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Right on the edge of Super-O - need help clearing that edge!
  • A few years ago I bought the MGX. I used it in cycles for about 18 months, going through the stages that seem typical. At first not much happened, then as I became acclimated I started getting some really pleasurable sessions, but nothing monumental.

    Then about 6 months ago I bought the progasm. It immediately worked better for me and things have been improving steadily since then. Let me describe where I'm at right now - I just know I'm on the edge of something incredible but maybe you experts can help me get there.

    I use plain old Walgreens hand lotion for lube. I tried Astroglide and Probe in the past, and honestly, for me I have felt no difference with the lotion; it seems to work great and it's dirt cheap. I use a syringe to insert 3-5cc, then coat the Progasm liberally and insert it slowly.

    I go through a few different stages of acclimation. Usually within a minute or so of insertion, the Progasm seems to find its bearings in "stage 1" and slide into position. I usually get some really nice tingly prostate sensations as this happens, then those kind of die down. I've gotten pretty good at letting the "involuntaries" happen; before long the Progasm is moving around on its own and I get all kinds of good sensations. My muscles kind of "bubble" or "percolate" internally, and I also get weird little spasms in my legs or feet sometimes.

    At some point those involuntaries will kind of "get their act together" and start working toward a common goal, which is pushing the Progasm in deeper. My sphincter will contract hard, and then relax, and as it relaxes the Progasm slides deeper and the ring of my anus spasms, and this repeats several times. After a while it seems like it's found its place again in "stage 2", only deeper and more firmly against the prostate.

    At this point I'm like "Whoa!" and even with no movement the pleasure is fairly intense. In this stage 2, I will get some more involuntaries that seem to be pushing the Progasm against the prostate. My hips buck a little, the anus spasms, and it's really nice. I tend to feel a "lightening of the heart," like I'm letting go of some negative emotions, and it's literally a feeling in my chest of release, a kind of mild euphoria. I get sensations that are like small, super cold drops of water being dropped on my skin, not many, just like 1-2 per second randomly on my body. Sometimes a brief 'wave" will sweep over my skin, like a cool breeze, even though there's no wind. I may also get orgasm-like feelings on various parts of my body, often my arm, where I feel the sweet pleasurable stinging I normally associate with a penis orgasm, except in my arm or buttocks or sometimes the scalp.

    One time recently, I was having this stage 2 experience but it was ramped up a bit. I believe I felt a hint of "full body orgasm," the feeling I described having in my arm or scalp, except pretty much all over my body - a true "Oh my God" feeling. Fantastic tingling sensations where radiating from my prostate through my whole pelvis, and I felt that heart-lightening effect of releasing emotions and being filled with love, only more intense. It was really quite special, and I briefly (a few seconds) felt strong psychological bliss and was moaning and panting in a trance. But almost instantly the Progasm kind of settled into a less pleasurable position and I couldn't regain the feeling. These feelings were definitely *leading* somewhere more intense but they just stopped.

    From what I've read about the Super-O, it's basically like what I started to experience - only it continues into something more prolonged and intense. I felt a hint of something truly incredible, but it was somehow snatched away before anything really "happened" with it.

    Any ideas on how to go further? The thought of what I felt, continuing for minutes on end and even more intense, is almost scary, but I want it to happen.
  • nitroxnitrox
    Posts: 1
    I don't mean to hijack this thread but this sounds really similar to the type of thing I experience, I couldn't describe it as well as uluruman, but I have the same experience.

    I can reach this level where the progasm will get completely drawn in and all my muscles will begin to tense up. It is a pleasurable feeling but it feels as though there is no resolution. I feel as though the progasm has stopped moving and everything is tense.

    I would also appreciate any advice from anyone who overcame this or feels this similar kind of barrier.
  • LinghamanLinghaman
    Posts: 231
    Relax relax relax. I had the same issues for a year. I kept getting to that point tyhat I almost got there but couldn't get the resolution. I couldn't get over the hump. You have to learn to take control of the anal muscles that are overstimulated by this wonderful feeling. I have found that the larger models caused too intense feeling and I just clenched up. For me going smaller . . . relaxing and including some penile contractions and anal contraction to induce positive feeling was the start and then i just followed the feelings. I also found that practicing without the aneros at all helped me overcome the overstimulation thing and learn to sense the early tingles. This is a game of subtle clues and recognizing them, not stiffling them. I have also found that 3-5 am is the best time for me. I got clued into the time when I was reading posts of people who left them in all night only to awake at 3 am with stuff happening. Hormones are at their highest level at this time and you are more relaxed as well.
  • Sounds wonderful uluruman! I hope you get to the place you want to be soon. Sounds like you are very close.
  • Hi ya,

    Im using the helix model, for a similar length of time to you uluruman, and its only this morning and last night I actually felt a "resolution".. for months and months a similar experience to you.. getting right upto the edge of an orgasm and then what happened to me was my muscles would get tired and stop spasming. And I'd be left there feeling a little dissapointed.

    Recently I started working out in the gym, and this has helped my stamina a huge amount. Last night I experienced a hands free orgasm for the first time with the helix.. and was like wow.. more intense than some of my most intense penile orgasms.. But this morning..

    Im litereally after geting out of bed and jumped on the forums lol

    BF went to work, normally I'd sleep through this, but for what ever reason I woke up. Lay there bored.. checked the time.. 1 hour to play around. So took out the helix, and got to work.

    Within about 20 minutes - I was already after having a string of small orgasms (which I was delighted with, as this was only the 2nd time in something similar to 18months I'd actually had a handsfree orgasm, the first time being the previous night hehe), and it died down for another 10 - 20 minutes I was then wondering if what i had experienced earlier was a super orgasm, so took a bit of effort to get it back to the stage again.. and then boom wave after wave after wave ultimately leading upto something thats got me tingling still 30 minutes later..

    Unbelieveable. Its the most intense pleasurable experience I've ever had!

    I will say one thing about it tho. Positioning the little perenium tab thingy in the right area does seem to have a huge impact on its performance. I've heard other users talk of using a little square of material inbetween the tab and skin to prevent slippage.. I've personally used a square of toilet paper folded up.

    Also one other thing, your height seems to affect your ability to experience the super o's too? :o From reading the forums here I heard information that if your under say 5ft 6' the toys other than the sgx model i think, may not be aiming at the prostate/perenium at the right angle or what ever.. I was seriously considering buying that sgx model and giving it ago instead.. The SGX is apparently designed for the asian market? where the average height is smaller or something I'm 5'5 hence my thinking on that. However I appear to have found a position that works for me.. I lay on my back, with a pillow under my lowerback, and stretch out fully trying to not slouch (seems to improve the angle of the toy for me personally), rest my head on another pillow, and then have my feet flat on the bed with my knees vertical.. ( if that makes sense). Also it kicks off for me so far, If i can keep completely relaxed and only have the anal muscles flexing. As its approaching the hands free orgasm, Id find myself tensing up, so Id take a deep breath, and competely relax and continue.