jack Johnston's KSMO ( ) which amplified the involuntaries and the energies raised and applied in my aneros sessions!!! However most experts suggest that you keep these two and any other complementary practices separate until you master each independently. Everyone's journey is unique in any event.

    all the best mapping your body/mind systems and finding the least invasive triggering all

  • This advice is based on my personal experience alone, take it under consideration if you feel like it.

    So far I've had little under 20 Helix sessions, and my first Progasm session just yesterday. Maybe I'm a bit clumsy with my rectal muscles, but I've noticed that I can end up killing any sensations that have built up with careless contractions. So for the last five sessions or so, I've practiced a kind of "do nothing" policy, trying to avoid all voluntary/semivoluntary contractions, and instead focusing on breathing and mental stimulation.

    The results have been impressive. This could be a personal thing, but for me full relaxation has brought greatly increased nerve sensitivity and an onset of constant, light involuntary contractions during the sessions. It's possible that if one focuses too much on the voluntary contractions, the natural pleasure feedback flow is disrupted, and needs to be rebuilt. I remember that before I decided to try full relaxation, the Helix had started to feel more and more like a stick up my behind, literally.

    Food for thought, I hope. :wink:
  • tokertoker
    Posts: 128
    i have been using the helix for 6 months i have noticed much greater control of the different muscle groups. i think as you strenghen them they are easier to iscolate and control. just recieved my progasm had to sand and polish the ridge then had a go was surprised how much i could move it all the practice must pay off :wink:
  • I've recently been trying the following - with the Aneros in, warm and comfortable laying on my side, legs pulled up slightly and balls hanging out on my thigh, I'm half imaging and half actively encouraging my balls to raise up on inhale and fall back completely on exhale - the exhale is the difficult bit, being relaxed enough to fully exhale and completely let your balls fall away from you. After about ten minutes of this I've then tried to flutter the muscles which seem to be active in the previous ten minute exercise - again half imagining and half actively doing, quickly pulse the muscle group - tighten relax, tighten relax - for about 20 cycles and then just completely relax - for me this is analogous to re-igniting a fire, gently blowing on the embers and sometimes it roars and then other times you try too hard and you blow it out.

    Happy kindling,
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi hapticbear! :D

    Great post and great experiment!

    Takes me back to our discussion of the early Polynesian navigators, using the exquisite testicular sensitivities to the pressures/vibrations of layers of different ocean currents and wave rebound patterns with their testicles in contact with the bottom of their canoes! How have you been?

    I am curious as to which other organs or tissues your great exercise here triggers into resonance?

    I saw not long ago, a young man on xtube or some such, who stood there vertically, and alternately pulled each testicle up about an inch, quite visible in his flatly spread out yet dangling sack, and dropped each back down in a regular rhythm as you describe. I have regretted not bookmarking that demo.

    In the explorations of the wonders of our nether anatomy recently, I have been playing with the Cremaster Muscles that you and that young fellow are working so consciously. More details soon in my blog.

    all the best suspenseful gymnastics and joys all

  • The last few days I have been trying the push out and clinch in method and wow I have found its extremely hard to relax while pushing out my abdominal muscles end up tensing and breathing in and out gets very hard so I'm wondering if I am still doing something wrong
  • bump for answer

    when pushing out should the abdominal muscles be tensing so much it very hard to relax while pushing out.
  • I have the same problem. I really don't know which muscles to use. Sometimes it seems one set of muscles is working, then it plateaus. The next session I try to use the same muscles, and it doesn't produce the same feelings. UGGHHH :? Hopefully someone can explain. Keep tryin.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,759
    I'm very in tune with Rod's advice on avoiding direct voluntary contraction as much as possible and he says it well. I do think that some voluntary contraction training is good to tone muscle and let the bod know how to move the Aneros.

    I've adopted a different approach to arousal that works well for me -- however I've not fine-tuned how I handle the onset of p-waves so I'm still going out of control with harsh p-waves and a single Mini-O.

    Here's the part that's working well:
    1. -- Insertion and just a few contractions to distribute lube. Check lube quality with just a deep breath or two (if only a breath can move the Aneros without a contraction, I'm GTG.)
    2. -- On my side, arms encircling a bolster pillow, fingers touching the opposite hand.
    3. -- Ten minutes of rubbing fingers against the opposing hand to find the most gentle and sensual finger and hand surfaces. No voluntary anal contractions. Focus is on raising sensuality with only hands and fingers. Shift attention to breathing. Shift your focus to the inside of your pelvis and "view" your prostate from your naval chakra. (Sort of like Alana suggests on CD-1). Your prostate should be calm.
    4. -- Repeat again for 4-5 minutes. Envision a connection between the arch of your left foot and your anus. While you are being sensual with your fingers, sharply stroke the arch of your left foot with your right toenail. Note the involuntary anal contraction and maybe an electric shock feeling that sympathizes with the foot strike. Focus on your prostate again. It should be 'warming up.'
    5. -- Repeat all of the above again, three or four times. Focus on your prostate from the inside of your bod, not from the viewpoint of your anus or rectum. Remember no voluntary contractions. Just relax and allow your PC, anal and rectal responses follow what you are doing with your fingers and your toenail.

    The toenail idea is attributed to 'popo' in this thread:

    This is a pretty fast way to get me into a p-wave & Mini-O. I'm not managing that transition well and crash and burning once my pelvic contractions start. I think that's resulting in brief and overly intense mini-O that shoves me into Migraine.