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Finally success!
  • New here but been lurking for 6 months now. I bought a Helix about 5 months ago and was immediately disappointed but determined. I tried everything, relaxation, watching porn, positions, hard contractions, soft, lots of lube, a little lube. I got no measurable response down there. I would wind up after an hour just masturbating with the Helix in. Fun but not earth shattering. I just gave up and put the Aneros away and chalked it up to internet hype.

    Last night I was at the drugstore and saw a display for KY Intrigue, a silicon based lubricant. I read the package and thought one of the side effects when I was using my Helix was that bothersome urge to purge when using Astroglide due to the glycerine. I thought I would dust off the Helix and try it with this lubricant and see. I came home, showered, got into bed with the wife and was feeling a little randy. I told her I was going to try my "toy" while we watched TV. I used the KY...mmm was very, very nice. I only needed a few drops on my bum and a few on the Helix and slid right in. I just watched TV with it in and no uncomfortable side effects like with AstroGlide. Wife was getting tired and she kissed me on the forehead and went to sleep. I shut off the TV and was kinda wired so thought..ehh let's give this Aneros thing the ole college try again.

    This time I decided to follow the Wiki instructions to a T. With the room quiet and me able to focus. I just decided to really relax and see what happens. I decided to try a small, focused and deep base contraction breathing in deep and focusing not on my anus but my whole rectum. I held the contraction for 10 seconds and then totally relaxed. The first few nothing special but not uncomfortable. About the 5th one, I felt a flutter in my bum, like an involuntary pucker. I thought.."Hmmm interesting". I continued with the slow, constant contractions. I think I was focusing before on contracting my anus too hard, too orgasm focused. Well after about 5 minutes I had it.....BOOM..a serious P-wave, like a pre orgasmic bolt of electricity emanating from my perineum up my chest and down my toes at the same time. I think I giggled...and thought "OMG I get it now!". Remembering the Wiki I just relaxed and let it happen not focus on cumming Well the involuntaries were going nuts, my ass was puckering like it was giving a kiss and my whole rectum was spasming as I continues with the slow contractions. I was in in heaven waiting for the P-waves and the very pleasurable sensation of the Helix pumping in and out my ass invoutarirly. I think I was on the verge of cumming without every touching my cock. The p-waves got stronger and my whole body was shaking. I was scared I would wake my wife. It was so erotic and exciting. Well I was writhing around a little and making a little noise and was worried I would wake my wife and became self conscious so I stopped. I have no doubt the Super-O was coming if I didn't. Wow did I not GET IT before. I'm sold. Key points for frustrated newbies:

    1. A good lube, avoid glycerine based lubes
    2. Really relax, focus. For me quiet room was what I needed
    3. A nice base contraction, like trying to pull something up your bum
    4. Focus on how your body feels, feel turned on, play with your nipples, Enjoy the sensation of your anus being stimulated.
    5. Just let the aneros do the work and have faith it will work, let it amaze you
  • tdt422tdt422
    Posts: 43
    Congrats and nicely put!
    I haven't gotten there yet with my Helix or Progasm. Relaxation and concentration are key - hard to stay focused when the ride starts - LOL
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hey that's great pburgh01! :)

    I'm glad to hear you finally had some pleasurable results. Hopefully next time you have a session where you don't have to worry about waking your wife, you might progress further. But here's the catch, don't expect it! :lol:

    Yeah, a proper lube that works for you does make a world of difference. I also started by using Astroglide, which was not very effective, and gave me the "urge to purge" feeling. Switching over to unrefined 100% shea butter changed my whole Aneros experience for the better.

  • Yea! Glad you finally "got it".
    Keep us up to date on your further adventures! :D
  • WoodsmanWoodsman
    Posts: 102
    Bravo, pburgh01!
    As a newbie 3 or 4 months behind you, this is just the kind of story I like to hear, it gives me confidence that my day will come. Those tips are nicely in line with my own routine. I always take the same position, taking my time relaxing, followed by beginning some very gentle probing contractions along with breathing, then holding for 20-30 seconds. The feeling from the prostate is recognizable now, not really what I expected – almost like a sort of pleasant ache, or a cramp, except that it feels as if it’s ready to bloom into something bigger. During the holding contractions I try to let my mind explore the feeling, and encourage it to grow. I’m getting the best signals from using the lightest contractions possible. I’m using Probe, and so far it’s doing its job.