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New to Aneros
  • Hello everyone! I'm new to the Aneros line. I purchased my first product last week, arriving a few days ago via shipping. I started out with the Eupho model, having experience with anal sex, using dildos, and being penetrated and pleased with strap-ons. I have learned during these enjoyments the contractions and pleasures of the anal area. These are the reasons I started with the Eupho model.

    I have had some very enjoyable moments with this model in the few days that I've had it. I give myself plenty of time, at least an hour, to lay in bed and relax, almost to the point of falling asleep, before a subtle non-voluntary twitch wakes me up and then gets me motivated to take over myself. I contract my muscles slow and rhythmically at first, almost in a wave motion. When I get to the point where my body starts to fell like pure pleasure, I turn the contractions into a more forceful thrust, almost like I'm having anal sex with myself. This gives me a wonderful feeling throughout most of my body and a nice little jolt of ecstasy filling up the inside of my penis. A few times I thought I would ejaculate without using my hands. So far, that is not the case.

    As a new user and member, I have just a few questions. I posted the above to get a sense of what I've tried and haven't tried.

    First of all, should I start with another model? I know I'm having some great experiences with this one, and haven't felt this good in quite a while using anal products.

    Second of all, what's a good lube to use? I know this is probably a topic that's been done to death, but I figure I would just ask it here while I have it up. I have been using KY Jelly as my lube. Any other suggestions?

    Finally, giving the states that I'm reaching in just a few days, should I do anything different to try and obtain higher results, and ultimately have an ejaculatory orgasm without using my hands, or will that come naturally as I get more accustomed to the joys and movements of my Eupho model?

    Thanks to any and all who answer my questions! Also, thanks to any and all who just swing by to say "Hi"!
  • rumelrumel
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    Hi rikaaim,

    Welcome to the Forum,

    From your description of prior anal experience and the pleasure you are already receiving from your new toy, IMHO you are off to a great start and there is no reason for you seek another model while you learn to finesse your play with the Eupho.

    I recommend you read the Lubrication section of the WIKI and this thread for a thorough discussion of lubrication issues. Personally, I like the 'Natural Jelly' compound myself.

    While I don't think that a hands free ejaculatory orgasm is necessarily an ultimate goal (ejaculation pretty much closes the door on the Super-O experience), higher results are likely possible as you naturally experiment with differing techniques. I encourage you to use the Search function to find threads which have topics of interest to you.
  • Thank you for the welcome rumel! I appreciate all the advice you've linked to me and also sent me. I look forward to more interactions and chats. :)

    A little bit about my personal self. I'm a twenty-seven year old living in the greater Cincinnati area. I am in college for Radiation Therapy and should be done in about two years. I am bi-sexual and am attracted to both men and women. I am a slight preference for women if forced to pick. I have experience with both men and women and have found the differences and similarities both enjoyable and celebrated. I have long explored my own sexuality as well as the sexuality of my partners. Since I was a younger lad, not going to specify age for reasons of legality, just understand that I was *18* when I started experimenting, I found myself using relaxation and slow build up during masturbation. I eventually discovered anal pleasure and quickly found myself having anal orgasms. I have since tried incorporating both anal and penile sensation into everything I do sexually. What I look forward to the most about this journey is opening up the rest of my body to be just as receptive as the areas I've already given attention to.

    What I really love most about the Aneros forum so far is the utter openness about male sexuality. I generally only see this level of advice, companionship, and enjoyment of sexuality in females. I always get a little sad when I see men that are too locked up in themselves to just let loose and enjoy. I look forward to getting to know everyone more.
  • Welcome rikaaim!
    Agree with you, this a very open-minded forum. You WILL learn a lot here! I know I have . :D
  • I do hope to have more to chat about soon. I have a very busy schedule that may keep me from frequently visiting. Before I post too much more, I want to read all of the FAQs and guides out there. I'm sure many of my questions can be answered there first. I do have a sort of opinion question though. When I'm ready to share my experiences, should I post on the forum or create a blog in the blog space?

    Edited to add: After reading more of the Wiki, I have certainly experienced the majority of what defines a Super-O. I am one of the lucky few to have felt what is described the first time I used my Eupho, as well as each time since. I believe this to be due to my prior experience with anal stimulation, including having anal orgasms at a very young age. However, I can not say for certain that this is why I was able to so fully enjoy the Eupho from my very first session.
  • I have a recent session and experience I am dying to share, but I am not sure where to post it. In a word document it is 3,700 words long. I'm guessing that might be a bit much for the forum board. Should I post my account in a blog?
  • You should post it on the forum and a blog and the testimonials if it applies to that section as well.