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  • xo4 September 2009
spare helix
  • Folks, I'm not sure if any of u have experienced the credit crunch like I have but I've lost my job, my girl and am so terribly broke that although I've wanted an aneros helix for ages I simply can't afford one, and have no bank cards with which to order one. Is there any chance a charitable person out there could donate one?
  • xo4xo4
    Posts: 14
    dude- just get the blunt end of a toothbrush up your arse or somethin... you dont need an aneros to stimulate your prostate.. so if you cant afford one just improvise for now.

    you may already be doing this of course... but i found my prostate with my own two fingers and got off on it. but its a difficult thing to do by yourself, so maybe look for an existing object to use like a toothbrush... but obviously make sure you can get it back out again! lol