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Anal loose?..a bit embarrassing? haha
  • Hi (':D')
    So I have a question that I think is a very scary question...for me anyway. haha
    After reading some of other's people's post, i have come across someone that has leaking issues with their lube. The person injects lube up their anus before a session and the excess runs down their anus later.

    So this leads me to my question. Does using the Aneros loosens the anus after a couple of usage? From personal experience, insertion does gets easier every-time so it does seems likely that after time the anal wall will be loosened and leakage will occur.

    I'm afraid after continuing use the anus wall will lose its elastically and alot of "other stuff" other than lube might leak.

    I've seen many videos of people with anus that is really wide due to their constant insertions of foreign objects into their rectum.
    I really enjoy this product but I don't want to use it with the worry that with each insertion, I will be paying the price later in life with a loose anus.
    What do you think?
  • Fear not! Chances are if you have a "tight little hole" now then you'll continue to have one after years of use with the aneros. The only reason lube leaked out is because he put WAY TOO MUCH in there to begin with. Just coat up the aneros device, lube your asshole up and slide that thing in. Trust me... :twisted: :wink: 8)
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    yeah man, chin up. Don't fret ya lil'pussy
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    Please do not fret or worry about the Aneros stretching you out beyond your elastic capacity to rebound. That is not going to happen. If you were a ‘tightass’ before starting Aneros use you’ll still be able to keep it tight, in fact, with regular use, you will probably increase your constriction abilities and hone your endurance for doing so as well.

    From the re-wiring process, one thing you will learn to do is develop the ability to easily relax your anal sphincter muscles, as you have already discovered. If you try to retain any injected lube in your rectum following an Aneros session then subsequent relaxation of the anal sphincters may allow liquid to seep out. There are several ways to easily avoid this.
    1.) Don’t inject lube to begin with, nothing in then nothing out.
    2.) Reduce the amount of lube injected. If you are using a substantial amount of lube in your rectum then internal pressure is going to want to expel it (like diarrhea).
    3.) Expel the lube immediately after your session with a short trip to the toilet, you could even perform a quick rectal flush.
    4.) Change your lube to a more viscous (thicker) type (‘Natural Jelly’?) so that it won’t have a tendency to ‘run out’.

    Aneros prostate massagers are no where near as traumatic to the anal sphincter muscles as a butt plug or even conventional dildos, so fear not about future bowel accidents.
  • Thanks guys for all the responses!
    Frostfire, rumel, and helixer I feel better now

    I feel better because this is my first few times with aneros so I feel relieved it won't have the effects of those scary plugs/dildos.

    Now that I feel less worried, I think it will help on my goal of achieving the Super-O without having to fret about if I'm going to get loose
    a tightass is a nice thing to have

    Aneros=Amazing. Period.
  • I will only add what i know: Since i started using the aneros almost 3 years now, I have better control of my bowels then ive ever had as the aneros has strengthend all the muscles down there.

    I dont think the aneros is large enough to cause any leakage problems even the Progasm.
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    Actually, if you force a BM afterward, you won't have that problem. It also cleans the precum out of your urethra.

    Oh, now I shouldn't have to mention that you should wipe up afterwards, but some people might take me too literally.

    What Rumel said is better worded. My post was found somewhere unrelated, I don't know how it got there, and when I discovered where it went, I had trouble finding this post.