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Chat Event #10 Transcript 9/26
  • [17:00:59] [email][/email]: Hello everyone, welcome!
    [17:01:17] [email][/email]: Hi FrostFire, doing just fine thanks!
    [17:01:52] [email][/email]: FF glad to see you make it in
    [17:02:11] [email][/email]: hello JTFan09 and 17711771
    [17:02:17] FrostFire: Yes
    [17:02:24] 17711771: I'm a newcomer (excuse the pun) Have used it three times. So far nothing
    [17:02:25] FrostFire: Lots of new faces today :)
    [17:02:33] JTFan09: hi everyone
    [17:02:34] [email][/email]: welcome, Starr831
    [17:02:43] FrostFire: which model do you have 17?
    [17:09:12] FrostFire: Hmmm, well I'm not experienced with the enlarged prostate thing but if you did feel some slight tingling
    [17:09:12] [email][/email]: the tingling is actually a good sign 17
    [17:09:17] FrostFire: than your session wasn't a complete dud
    [17:09:22] FrostFire: you are having some great results
    [17:09:55] 17711771: When do the fireworks begin?
    [17:09:59] FrostFire: Remember, don't set your goal on "having something" just go into your session and enjoy any sensation
    [17:10:06] [email][/email]: 17 do you feel the device moving around inside you?
    [17:10:10] FrostFire: no mater how long it lasts or how minimal it is just enjoy it and let it pass
    [17:10:12] [email][/email] [»] FrostFire: I would like to chat to you in private, click here please!
    [17:10:18] 17711771: no
    [17:11:00] [email][/email]: what type of lubrication are you using?
    [17:11:11] 17711771: I can feel it pressing on something. KY
    [17:11:46] [email][/email]: that is a good sign as well
    [17:11:57] 17711771: I'm going to get some Probe and give that a shot
    [17:12:49] 17711771: Thanks for your help and encouragement
    [17:12:50] [email][/email]: sounds good, experimentation to find what works for you is a good idea
    [17:12:52] [email][/email]: in general
    [17:13:29] [email][/email]: depending on the individual the time to get results can take different amounts of time
    [17:13:46] [email][/email]: if you feel the MGX pressing against your prostate that is a good sign
    [17:13:58] [email][/email]: however, you should also feel it moving
    [17:14:03] FrostFire: ^^
    [17:14:12] [email][/email]: if it's not moving
    [17:14:20] xhepera: Rescheduled? :unhappy:
    [17:14:22] [email][/email]: then this could be for a couple reasons
    [17:14:24] 17711771: it seems to be stationary
    [17:14:45] [email][/email]: first, not enough lubricant
    [17:15:00] FrostFire: no xhepera
    [17:15:03] [email][/email]: be sure to put some lube internally
    [17:15:08] FrostFire: this is the rescheduled event lol
    [17:15:14] [email][/email]: and also on the device itself
    [17:15:20] 17711771: I do with me finger
    [17:15:25] JTFan09: how much should it be moving?
    [17:15:34] [email][/email]: the second reason why the device doesn't move is due to muscle tone
    [17:15:45] xhepera: Doh! :)
    [17:16:04] FrostFire: Just enough so it slides comfortably JT
    [17:16:06] [email][/email]: JTFan, the amount of movement will depend on the strength of your muscle contraction
    [17:16:31] [email][/email]: so 17, as you use your MGX more, you will develop muscle tone
    [17:16:32] FrostFire: and yes support brings up a very good important point that I think is often overlooked
    [17:16:38] [email][/email]: in your PC muscle
    [17:16:49] FrostFire: Some people can really move their aneros because they have a well developed PC muscle
    [17:16:50] 17711771: Muscle contraction automatic the do you have to do it?
    [17:17:04] FrostFire: this can be strengthened with some PC exercises if you google them
    [17:17:17] [email][/email]: this muscle tone developement will allow you to control the device better
    [17:17:21] xhepera: If I may, my experience when I first started was that I wasn't sufficiently attuned to the
    [17:17:31] xhepera: subtle sensations that the Aneros produces
    [17:17:38] [email][/email]: sure xhepera, please jump in
    [17:17:49] FrostFire [»] [email][/email]: Hey use red :)
    [17:17:51] xhepera: I was expecting a prostate pummeling. And that's not what happens
    [17:18:13] xhepera: For a while there I was wondering if I still *had* a prostate
    [17:18:25] [email][/email]: you are right xhepera
    [17:18:34] [email][/email]: the sensations can be very subtle at first
    [17:18:42] [email][/email]: almost like a whisper
    [17:19:02] 17711771: thats exactly what i got
    [17:19:12] xhepera: It wasn't until I recognized that (for me) almost undetectable "tickle/itch" that the
    [17:19:21] xhepera: full-blown sensations began and increased
    [17:19:55] xhepera: Yes! Like a whisper, Support. Apt description
    [17:20:22] [email][/email]: so 17, definitely keep at it
    [17:20:37] FrostFire: Excellent job 17... you're making great progress than if you've reached that milestone
    [17:20:45] [email][/email]: some new users complain that they couldn't even feel the Aneros touching their prostate
    [17:20:56] [email][/email]: but that does not seem to be the case for you
    [17:21:04] FrostFire: so you're off to a better start than them :wink:
    [17:21:27] 17711771: How about a lube injector?
    [17:21:37] FrostFire: Once again, this isn't something you can rush... It does take some time and attunement to "listening" to your body
    [17:22:19] [email][/email]: lubricant applicators work great, but a finger works well too
    [17:22:19] 17711771: Can u use it to put lube in you before the device
    [17:22:39] [email][/email]: exactly, that's its intended use
    [17:22:42] FrostFire: honestly if you're using your finger that's sufficient...
    [17:23:04] FrostFire: just use your finger as you've been doing and then make sure to coat your aneros too
    [17:23:10] [email][/email]: with your enlarged prostate, hopefully you will reap the benefits of a shrinking prostate in the upcoming weeks
    [17:23:13] FrostFire: with some lube and Slide it in :)
    [17:23:58] FrostFire: Good morning, Rumel!
    [17:24:10] [email][/email]: hello Rumel
    [17:24:25] pif: rumel!!!!!!
    [17:24:33] rumel: rumel here, 62, Aneros user for 2.5 yrs, from HOT California, sorry I'm late.
    [17:24:41] [email][/email]: no problem Rumel
    [17:24:42] FrostFire: rofl
    [17:24:45] xhepera: Hi Rumel :)
    [17:24:48] [email][/email]: we were just about to get to our intros
    [17:25:22] [email][/email]: 17, do you mind telling us your location and age? we'll start from the top and work down to xhepera
    [17:25:39] 17711771: CT and 72
    [17:25:50] FrostFire: FrostFire here, 24, aneros user for 1.7 years, from Southern California - I own the MGX, Progasm, Eupho, and Peridise (adv.)
    [17:25:54] FrostFire: oh
    [17:26:25] [email][/email]: thanks FrostFire, okay, JTFan09, age, location and device(s) owned?
    [17:26:55] JTFan09: 27 here, Washington State, I've had the MGX for about 6 or 7 weeks
    [17:27:02] STARR831: I'm 60 from sunny Maine! I have the Peridise, MGX, Eupho, Helix and Ice.
    [17:27:45] [email][/email]: thanks Starr, we have been reading your blog with great interest
    [17:27:50] 17711771: Starr which is best
    [17:28:22] STARR831: I truly enjoy my Eupho!
    [17:28:59] [email][/email]: excellent
    [17:29:01] [email][/email]: CT?
    [17:29:12] 17711771: I'm having whispering sensations right now
    [17:29:36] [email][/email]: excellent!
    [17:29:40] [email][/email]: okay CT, we'll come back to you
    [17:29:44] pif: PIF here south fla and 49 2 month user :) sgx and maximus :wub:
    [17:29:45] [email][/email]: Pif?
    [17:30:04] [email][/email]: so you are happier with the SGX than the Maximus?
    [17:30:14] pif: both!
    [17:30:23] pif: max gives an awesome full feeling
    [17:30:24] [email][/email]: oh great!
    [17:30:29] rumel: I'll admit it, I've got all the models.
    [17:30:41] pif: rumel im coming to your house!!! LOL
    [17:30:54] [email][/email]: Rumel is also the creator of the Hypnaerosession CD
    [17:31:16] pif: love to try the progasm
    [17:31:20] [email][/email]: which has helped so many users get a jump start on their Aneros "journeys"
    [17:31:37] [email][/email]: and finally, xhepera, intro please?
    [17:31:45] xhepera: Xhepera (or X) :) 56, Missouri, Helix and Progasm. Want the Eupho too! Been using for about 3 weeks I think.
    [17:33:10] [email][/email]: great Xhepera! how have your sessions been going so far?
    [17:33:34] xhepera: Veeeery nice! I like both the models
    [17:36:27] [email][/email]: maybe he'll be back
    [17:36:40] FrostFire: Welcome Brian!
    [17:36:41] [email][/email]: Hi silverrocket, would you mind giving us your location, age, and devices owned?
    [17:36:47] FrostFire: the Jedi has arrived
    [17:36:52] rumel: Hi Brian
    [17:36:56] [email][/email]: also the amount of time using our products?
    [17:37:04] B Mayfield: Hi All! Silly...
    [17:37:15] silverrocket: hey, i'm in ontario canada, 21, and own the progasm
    [17:37:27] silverrocket: have had it for almost a year
    [17:37:32] FrostFire: Oh MASTER Brian does thou wish to teach me the jedi ways of the aneros?
    [17:37:40] [email][/email]: excellent silverrocket
    [17:37:42] FrostFire: lol
    [17:37:48] [email][/email]: how have your sessions been?
    [17:37:50] silverrocket: haven't used it for a while, but i'd like to get to know it better !
    [17:38:12] [email][/email]: i see, well this is the place to be to get qny questions you have answered
    [17:38:26] [email][/email]: Brian, would you mind introducing yourself?
    [17:39:09] chadbarton2002: hi, new to this site
    [17:39:14] chadbarton2002: need help
    [17:39:15] B Mayfield: Brian Mayfield, Aneros user for 7 author of the Aneros Wiki
    [17:39:29] xhepera: There you go, Chad :)
    [17:39:33] Bungles: Hello
    [17:39:37] B Mayfield: an hedonist at large
    [17:39:39] Bungles: oh, this chat ends real soon?
    [17:39:43] pif: bungs!!!!!!!!!
    [17:39:43] [email][/email]: hi Bungles welcome in
    [17:39:52] Bungles: you guys should hookup the chat 24/7 tbh
    [17:40:01] pif: i agree! LOL
    [17:40:02] chadbarton2002: I have had peridise and MGX and cannot make them work.
    [17:40:07] chadbarton2002: must be doing something wrong.
    [17:40:07] [email][/email]: we can definitely extend it
    [17:40:21] Bungles: sounds good
    [17:40:24] chadbarton2002: have followed the directions on the packages and nothiing appears to work for me.
    [17:40:32] B Mayfield: great group here today Support !
    [17:40:45] Bungles: god
    [17:40:46] pif: brb
    [17:40:50] Bungles: my 3rd session sucked
    [17:40:54] B Mayfield: how long have you been at it Chad?
    [17:40:59] Bungles: maybe because it was during the day
    [17:41:03] chadbarton2002: for many months.
    [17:41:04] pif: when did u have your 3rd sesssion?
    [17:41:09] Bungles: hm
    [17:41:10] chadbarton2002: just need a good instructor, I guess.
    [17:41:12] Bungles: 2 days ago
    [17:41:15] [email][/email]: absolutely - chadbarton, we have some experts here with us today who can help
    [17:41:21] chadbarton2002: I know that relaxation is a major part.
    [17:41:25] Bungles: i forced it to much
    [17:41:31] pif: well someone made me milk last sunday :)
    [17:41:36] Bungles: my 1st and 2nd session were awsome
    [17:41:39] Bungles: lol
    [17:41:53] B Mayfield: know that some of the most experienced members of the forum, had their breakthroughs after many months as well
    [17:41:54] chadbarton2002: good deal....and this is the funniest part: I am a college professor and
    [17:41:54] Bungles: I think it's a better idea for me, to use it at night
    [17:42:09] xhepera: How long have you had them Chad?
    [17:42:14] rumel: chad - Havw you read through the WIKI?
    [17:42:24] rumel: Have...
    [17:42:33] B Mayfield: but I assume you have your area of expertise yes?
    [17:42:41] chadbarton2002: I have seen the WIKI, but have not read it thoroughly.
    [17:42:49] Bungles: @ [email][/email] - can you extend today's session?
    [17:42:52] chadbarton2002: maybe I should do that.
    [17:43:01] rumel: Yes!
    [17:43:15] xhepera: There is some great info there Chad
    [17:43:20] Bungles: seems like alot of nice folk is on :)
    [17:43:23] B Mayfield: yes..indeed
    [17:43:24] silverrocket: does the wiki mention any specific helpful techniques?
    [17:43:25] chadbarton2002: okay....will look at it first.
    [17:43:40] [email][/email]: bungles - yes, we probably can. seems like there will be some great talk today
    [17:43:40] xhepera: What seems to be your major problem Chad?
    [17:43:54] Bungles: nice :)
    [17:44:12] chadbarton2002: it goes in fine, feels fine, and when I start contractions, they are fine, but then nothing ensues.....
    [17:44:27] FrostFire: Wow, I remember long ago when the chat sessions just started
    [17:44:29] silverrocket: same here chad :p
    [17:44:38] chadbarton2002: I usually wind up by just jacking off with it in.....maybe that is my problem.P
    [17:44:38] FrostFire: I think we have hit a BREAK THROUGH and record of #'s in attendance!
    [17:44:47] chadbarton2002: Perhaps I am not patient enough.
    [17:44:59] xhepera: We were talking earlier about the first sensations are very subtle. As Support said. . almost like a whisper
    [17:45:10] FrostFire: brings a tear to my eye to see now the #'s of men involved :)
    [17:45:17] xhepera: No. lol! Keep your hands off your penis to start ;)
    [17:45:30] B Mayfield: one thing to keep in mind is that many user overlook the kind of sensations that produce the Super O
    [17:45:41] Bungles: That was my problem too, last session chad
    [17:45:48] xhepera: You end up rerouting your focus into your penis
    [17:45:55] B Mayfield: I agree Frostfire...wonderful to see so many here
    [17:46:00] chadbarton2002: yes, I am aware of the first sensations.
    [17:46:11] xhepera: and that (for me anyway) short circuits "ignition" on the prostate
    [17:46:18] chadbarton2002: tell me more about those sensations that lead to the super O
    [17:46:31] xhepera: You need to relax, focus on, and "ride" those initial sensations
    [17:46:31] B Mayfield: so many men assume the sensations are similar to those that are of penile origin
    [17:46:33] pif: hmmm how many of you hang lower and thicker after a session please?
    [17:46:56] Bungles: B Mayfield - is it possible to experience orgasmm without any voluntary contractions? And just let the Aneros do its work?
    [17:46:56] B Mayfield: they are very subtle at first
    [17:47:34] B Mayfield: some people do experience it that way with very little attention paid to any technique
    [17:47:45] B Mayfield: the "do nothing" approach was born out of this
    [17:48:07] FrostFire: Bungles - yes
    [17:48:12] chadbarton2002: so one does nothing and just lies still and relax?
    [17:48:21] B Mayfield: getting back to these sensations....I use to like to tell people to think of a stretch or a yawn.....
    [17:48:32] B Mayfield: that extends into the lower abdomen
    [17:48:37] FrostFire: before you know it though you'll be contracting involuntarily lol
    [17:48:39] rumel: chad - you might want to do a quick read here -
    [17:48:46] Bungles: becayse
    [17:48:47] B Mayfield: something that involves the diaphragm...
    [17:48:49] Bungles: because*
    [17:49:09] chadbarton2002: okay....will try that, too.
    [17:49:09] Bungles: my 2nd session, i experienced that the Helix was moving on its own, and I could feel some sensations
    [17:49:18] Bungles: but I forced it after - so the feeling was gone
    [17:49:27] Bungles: but its easier said then done
    [17:49:30] B Mayfield: if you've ever felt a light, pleasant tickling sensation from this....
    [17:49:40] Bungles: taking my time is the hardest part for me personally
    [17:49:46] Bungles: yeah i did
    [17:49:47] B Mayfield: this is a related phenomenon
    [17:50:15] Bungles: brb - im gonna have dinner
    [17:50:16] B Mayfield: then allow yourself the time
    [17:50:23] B Mayfield: take the expectation off it...
    [17:50:26] Bungles: well talk in a moment :)
    [17:50:28] B Mayfield: and it will happen
    [17:50:29] Bungles: yeah
    [17:50:31] Bungles: i tried too
    [17:50:33] Bungles: but its hard
    [17:50:36] Bungles: im not naieve
    [17:50:39] Bungles: its just hard lol
    [17:50:40] B Mayfield: lol
    [17:50:45] B Mayfield: you "tried"
    [17:51:10] B Mayfield: that's the thing...get to a place where it's more about allowing it to happen
    [17:51:24] B Mayfield: rather than "trying" to make it happen
    [17:51:30] chadbarton2002: what we need is a convention with hands-on
    [17:51:38] B Mayfield: that's the essence of it...
    [17:51:41] xhepera: I still have to work a bit at taking the expecation off when I experience something at the start
    [17:51:53] xhepera: lol @ Chad
    [17:51:53] B Mayfield: "effortless attentiveness"
    [17:52:03] pif: just relax 'calm the chatter' in your mind with breathing from the diaphragm deeply through the nose and notice every little
    [17:52:09] pif: senstation your body is going through
    [17:52:21] B Mayfield: yes....
    [17:52:26] chadbarton2002: that is good advice.
    [17:52:40] xhepera: Good description, B. I have to tell myself, "Oh, this is nice and interesting. . .
    [17:52:54] xhepera: . . .wonder where it's going. Let's wait and see."
    [17:52:59] B Mayfield: THAT is it....just like that
    [17:53:10] [email][/email]: it's been said before that even if you "think" you are relaxed, you might not be because you are doing the act of "thinking"
    [17:53:17] B Mayfield: as matter of fact those are the words that I once used with myself
    [17:53:29] JTFan09: so is getting excited about what you are feeling counterproductive then?
    [17:53:42] chadbarton2002: above someone said something about a CD for relaxation??? did I see that correctly??
    [17:53:52] B Mayfield: that's right's a bit of a Zen concept
    [17:54:22] [email][/email]: yes Chad, the Hypnaerosession CDs
    [17:54:37] chadbarton2002: where does one obtain that?
    [17:54:38] pif: it's totally zen
    [17:54:41] B Mayfield:'s terrific!
    [17:54:53] xhepera: Everytime I feel myself getting excited I have a tendency to go into anyalytic mode. When I do that I just
    [17:54:57] [email][/email]: from the Aneros website :smile:
    [17:55:12] [email][/email]: Rumel is the producer
    [17:55:17] chadbarton2002: okay...thanks....under products?
    [17:55:23] xhepera: let my mind start wandering AWAY fromthe sensation. Paradoxically this INCREASES the sensations
    [17:55:28] B Mayfield: this analytic mode is natural
    [17:55:31] xhepera: more often than not
    [17:55:33] pif: ujjayi breathing try it
    [17:55:34] [email][/email]: and several other community members, including the esteemed B Mayfield were big contributors
    [17:56:09] [email][/email]: chad - it's a sticky thread on the forum, and yes, it's under Aneros Accessories
    [17:56:29] B Mayfield: but when you find yourself going there...try to stay with the ..."oh this feels interesting" concept as opposed to "okay....
    [17:56:35] chadbarton2002: thanks for the information.
    [17:56:47] [email][/email]: xhepera - exactly
    [17:56:50] rumel:
    [17:56:52] FrostFire: Chad, you can get the CD here -
    [17:56:52] B Mayfield: now I should try to contract harder or faster...or change my timing
    [17:56:58] [email][/email]: a lot of pardoxes
    [17:57:17] B Mayfield: again...."effortless attentiveness"
    [17:57:35] B Mayfield: the main idea is to let the sensation guide you
    [17:57:38] chadbarton2002: after placing the aneros inside, how long before one should begin the contractions?
    [17:58:25] silverrocket: do you think testicle stimulation is too distracting?
    [17:58:28] B Mayfield: and to try to move away from your preconceived notions about generating an orgasm
    [17:58:47] B Mayfield: there is no precise timing on that
    [17:58:54] chadbarton2002: okay...thanks.
    [17:59:17] chadbarton2002: the key is total, non-thinking, blank mind, that correct?
    [17:59:18] pif: chad just follow your instincts
    [17:59:43] B Mayfield: but certainy you should feel comfortable with the unit inside before beginning the contractions
    [18:00:07] chadbarton2002: the unit is always comfortable and have not problem with that.
    [18:00:11] B Mayfield: it is one approach Chad
    [18:00:17] chadbarton2002: will peridise work the same?
    [18:00:21] rumel: chad - I just shot you and 'silverrocket' an introductory PM with some tips to get you started.
    [18:00:30] B Mayfield: it's one that's worked well for a lot of users...I will tell you that ...
    [18:00:38] chadbarton2002: I have both.
    [18:00:47] silverrocket: thanks rumel!
    [18:01:06] B Mayfield: it doesn't have to be a totally "blank" mind
    [18:01:17] chadbarton2002: rumel: did you send me something somewhere?
    [18:01:20] B Mayfield: like as in Transcendental Meditation
    [18:01:29] STARR831: I have my wife insert my Peridise for me 30 mins before I give her a 30 min massage-then I'm ready for my Eupho.
    [18:01:45] B Mayfield: nice!
    [18:02:18] B Mayfield: I liken it to an "open mind"
    [18:02:21] rumel: chad Yes - click here -
    [18:03:06] B Mayfield: a curious that's open to new sensations...
    [18:03:26] B Mayfield: like anything have to believe that it's there
    [18:03:31] xhepera: Blank mind isn't a necessity, Chad. Think more of an attentive reverie
    [18:03:43] B Mayfield: there you go..
    [18:03:57] xhepera: but the concentration should be on your body and its sensations. Not what's running thru your mind
    [18:04:08] chadbarton2002: I found it...thanks, very much...shall read it later...
    [18:04:20] chadbarton2002: okay, attentive reverie....good description.
    [18:04:20] B Mayfield: before I ever had a Super O....I sensed there was "something else"....
    [18:04:44] B Mayfield: that was even before this forum existed...
    [18:04:45] xhepera: Chad, you've got to quell that inner scientist! :wink:
    [18:04:57] chadbarton2002: I am proficient at Taoist erotic massage and know about those breathing techniques that I have learned with Body Elec School
    [18:05:14] B Mayfield: so I guess you could say that I had that going for me....I was into taking a "journey" like this ...
    [18:05:22] chadbarton2002: yes, I am truly a scientist of the highest degree.....that makes it hard not to analyze all that is going on.....
    [18:05:38] FrostFire: Wow Chad you already got your foot in the door then... you'll be awesome at this
    [18:05:43] rumel: I would say it is a focused quiet attentiveness to the subtlety of your own body sensations,
    [18:06:04] B Mayfield: yes indeed
    [18:06:15] xhepera: When I spoke to Chad in another venue, he asked me how many deep breaths to take per minute :)
    [18:06:15] chadbarton2002: rumel: you could be a poet; who write very descriptively and well.
    [18:06:33] xhepera: I told him not to even THINK about that. Just breathe
    [18:06:35] FrostFire: lol rumel is awesome but wait till you see artform lol
    [18:06:43] chadbarton2002: good point.
    [18:06:54] xhepera: Agree FrostFire :)
    [18:07:01] FrostFire: put them together and we'll have arrutmel
    [18:07:04] FrostFire: lol
    [18:07:14] STARR831: I'm now finding the days after a session are nearly as sensational as a session.
    [18:07:19] xhepera: Another thing that I still have to remember is to breathe!
    [18:07:38] xhepera: My tendency is to hold my breath when the sensations start to wash over me in earnest
    [18:07:45] pif: xephera!! ujayyi breathe!
    [18:07:45] FrostFire: but yes rumel always has the right words :)
    [18:07:47] [email][/email]: Starr do you mean random "Aneros-less" sessions?
    [18:07:53] xhepera: You have to remember to breath through them, not hold the breath
    [18:08:08] chadbarton2002: what is the word "ujayyi?"
    [18:08:10] [email][/email]: or maybe a general sense of well-being? :smile:
    [18:08:32] pif: pop in a cd with the sound of the waves on a shore, rain, etc... and just follow the breath
    [18:08:53] STARR831: Just a little no-hands stimulation of my testicles and off things go - deep belly breathing focused on my scrotum.
    [18:09:01] rumel: Relaxed diaphramatic breathing works wonders, IMHO
    [18:09:09] [email][/email]: speaking of artform, welcome in!
    [18:09:12] Bungles: back
    [18:09:36] STARR831: Greetings, artform!
    [18:09:36] pif: breathe of victory or victorius breathe... read up on it under yoga
    [18:09:49] B Mayfield: Hi Artform
    [18:09:53] artform: Oh! Oh! What's this speaking of...?
    [18:10:00] rumel: Hi af
    [18:10:01] pif:
    [18:10:07] artform: Hi All! Great gathering!
    [18:10:15] xhepera: Hey Artform :)
    [18:10:37] B Mayfield: brb
    [18:10:53] chadbarton2002: I am new to this chat group.....does everyone know each other and in what State they are located?
    [18:11:07] Bungles: state? :D
    [18:11:09] JTFan09: I am new as well
    [18:11:10] Bungles: I live in europe
    [18:11:11] artform: Sorry. Don't let me interrupt. What is the current topic?
    [18:11:13] [email][/email]: chad we did some introductions before you signed on
    [18:11:24] chadbarton2002: that is okay.
    [18:11:26] chadbarton2002: not a problem.
    [18:11:33] artform: Canada
    [18:11:39] [email][/email]: for the chat events hosted by Aneros Support we always start out with intros
    [18:11:43] chadbarton2002: just wondered if there is someone close to Kansas in this group.
    [18:11:44] rumel: WE ARE WORLDWIDE!
    [18:11:51] Bungles: word
    [18:12:05] chadbarton2002: good to be world-wide....I speak 5
    [18:12:12] Bungles: o.O
    [18:12:25] [email][/email]: but the members here today are from a wide age range and located all across the states and I believe Bungles is somewhere
    [18:12:27] [email][/email]: in the UK?
    [18:12:39] Bungles: nope
    [18:12:49] [email][/email]: europe?
    [18:12:52] Bungles: Netherlands
    [18:12:52] toobadsochad: wow--hi guys!
    [18:13:16] [email][/email]: oh great - somewhere in europe because you went off to grab some dinner
    [18:13:26] [email][/email]: hi toobadsochad!
    [18:13:45] Bungles: huh?
    [18:13:49] pif: chadddddd
    [18:14:15] [email][/email]: Bungles, I thought you said you went to eat some dinner?
    [18:14:16] toobadsochad: hiya pif! :D
    [18:14:27] pif: hugs man!
    [18:14:27] JTFan09: so is doing any kind of voluntary movement other than the contractions a bad idea during a session?
    [18:14:34] [email][/email]: which made me assume you were in Europe
    [18:14:37] Bungles: Yeah :)
    [18:14:40] Bungles: I just had some dinner
    [18:14:44] [email][/email]: i guessed UK :wink:
    [18:14:50] Bungles: you're right, its 20:14 here
    [18:14:50] xhepera: Other Chad! Hiya, bud!
    [18:15:08] toobadsochad: hey x! good to see ya :D
    [18:15:14] [email][/email]: hi JTFan, what kind of voluntary movement?
    [18:15:30] [email][/email]: do you mean using your hands to manipulate the device?
    [18:15:41] JTFan09: like thrusting when you're having sex
    [18:16:27] xhepera: Hey ChadBarton. Wait until you start expperiencing orgasmic sensations WITHOUT the thing in place. One of the. . .
    [18:16:36] FrostFire: just let this be a time for your body to let loose JT
    [18:16:45] [email][/email]: JTFan, yes that is definitely okay
    [18:16:50] xhepera: . . .best sessions I ever had was AFTER a lousy one with it in, after I had taken it out
    [18:17:06] FrostFire: if your body desires to flail around or run a tractor through your bed than by all means let it lol
    [18:17:20] chadbarton2002: thanks, xhepera...would enjoy that very much.
    [18:17:23] JTFan09: lol
    [18:17:34] artform: JTF, I found that a natural through the early days of sessions too. Time and your actions in your practice evolve.
    [18:17:40] [email][/email]: a lot of men do that when using the Aneros
    [18:17:55] JTFan09: it produced a lot of precum when I did it
    [18:17:58] Bungles: How do you guys get relaxed?
    [18:18:04] FrostFire: seriously, when my sessions are finished you should see the bed lol
    [18:18:04] pif: hot shower
    [18:18:11] Bungles: Listen music or something else perhaps?
    [18:18:13] pif: warmer than usual douche
    [18:18:22] Bungles: :)
    [18:18:23] FrostFire: looks like two monkeys were getting really "busy"
    [18:18:24] Bungles: cool
    [18:18:25] rumel: " ain't the meat, it's the motion..."
    [18:18:39] FrostFire: oh not to mention the occasional dodging the bookshelf from landing on you
    [18:18:40] Bungles: Hmm
    [18:18:40] FrostFire: lol
    [18:18:42] artform: Deep HOT bath!
    [18:18:58] FrostFire: A nice hot relaxing bath
    [18:19:11] pif: a nice massage
    [18:19:14] toobadsochad: shower with some manual play, warm douche, insert, finish shower, and then some music in the bedroom
    [18:19:39] Bungles: My main psychological problem atm is that whenever I make preparations for my sessions - is that I can;t really get relaxed
    [18:19:42] pif: mmmm i must try some red wine next time too!
    [18:19:44] FrostFire: make sure I've had a recent BM because I don't like douching that much
    [18:19:49] Bungles: I'm always sort of nervous/exciting for what to come
    [18:20:01] artform: Naturally!
    [18:20:06] toobadsochad: although I had a spectacular session last week in the bath...whirlpool tube + aneros = oooh man....
    [18:20:16] FrostFire: oh... well don't let the nerves/excitement carry on into your session
    [18:20:39] Bungles: FrostFire, thats kind of hard :P
    [18:20:51] Bungles: My 2nd session was awsome tho.
    [18:20:53] toobadsochad: in the whirlpool, yes
    [18:20:54] FrostFire: i know man but you must relax and forget about all of that
    [18:21:06] Bungles: And after listening to 10 min. of easy listening music I was sort of relaxed
    [18:21:17] FrostFire: yes keep listening to the relaxing music
    [18:21:21] Bungles: But still aroused and sort of focused
    [18:21:22] pif: hmmm im having a soaking tub put in my house... gonna have to try it that way
    [18:21:37] Bungles: I think the best timing for me is to planning the session deep in the night
    [18:21:46] FrostFire: you're excited because you have a "goal" buried deep down in your mind
    [18:21:55] Bungles: Exactly
    [18:21:57] FrostFire: you know what can be had and you're anxious
    [18:22:06] Bungles: But, I am not naieve, in the sense of forcing it
    [18:22:13] FrostFire: you have to forget about all that stuff
    [18:22:16] Bungles: You're so right
    [18:22:21] FrostFire: leave it behind you and just let go completely
    [18:22:21] Bungles: I try to man
    [18:22:32] Bungles: But that is the hardest part for me
    [18:22:38] FrostFire: lol don't try just do :)
    [18:22:49] FrostFire: Yes, it IS very hard
    [18:22:52] Bungles: HM
    [18:22:59] FrostFire: because it's backwards thinking something we aren't used to
    [18:23:06] Bungles: I will have my 4th session with my Helix tonight
    [18:23:07] FrostFire: "mindtricks" :)
    [18:23:17] pif: gotta rewire yourself man...
    [18:23:17] FrostFire: awesome!
    [18:23:37] FrostFire: just forget about everything you have read about the end result and all that
    [18:23:47] Bungles: Yeah :), did that the 2nd session
    [18:23:50] Bungles: Sort of worked
    [18:23:51] Bungles: but
    [18:24:01] Bungles: when I experienced a TOTALLY new sensation
    [18:24:03] FrostFire: lol
    [18:24:13] Bungles: I got so nervous/anxious/horny and whatever
    [18:24:20] Bungles: that I j/o'ed
    [18:24:25] FrostFire: you WANTED it to come back again and again that you ended up chasing it
    [18:24:27] Bungles: but
    [18:24:41] Bungles: It reminded me of my first masturbation session ever
    [18:24:44] Bungles: exactly
    [18:24:53] FrostFire: don't worry man I may be a veteran at this stuff but that happens to me occasionaly too
    [18:24:53] Bungles: Which was - awsome
    [18:25:00] Bungles: I see
    [18:25:03] FrostFire: just don't get disappointed
    [18:25:13] FrostFire: just let it fade and IT WILL come back without you even thinking about it
    [18:25:14] Bungles: Well, the conditions need to be perfect :)
    [18:25:18] FrostFire: only next time it will be stronger
    [18:25:21] Bungles: I won't
    [18:25:26] FrostFire: then the process will repeat itself over and over
    [18:25:26] Bungles: I won;t give up
    [18:25:29] artform: Your path is your path and your body, not your mind, is your guide. Every man's path is unique.
    [18:25:41] FrostFire: ^^
    [18:26:08] FrostFire: aka the p-waves :)
    [18:26:32] Bungles: Can I describe the sensations I felt the 2nd session?
    [18:26:37] FrostFire: I'm sure you'll have a new experience tonight :)
    [18:26:41] FrostFire: sure by all means
    [18:26:47] Bungles: Because I'm now not sure of if handling alright
    [18:26:52] Bungles: OK
    [18:27:07] Bungles: So, the 2nd session I experienced that the Helix was moving on it's own
    [18:27:19] Bungles: And after that point, I holded my contractions
    [18:27:43] Bungles: Which felt really good...
    [18:27:52] Bungles: And then I had to the urge to shake my body
    [18:27:58] Bungles: I could actually control this shake
    [18:28:12] FrostFire: explain
    [18:28:14] Bungles: and after that I felt, well I think, an anal orgasm
    [18:28:17] FrostFire: "shake"
    [18:28:25] Bungles: Yeah its hard to explain
    [18:28:28] Bungles: let me think
    [18:28:39] Bungles: Ok so when I hold a strong contraction right
    [18:28:41] Bungles: for some seconds
    [18:28:49] Bungles: and then repeat for like 3 contractions
    [18:29:02] Bungles: then I feel deep inside me a strong feeling in my rectum area
    [18:29:06] Bungles: not prostate
    [18:29:08] Bungles: I think
    [18:29:09] Bungles: not sure
    [18:29:13] xhepera: Bungles, have you tried holding a gentle contraction?
    [18:29:14] Bungles: and it makes me shake
    [18:29:18] Bungles: Hm
    [18:29:20] Bungles: Not sure m8
    [18:29:28] Bungles: I think so far, I only holded strong ones
    [18:29:30] xhepera: That initiates strong involuntaries for me
    [18:29:36] Bungles: How would you define a gentle contraction?
    [18:29:42] FrostFire: try some gentle ones ;)
    [18:29:49] xhepera: Not strong :D
    [18:29:53] Bungles: Because some videos, I see men humping and twinling their asses
    [18:29:59] FrostFire: well instead of holding it hard like you been doing
    [18:30:02] Bungles: Ok
    [18:30:07] Bungles: uhu
    [18:30:08] FrostFire: just do a slight contraction
    [18:30:09] xhepera: Yes, after they're already deep into a session
    [18:30:19] Bungles: Because when I "relax"
    [18:30:24] Bungles: I do breathing exercises
    [18:30:42] Bungles: And when im relaxed, sort of, I do contractions in rythm with the breathing right
    [18:30:43] FrostFire: do me a favor... pretend your trying to empty the last few drops of urine right now...
    [18:30:59] Bungles: I know the PC muscles :)
    [18:31:02] FrostFire: but instead of doing that full contraction motion... slightly hold it
    [18:31:15] FrostFire: that's what we mean by gentler contraction
    [18:31:19] Bungles: Like putting your tummy back right ;)
    [18:31:30] FrostFire: your tummy shouldnt move...
    [18:31:31] Bungles: Because so far I can define 2 types of contractions
    [18:32:03] Bungles: 1. Initiates from my penis area
    [18:32:06] xhepera: Just try this. After several gentle (not strong) contractions while breathing deeply . . .
    [18:32:11] Bungles: 2. One from my anus
    [18:32:25] Bungles: and the 2nd one goes upward in my rectum
    [18:32:32] xhepera: . . .take one slightly stronger and just hold it (continuing to breathe) for as long as you can/wish
    [18:32:38] Bungles: which gave me some new sensations in the 1st and 2nd sesison
    [18:32:50] Bungles: ok , what then?
    [18:32:57] Bungles: I think i can hold them pretty long :)
    [18:33:09] xhepera: I find that it feels like my sphincter begins to "flutter" at that point and strong, periodic
    [18:33:10] Bungles: ok someone help me
    [18:33:17] xhepera: involuntary contractions begin
    [18:33:17] Bungles: Because im confused
    [18:33:23] FrostFire: lol with?
    [18:33:29] xhepera: After that, I'm usually off and running
    [18:33:30] Bungles: ok at this very moment
    [18:33:45] xhepera: Has to be gentle though Bungles
    [18:33:46] Bungles: i can do this contraction: (i will try to describe at my best)
    [18:33:55] FrostFire: Anyone can feel free to jump in at any time guys
    [18:33:58] B Mayfield: this is a nice technique xhepera
    [18:34:19] Bungles: I contract the area in my rectum rather then outwards
    [18:34:29] Bungles: Like upwards and then towards my belly
    [18:34:42] FrostFire: ok yes an anal contraction...
    [18:34:47] FrostFire: that's good
    [18:34:50] Bungles: I know the muscles i use when holding urine
    [18:34:55] Bungles: yeah i think so!
    [18:35:00] Bungles: but that isnt the muscle i should use
    [18:35:03] Bungles: right?
    [18:35:13] FrostFire: of course it is
    [18:35:15] FrostFire: lol
    [18:35:20] B Mayfield: the thing is as with all "technques" just be certain that you don't find yourself focusing on them too much
    [18:35:25] Bungles: because when stopping urinate
    [18:35:30] Bungles: i use a other muscle
    [18:35:42] Bungles: yes B Mayfield
    [18:35:46] FrostFire: that's your pc muscles when you stop the flow of urine
    [18:35:55] Bungles: but i must be certain that i use my correct muscles
    [18:36:02] FrostFire: Also known as an Anal Contraction
    [18:36:10] FrostFire: ok you are using the correct muscle...
    [18:36:13] xhepera: Exactly B! Along with not expecting that *your* sensations will be the exact same as someone else's.
    [18:36:23] B Mayfield: indeed
    [18:36:25] Bungles: Hm ok
    [18:36:25] xhepera: That's what helped me
    [18:36:53] Bungles: I have the intention to enjoy every session I have for what it will give me.
    [18:37:06] B Mayfield: or that they will be achieved through the steps...
    [18:37:07] FrostFire: great attitude Bungles
    [18:37:22] B Mayfield: very good!
    [18:37:24] FrostFire: question bungles can you CONTROL the intensity of those contractions when you stop the flow of urine?
    [18:37:42] Bungles: Let me try out, gonna take a leak
    [18:37:48] B Mayfield: lol
    [18:37:50] FrostFire: and what I mean by this is
    [18:38:00] FrostFire: don't worry about stopping the flow of urine...
    [18:38:14] FrostFire: see if you can slightly slow or stop it lol
    [18:38:31] B Mayfield: yes Frostfire...
    [18:38:35] FrostFire: yes it will burn like hell though lol
    [18:38:55] B Mayfield: it's that lower level of contraction that is generally the most productive
    [18:39:33] xhepera: Yeah, I tend to let the stronger ones happen on their own. . .and they will lol
    [18:39:51] Bungles: Yes I can - defintly
    [18:39:56] B Mayfield: this generally yields a gentle stroking/caressing touch of the Aneros on the prostate
    [18:39:56] Bungles: brb coffee - 10m ins
    [18:40:20] B Mayfield: Coffee! Where's ours?
    [18:40:23] B Mayfield: ;)
    [18:40:36] pif: i take mine black please! :)
    [18:40:45] FrostFire: lol
    [18:40:56] FrostFire: Espresso with Vanilla Creme please!
    [18:41:06] pif: YUM
    [18:41:34] pif: lord ive been edging for 7 days... gonna explode here!!! LOL
    [18:41:36] [email][/email]: wlecome rook!
    [18:41:49] FrostFire: Hey NB09
    [18:41:54] B Mayfield: hey Rook
    [18:41:58] rook: Howdy, glad to be here
    [18:42:10] FrostFire: lol pif
    [18:42:18] pif: ;p
    [18:42:21] FrostFire: I exploded 3 times yesterday so lol
    [18:42:22] rumel: Hi rook
    [18:42:32] pif: lol help me!
    [18:42:37] xhepera: Hi Rook :)
    [18:42:45] FrostFire: So i just got to thinking
    [18:42:59] FrostFire: when we're at rest or just sitting
    [18:43:06] xhepera: There's no help for you, Pif. You're a wicked, wicked man. :wink:
    [18:43:10] rook: Just back from the morning Tai Chi drill -- still sweaty so will skip the coffee
    [18:43:12] FrostFire: what is our anal contraction at?
    [18:43:16] pif: xhep! LOL
    [18:43:26] xhepera: and incorrigible
    [18:43:30] B Mayfield: good man...
    [18:43:37] pif: lower and to da eft please xhep! :P
    [18:43:48] xhepera: lmao!
    [18:43:51] pif: err left not eft lol
    [18:44:24] FrostFire: on a scale of 1-10 what do you think it is at this very moment?
    [18:44:25] B Mayfield: what is our anal contraction?
    [18:44:49] FrostFire: yeah are we in a rectal contraction state or anal contraction state when at rest lol
    [18:45:00] [email][/email]: hi Vic, welcome!
    [18:45:04] rook: Mine's about 4.0 -- been carying the SGX to drill.
    [18:45:09] B Mayfield: it's a decimal thing
    [18:45:09] FrostFire: i only asked because I noticed something when urinating we use the rectal contractions to push it out
    [18:45:24] pif: rook mine are at 7 with the sgx
    [18:45:27] FrostFire: and anal contractions to empty those last few drops
    [18:45:30] pif: 11 with the max
    [18:45:41] FrostFire: so was just curious what we are after all that
    [18:46:00] FrostFire: if maybe we are already at like a 10% contraction without even knowing it
    [18:46:23] FrostFire: you say decimal % Brian interesting
    [18:46:32] B Mayfield: hi Vic
    [18:46:47] Vic: hey to you!
    [18:46:53] FrostFire: oh well guess it's nothing then... sorry lol thought I was onto something lol
    [18:47:00] B Mayfield: well the sphincter always maintains some type of contraction
    [18:47:13] FrostFire: exactly
    [18:47:28] B Mayfield: it's what keeps things from getting messy while we're out and
    [18:47:29] FrostFire: that's what i JUST noticed lol
    [18:47:40] pif: lol
    [18:47:49] FrostFire: so in reality we are already contracted
    [18:47:56] B Mayfield: there are times when that level of control is lost...
    [18:47:57] FrostFire: very very interesting
    [18:48:06] B Mayfield: as when someone loses consciousness
    [18:48:08] FrostFire: yes Brian
    [18:48:35] B Mayfield: naturally this is an involuntary type of muscle tension
    [18:49:03] FrostFire: which explains why we aren't even aware until we actually start focusing on it... I got ya now
    [18:49:31] Vic: I've been considering a "Rudeboy" device, I'm sure some of you are familar with it, what are your thoughts ? Does anyone know
    [18:49:32] FrostFire: then it becomes a little bit more of a challenge... interesting
    [18:49:40] B Mayfield: but for our purposes...we think of this as a zero point
    [18:49:44] Vic: if it differs a lot from aneros
    [18:49:50] FrostFire: it's ok VIC... I like my aneros much better
    [18:50:03] Bungles: Ok
    [18:50:06] FrostFire: It doesn't stay put VIC
    [18:50:09] FrostFire: it slips out
    [18:50:11] Vic: why? do you find better contact
    [18:50:12] B Mayfield: your money
    [18:50:22] Vic: Oh yeah, that's no good
    [18:50:35] FrostFire: the RudeBoy slips out which is lame
    [18:50:39] FrostFire: because of it's design
    [18:50:42] Vic: i hear you all, that's why iasked
    [18:50:49] FrostFire: the aneros stays in because it has been anatomically designed
    [18:50:53] Vic: thanks!
    [18:50:58] FrostFire: np
    [18:51:07] FrostFire: I have my rudeboy buried somewhere
    [18:51:09] B Mayfield: if you really examine the Rude'll notice that it is so large that it overshoots the prostate for the most part
    [18:51:34] FrostFire: all's it has it the vibration thingy and that gets uncomfortable after awhile
    [18:51:41] FrostFire: it's like you're taking a jack hammer to your prostate
    [18:51:45] FrostFire: no thanks
    [18:51:47] Bungles: haha
    [18:51:50] B Mayfield: the product is nothing more than a "repurposed" Rock Chick....
    [18:51:51] Bungles: ding-dong
    [18:52:01] xhepera: I prefer the more subtle and elegant approach of the Aneros devices
    [18:52:26] FrostFire: you'd be better off with a progasm or Helix
    [18:52:33] FrostFire: if you want a "big" one
    [18:52:34] pif: damn sorry starting to spark a wood here
    [18:52:37] FrostFire: lol
    [18:52:38] B Mayfield: this Rude Boy was NOT originally designed for the prostate.....and it shows
    [18:53:02] FrostFire: and you want something to stay put
    [18:53:09] xhepera: *peers at Pif* See, I told you
    [18:53:25] FrostFire: the only thing the rude boy was good at was announcing I had something up my ass while taking a bath
    [18:53:32] Bungles: B Mayfield - What are your toughts about porn during sessions?
    [18:53:33] xhepera: lol!
    [18:53:39] pif: lol
    [18:53:59] pif: and dripping.... grrrrrr sorry
    [18:54:05] Vic: Sometimea a necessity to intensity
    [18:54:07] FrostFire: lol
    [18:54:09] B Mayfield: sometimes I enjoy it....other times it can be a distraction
    [18:54:15] FrostFire: remember what I said Pif :wink:
    [18:54:22] B Mayfield: it's a personal preference kind of thing....
    [18:54:33] pif: what frost??
    [18:54:48] Bungles: But in line with relaxing and let everything come on your path and such?
    [18:54:49] FrostFire: If only you were... my... lol
    [18:54:54] Vic: I agree, if i want a quickie, I'll slip on the skin flick, otherwise not.
    [18:55:09] B Mayfield: it's great to get things amped question about it
    [18:55:11] pif: your what??? LOL
    [18:58:20] FrostFire: :kiss: Support
    [18:58:22] [email][/email]: first, September is Prostate Health Month
    [18:58:28] Bungles: @ support - isnt it possible to just 24/7 chat?
    [18:58:44] Bungles: i think alot of people have desire of talking to people, and get quick reactions
    [18:58:58] artform: This is a mental game ultimately and both memory and imagination play central roles.
    [18:59:01] B Mayfield: that's figure....I just had a DRE on Thursday!
    [18:59:02] Bungles: I mean, the forum is great and all
    [18:59:05] Vic: I concur Bungles
    [18:59:11] Bungles: But I prefer the chat
    [18:59:20] artform: Thanks Support. Is September in the USA?
    [18:59:23] FrostFire: oooo putting pressure on support i love it :)
    [18:59:24] [email][/email]: so, in using your Aneros products you have been contributing to healthy prostates! :smile:
    [18:59:38] FrostFire: oh nice!
    [18:59:46] B Mayfield: a great fringe benefit!
    [18:59:53] Bungles: Why is stumulating your prostate healthy?
    [18:59:54] Bungles: Why so?
    [18:59:56] JTFan09: so how long does someone need to wait between sessions?
    [18:59:59] Bungles: stimulating*
    [19:00:18] FrostFire: Support - If I may ask on any updates of possible new devices for Christmas Pweasants?
    [19:00:21] B Mayfield: massaging it...increases circulation...
    [19:00:21] pif: fat women fat women.
    [19:00:33] Vic: Aneros/Prostate ... should be part of the school curricculum
    [19:00:38] [email][/email]: bungles, because prostate stimulation is actually prostate massage
    [19:00:47] [email][/email]: which exactly, as B Mayfield says...
    [19:01:01] Bungles: yeah i see that
    [19:01:06] [email][/email]: increases the blood circulation to the entire region
    [19:01:08] Bungles: what do you mean with circulation?
    [19:01:11] Bungles: oh
    [19:01:13] Bungles: like that
    [19:01:19] rumel: There is a major drawback to 24/7 chat, inability to retain cogent information or correct erroneous input.
    [19:01:19] [email][/email]: clears out congested prostatic fluid
    [19:01:22] FrostFire: JT, wait about a day or 2
    [19:01:38] [email][/email]: and provides fresh nutrients to the area
    [19:01:41] Bungles: well im not suggestion a 24/7 chat, but I mean, just more then there is now
    [19:01:41] pif: i just have a major prostate cold then lol
    [19:01:49] FrostFire: or hell if you feel you need it and just can't wait and your body is craving it
    [19:01:51] Bungles: because sometimes i feel like chatting
    [19:02:01] Bungles: and then i have to wait till the weekends
    [19:02:01] B Mayfield: feels GOOD!!
    [19:02:05] [email][/email]: which means that you should notice that your sexual performance has benefited
    [19:02:08] FrostFire: don't make it suffer... Give in and let it experience the pleasure it so desires!
    [19:02:16] [email][/email]: oh yeah, and that too Brian! :wink:
    [19:18:47] B Mayfield: really terrific...thanks so much!
    [19:18:50] Bungles: too bad its over
    [19:18:52] anonymous: i have a question
    [19:18:58] rumel: Yes, Thanks Support for the updates on the much anticipated new products.
    [19:19:00] Bungles: too late
    [19:19:01] Bungles: lol
    [19:19:03] FrostFire: Also, thanks for extending the time of the chat event for another 2 hours
    [19:19:07] [email][/email]: i'd like to thank all of you for joining for the first half of the event
    [19:19:12] pif: ty!
    [19:19:14] Bungles: (thanks to me)
    [19:19:18] xhepera: Thanks gentlemen! Hope to see you soon! :)
    [19:19:21] [email][/email]: the room will be open for an additional 2 hours
    [19:19:21] Bungles: i think i earned a prototype as well
    [19:19:26] [email][/email]: open chat weekend next weekend
    [19:19:29] Bungles: what do you say B?
    [19:19:33] B Mayfield: lol
    [19:19:41] anonymous: i have a helix and an mgx
    [19:19:43] pif: support should be like Ellen... we all get a free aneros at the end of the show to take home!
    [19:19:45] [email][/email]: thanks everyone, see you at the next one!!!
    [19:19:52] B Mayfield: take care
    [19:19:55] Bungles: hahahahaha pif
    [19:20:01] pif: by support!!! HUGE HUGS
    [19:20:01] Bungles: under your seat
    [19:20:08] pif: lol
    [19:20:10] Bungles: see you support <3<br />[19:20:10] B Mayfield: brb
    [19:20:12] FrostFire: when's the next hosted event going to be support?
    [19:20:17] anonymous: haven't used them much
    [19:20:31] [email][/email]: haha pif, it has happened before... :smile: so keep coming to these events
    [19:20:48] Bungles: really?
    [19:20:48] [email][/email]: hi FF, not sure yet but we will be setting the next 2 months chat schedule soon
    [19:20:49] pif: im always here my friend! keep up the awesome work!
    [19:20:51] anonymous: did sleep with the helix in overnight as suggested
    [19:21:03] FrostFire: yes Pif - it has happened before...
    [19:21:14] pif: it has???
    [19:21:19] FrostFire: They sent the peridise to all those in attendance of the event :)
    [19:21:24] [email][/email]: thanks all, see you next time!
    [19:21:29] pif: ugh andi missed it!!!? :(
    [19:21:32] FrostFire: it was like only 5 or 7 back then
    [19:21:34] Bungles: lmao
    [19:21:38] Bungles: haha
    [19:21:41] ct: bye!
    [19:21:44] Bungles: the crew?
  • DeepDeep
    Posts: 78
    It looks like you took the info about the new Aneros products out of the transcript, why?
  • I'm probably going to guess because they consider it an "incentive and reward" for those that attended. Basically, it's a this is what you missed because you didn't attend the event. I dunno just my guess. I could be wrong... :roll:
  • DeepDeep
    Posts: 78
    Unless they specifically said don't tell (and how can they stop anyone?) why doesn't someone share what information was given out? I'm sure there are more people eager hear news about the new products than the few people that were there in chat.