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what the difference in feeling
  • Between using a Helix and actual anal sex. I have recently decided to try it but have not yet.
  • I'm assuming you mean trying anal sex as the passive participant. Personally I have experience only with insertion, not intercourse, but I could deduce that it will involve more friction and pressure on the sphincter muscles , as an average penis is wider, longer and more cylindrical than any of the Aneros models. Whether this translates in pleasure or discomfort is a question to be answered by the bi/homosexual members of the forums. Technically also heterosexuals, if dildo play / pegging counts.
  • Im hetro so it will be pegging.
  • [quote=the thinker]Im hetro so it will be pegging.

    Ah, thanks for clarifying that. :)
  • sorry if that sounded rude
  • rickgrickg
    Posts: 94
    I found the Helix to be much smaller than being entered by a man's penis. In fact, it was more subtle in its entry. Also, because not being a passive partner but engaged in doing the contractions with the Helix, it is more focused on the prostate and you are more involved. Obviously, it is not as rigorous as anal sex is normally, as well. I am just learning with the Helix so this is just my observations. :wink:
  • [quote=the thinker]sorry if that sounded rude

    Absolutely no problem, I was genuinely confused there for a moment. :)
  • Anal sex is pleasurable in terms of girth inserted , in and out motions , and other , more psychological sensations and factors .

    While it's pleasurable in its own way , the aneros is about muscle conntractions and very articulated prostate massage .

    The only place where they is SOME similarity is prostate milking , or fingering .

    Also , but thats just me , some moments , some sessions feels a bit like anal sex .

    Hope it answers your Q