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Premature ejaculation...
  • Hi Guys,

    Due to over-wanking during my teenage age I think I have a severe case of premature ejaculation. Bascially, I can wank for about 30 mins with not much sensation in my penis, and then when the nice feelings start building up I come too fast for it too feel great. Just more like a 'oh this a nice' feeling.

    Wondering whether use of the aneros (have both the Helix and MGX) will help restore pleasure....
  • Have you tried manual prostate stimulation yet?

    You may want to have an enema before trying - fecal matter is, well, horrifyingly unpleasant. If you think you're empty, you probably are though.

    Either with lube or without (but preferably with), you can gently ease a finger into your anus - the sweet spot is only a short way in, towards the front of your body. Play around with that - penile stimulation at the same time is optional. You'll probably find that the orgasm that results feels a lot rounder and better defined, although not necessarily more pleasurable. The feeling you get on the phase before orgasm is mind-blowing, though.