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new milestone for me
  • valliantvalliant
    Posts: 120
    I'm so glad i didn't give up on this journey because today i've reached a new milestone.
    After nearly 2 years i've reached a new level,maybe they where mini O's or something else but it was amazing.
    Upon insertion lately i get direct response and my prostate is throbing.
    This afternoon i began my session with the helix and all i did was focusing on relaxing,after 20 minutes the buzzing feeling began in my prostate,penis,belly and upper legs.
    I did not do contractions or anything else just thrying to relax,now i came to the point where i get the feeling of peeing but focusted on relaxing that muscle and it became an even more intense buzzing i have ever felt,just trying to relax that muscles got me really going.
    Over a periode of prox. an hour i had moments that my penis would throb like i was cumming but not for seconds,just when the buzzing got most intense there was a single throb.
    This session i had continously pleasure that faded to come back stronger,maybe 6 or 7 highpoints this session.
    Although i was expecting semen or lots of precum there was only a bit of precum on my belly,that suprised me
    My main focus is relaxing instead of contractions,i can't do both because i lose the feeling of relaxing certain muscles when i contract.
    I think the aneros is moving little on it's own because of the throbing prostate and me trying to relax my anus.
    So i don't know if they where the beginning signs of mini O's or not but it was certainly a new level i got to.
    Can't wait to go at it again :D
  • super bravo Vailant I think I'm the same as what you wonderful trip
    :wink: :wink:
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Fantastic valiant!!! :D

    I'm glad to hear you are starting to get some pleasurable results!
    I've recently made some good progress also. Perhaps it's catching on? :D

  • valliantvalliant
    Posts: 120
    The second session after my breakthrough was an even better session,for 3 hours i had lots of great feelings,so much that i didn't wanted to take it out.
    The throbing in my penis was more present than before.
    Then near the end i had the best feeling yet,the buzzing got really good and strong for maybe 3 minutes and altough my penis wasn't throbbing it felt like the feeling you have just before you cum.
    The head of my penis was buzzing and tinteling like never before and for a moment it felt like my ass was orgasming aswell,that was also a first for me.
    So i don't think my previous session was a one time thing,2 in a row now.
    I'm so glad that i kept going and never gave up,the things i would be missing.
    For everyone who bought an aneros and got no results yet,don't give up,do regular sessions even if they do nothing,you will be grateful later on.
    Like i said before, nearly 2 years for me for where i'm now.
  • valliantvalliant
    Posts: 120
    Today's session with helix was sensational and getting more intense.
    I'm still not sure if i have dry orgasms or not because i don't have these waves all over my body as some say.
    Today session however i'm beginning to feel it all over my body,don't know how to describe it but when i was getting those good feelings and then trying to relax completly,i began to get some feelings in my legs and torso like my pleasure zone was expanding,not waves like.
    So i think my body is slowly letting my entire body feel pleasure from my prostate.
    Before i had that feeling i had some muscle spasming in my legs aswell and shaking like i was cold,that was something i had before but the expanding feeling was the first time.
    I'm just amazed that i got here without any contractions, just relaxing right after insertion.

    Keep you posted about my progress,
  • valliantvalliant
    Posts: 120
    This morning when i was waking up i was getting some really nice feelings,it's hard to describe.
    I didn't had my aneros in me so i was surprised to getting those sensations without it.
    First it centered to my prostate and perinium but the feeling spread to my legs aswell.
    It was just a shame i had to get up,i really would have seen where this was going.
    The last few weeks i'm progressing real fast,what a wonderfull journey it has been so far.
  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    Valliant, The do nothing approach works great for me as well. When I do contractions it feels like mentally I'm trying to achieve or force the p-waves and multiples. But when I just lie back and relax, this is when things really kick off. When the buzzing begins to grow and the energy begins to dance, I just focus even more on relaxing the genital area and this seems to increase the pleasure more than if I try to increase it through a contraction.

    This morning when i was waking up i was getting some really nice feelings,it's hard to describe.
    I didn't had my aneros in me so i was surprised to getting those sensations without it.
    First it centered to my prostate and perinium but the feeling spread to my legs aswell.

    It sounds like after all your hard work your sexual energy is beginning to flow nicely. You'll soon find that you can achieve the similar and great results through relaxation to gain multiples with out the aid of the aneros.

    I rarely use the aneros anymore. I use it more for the health benefits and keeping that part of my body in shape. Plus if I'm having a lull in sexual energy I'll use it to gain back the sensitiveness in the area.
    My best aneroless session occur when going to bed at night. My GF is sleeping next to me and I lie on my back and just relax and meditate and then feel the sexual buzzing begin and coax it to wash over my body, relaxing my genitals even though they are just screaming to be touched and not before long my body reacts by having the first wave of orgasm.
  • valliantvalliant
    Posts: 120
    Hi Billy11,

    Without the aneros it was just the one time tho,but that is a sign i'm going forward in my sessions.
    The sessions are getting intenser but still no full body waves.
    Yesterday i tried what someone wrote here in a post and that was to relax the muscle to urinate,this gave me an amazingly more intense feeling in my penis.
    I do find it hard to do,not trying to block the precum because it feels like i'm going to urinate.
    You just have to make sure you're blatter is empty when doing this but it gave me the most intense feeling so far i had in my penis,like a very strong buzzing.
    These sessions are becoming very addictive now because of the pleasure it gives me,i just wished i would get those full body waves because that i think is wonderfull.
    I'm so glad that now every session is giving me pleasure and are getting stronger as i go.
    What a journey this has become, :D :D :D :D
  • J4J4
    Posts: 124

    Fascinating read. I find it extremely difficult to relax the muscle required to shut off urination. For the last two weeks I have been trying to relax it but it just keeps bouncing right back to clench no matter how hard I try to relax (fighting to relax! I laughed out loud, when, during a session, I realized how tense I had become in trying to relax one little muscle,).

    I had that throbbing/buzzing cycling up and down feeling a couple of times almost a year ago and it hasn’t been back since.

    Over time, it is funny to rediscover techniques you once tried.

    Thanks for posting and giving me something to think about and focus on.

    Good luck on your long term success.

  • valliantvalliant
    Posts: 120
    Hi J4,

    Thanks for your reply,hope you find those feelings back real soon :wink:
    Isn't this an amazing toy or what :D .
    The pleasure it gives you is remarcable.