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  • inneedinneed
    Posts: 8
    After reading this forum I can't wait to get a MGX and put it up inside me! I have masturbated more this weekend than I have in a long time just thinking about this thing. With this in mind when I get the Mgx I will want to use it several times at first. Is there any health risks problems that might accrue using a warm water enema 4 or 5 times in a couple of days. ( if use to often can enemas be bad for you.)

    Thanks straight and 43
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    As long as it's only water and it's more like a "rinse" than an enema, you're probably fine. The biggest risk using water is depletion of critical "good" bacteria, but if you're only rinsing your rectum, it should have little affect.

    On the other hand, if your going for the "high colonic" type of enema, I would refrain from getting carried away. I enjoy regular enemas, but I gererally try and keep them a few weeks apart. There are dietary supplements that are supposed to replenish the needed bacteria, but I've heard that yogurt will perform the same function more cheaply and with fewer possible side-effects... unless of course, you don't like yogurt.

    This all assumes you have tap water you're willing to drink. If you won't drink your tap water, I certainly wouldn't encourage you to give yourself an enema with it unless it has been filtered before hand.

    I suppose long term, frequent use could create a dependence. If the enemas sufficiently inhibit peristalsis, the muscles in your colon may atrophy and become unable to perform their function.

    But that's not going to happen in a weekend.
  • JhbguyJhbguy
    Posts: 7
    If I may add just a little more. I am very involved in anal play, and all that has been said is quite correct. The nett effect of even a shallow "rinse" or "douche" as it is called, does result in gas buildup to a greater or lesser degree. It does actually rectify its self after a day or so, but yoghurt does help a lot. I have had a deep irrigation on a couple of occasions to prepare for some real special play, and this does call for something extra to replace the bacteria. Acidophillus capsules are great. Don't know if that's what they are called in USA / UK, etc. Douching too often does make the bowells lazy, so don't overdo it. Once a week is about the absolute maximum frequency in my case. Also, there is nothing wrong with anal / Aneros play straight after a good dump and no douche. Just clean up well to make sure there is no grit between yourself and your Aneros. Is a touch messier, yes, but then it is your own body "by products" and you will develop your own routine for cleaning up quickly and effectively. Enjoy and do things wisely and sanely.


  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    I have wondered about whether I am using too much water with my enimas. I am new to the whole thing. I have read where people have use x cc's of water. Hell, I dont know, I just start to fill up the bag. I know when I was using too much water, I would have a rough time with gas during my sessions. I guess the only words of wisdom I can pass on is less is more when it comes to enimas.

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    If you only want a douche, fill your enema bag about half full. Then just let the water flow in and right back out (in other words, don't tense up your sphincter). This will effectively empty your rectum and lower colon without the hassel and worry of a full enema.