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Just had a session (number 4) .... man alive !!
  • Hi. I have just had a session that i would like to share with you.

    ok so i started off with a couple of syringes of lube and in with the helix i went. i relaxed for about 10 minutes then started to contract but still i didn't seem to get any sensations (how lng before they are felt?) s i got on all fours and made a motion which was like having sex but going round in circles...i would say like 'grinding' the helix inside me. a few minutes later i was panting and sweating then bang! i orgasmed but only a small amount of cum came out and dripped out rather than spurting. i left it for a minute then tried again and the exact same thing happened. i had to stop after that as its hard work on your hands and knees but i feel my acheivment was huge. i know it wasn't a proper cum as i would happily go again so i guess it was pre-cum.
  • Glad to hear you got sensation out of the Aneros. :)

    But the way I understood it is that you're still working with voluntary contractions only - I would recommend reading about the breathing/contraction exercises on the Aneros Wiki to get the involuntaries going. :wink:
  • [quote=the thinker]NICE ONE ... THANKS :D

    No problem. Checked my earlier posts, surprisingly enough it'd appear I haven't mentioned the b/c exercises to you before. :?