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  • Al25 September 2009
A good Position that gets me going
  • Hi everyone.

    I am currently exploring different positions with my aneros and stumbled on one I would like to share. The position is the standard prostate exam one where you stand while you are leaning over a table. Your legs should be roughly a foot apart standing on the floor and your torso should rest on the table in front of you. You can fold your arms underneath you, support yourself with the elbows, it doesn’t really matter, but what is important is the angle at which your legs are in relation to your torso. You should be at roughly 100 – 11-0 degree angle, so if you legs are straight up from the floor, you torso should be just above right angle. This is the closest picture I can find to the position:

    This is a magic angle for me at least as it exposes my prostate a lot more. This is similar to the bend your knees and lie on your side position but it is interesting that when on your side, the prostate is not exposed as much when standing. Don’t ask me why.

    In this position the aneros should really go to town on your prostate so is good for people that are struggling to get their desired level or pressure on the prostate. This position is also good for milking as I seem to leak a lot of pre-cum/prostate fluid (whichever it is) while using my MGX. You can bend your knees slightly if your legs get a little tired but try to maintain that magic angle.

    Try it out and let me know what you think.
  • Al25Al25
    Posts: 27
    interesting! I'll try that one :) thanks for the tip