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I'm not sure what happened ...
  • Hi,

    Sorry for the length.

    I'm still having a hard time writing here since I'm new to writing this stuff where others could read it, but I really need to know if this was a true build up or something else entirely. :oops:

    I have only had four tries with the mgx. The first was unusual and I had pleasure and ended in a normal o from touching myself. The second was pleasure but I did the movement and didn't know really how to relax or about letting my body do the work (I didn't have the mp3s yet of the sessions) but ended in a non-touching o like I had never felt before but not earthshaking. The third time was a total mistake, I wasn't mentally ready for it at all. The fourth was with the aneros and the first session mp3, but I didn't have much success all just a little pleasure. I have had erections and some pleasure but nothing like described by others here in the forum yet. :)

    The other night, after my first night with the Mgx and the mp3, I was really tired and decided to try to go to sleep but my pain level was way up again. I decided to put on the first MP3 session of Alana and do the relaxation breathing as I have done a couple of nights in order to relax enough to actually get some sleep, which I have found helpful. (I have to sleep sitting up since I have breathing problems lying down most times and my pain level increases if I happen to roll onto my right side.) I ended up not sleeping as I had hoped but had something happen I did not think possible and don't know what it was actually. :?

    This last time something very different happened to me. :shock:

    I had done the breathing and then decided to just let Alana's voice guide me a little further. I didn't have the Aneros since I wasn't planning on going any further that night. Instead I let her suggestions and the sounds guide me.

    As I relaxed further I found that my legs jumped once before I knew what was starting to happen. I started doing the anal contractions as she suggested after that happened. I had been aware before this that I had become partially erect this time after doing some of the contractions, I was producing nearly a constant stream of clear fluid. I started feeling something strange then. (I hadn't read much of the forum and even after reading some things I'm confused.) I felt a strange heavy sensation in my lower belly just about two inches below my navel.

    As my contractions continued to be done by myself willing them, I began to have odd surges from my penis and found even more fluid coming from me now. I knew this only because of the wetness it made on my underwear and on me. I became aware more and more of that place in my belly as I contracted, held and released partially as Alana suggested.

    I suddenly had involuntary contraction of my anus and felt as if my entire inside area was contracting at times. I still felt this feeling in my belly growing and was becoming concerned a little at one point and stopped the my breathing. Then the in voluntaries hit like a rocket and I could barely breath through them. I found myself holding my breath at times even. I got rock hard, something I had rarely every experienced and felt my sac even quivering at times now. Then the place in my belly felt like it grew twice over. This and I'm not afraid to say this, scared me somewhat. Well, the erection went down some due to this and my in voluntaries nearly stopped but I was somewhat convinced that what I might be feeling was something natural. I had never felt anything like this.

    I followed the suggestions again and kept up the pace a little longer. This time I had surges again from my erection and the fabric of my underwear made me lose the feelings I felt from the inside this time. Then it happened again, the growing feeling in my lower belly. I felt as if something was going to burst almost, not painful but something else. I guess it felt pleasurable, I'm not certain it was almost like I didn't want to stop then.

    My session had gotten to the point where the woman was moaning and with each moan my contractions were getting more involuntary and stronger from both my PC and anal regions. Even though my erection was nearly gone. I guess I was unwilling or just plain terrified of what I started to feel but I did the code word to come out of the session again and again until I was out and could willing stop the mp3 player. I was nearly shaking then and didn't dare move for about ten minutes while I watched some TV to try to get over the feeling I had before.

    :?: What happened to me? Were these the P-waves that I have read a little about and what about the feeling in my lower belly? I didn't know that you could do anything like this without the Aneros in place. Is that possible even?

    Hope someone can help me? :?

    This has me a little frighten of the next step in my journey with the mgx now since I had this without it. Being disabled and in constant pain has stopped me from relaxing most of the time and I think I may have that night. I think I my have made a breakthrough but I'm not certain. :?

    I know that men, under the standard set by most, are not supposed to be afraid but I got in touch with my emotions a long time ago now and I'm not afraid to admit it even here. I think real men should acknowledge their emotions, I think in the end it makes us even stronger. Sorry off topic at the end.
  • I'm sure that someone much more knowledgeable and articulate than I will reply to you, but I can relate my own experience in this regard. One of the most intense sessions that I have had in my admittedly short experience with the Aneros was after I had given up on what I thought was only a moderately successful session. I had come back to bed and laid down and just happened to start stroking my nipples as I prepared to drift off to sleep. I was awake for some time after, as I went into full-blown orgasmic ecstasy, over and over, without the Aneros in place although my body was acting exactly as it would if it had been in use. It was, I think, my most powerful multi-orgasmic experience yet.

    I posted the experience in the thread that has the phrase "massive echoes" in the title.
  • I am having too hard a time reading the giant wall of text on my 24" screen its all mashed up at 1920x1080 i cant read it too well. Maybe i am just too tired sorry i am of no help.
  • Sounds like you had a mini-O accompanied by lots and lots of p-waves. Great job doing this without the aneros. That's the whole goal eventually.
  • Hi,

    Thanks for the replies so far.

    Promass, try increasing your browser mag. I keep mine at 150% mag on these forums and boards. It helps a lot in reading. Good suggestion however. When writing this I was nervous and wasn't looking at how it looked on the screen. I broke it up a little. :)

    Sorry for it's lenght but I had to describe what had happened to me step by step. I still can't believe it actually happened but know that it did. :shock: I might try for another session tonight with the aneros, or maybe not.

    Thanks for all the answers so far. :)
  • rumelrumel
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    (Note : Underlined Text is a Hyper-Link)

    What you are experiencing is really quite normal and nothing to worry about. Does this sound familiar “The next thing I noticed was a tightening of my abdominal muscles...” or “At this point I actually got a little scared at the intensity of these sensations...”, those are my words from my first Super-O experience.

    You were having P-waves and mini-O's and, yes, you can experience those feelings without having your Aneros in place.

    Congratulations on making such rapid progress, your re-wiring is well under way. I don't think it will be too long before you are posting your own report into the My First Super Orgasm... thread.

    I am especially pleased to hear that 'Alana' and "HypnAerosession" are contributing factors to helping you progress.