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Massive "echo"
  • I had an experience last night that I've not had before with the Aneros. Granted I've only used it for a bit over a week, but most of my "new" experiences have been built on the foundation of prior "accomplishments." I really have nothing to which to compare this.

    Last night, before bed, I had the urge to give the Helix a whirl. I prepped, went through the procedure and relaxed for a while. Finally turned down the lights, closed my eyes and went into Aneros-world for a bit. The experience was enjoyable but not as intense as some I've had. I'd seem to cross the threshold to orgasm for a bit, then my body would back off from it. I attributed this to the fact that I was a bit distracted and slightly on edge regarding some personal events.

    So I got up, washed the Helix and came back to bed. I was still feeling a bit of the sensual "glow" from using it and as I lay there I started to finger my nipples, which have always been one of my fave erogenous zones but seem to have kicked into high gear since starting to use these things.

    Well, the next thing I knew I was in full on legs trembling-torso spasming-involuntary anal contracting-hip thrusting-air humping-sighing-moaning-goofy grinning-feeling like I might burst into tears mode! All the while my body was acting as though the Helix was still in place. It was as though I could feel it, but not (yes, I know that doesn't make sense). I kept this up over and over, just riding the waves of bliss for about half an hour. Went to the bathroom. Came back to bed. Realized I could do it all over again if I wanted to but decided that it wouldn't be prudent given the time and the fact that I had to work in 6 hours.

    I didn't masturbate after this and didn't feel the need to. Fell into a nice glowy sleep.

    Has anyone experienced something similar? I have had what I call orgasmic spasms the next day in the aftermath of Aneros use. But NOTHING like this.
  • Oh wow welcome to the world of Nipple Stimulation. Here's a thread that I think you'll really enjoy reading:

    Yes, having used the aneros myself has awakened many different parts of my body, especially my nipples. They are extremely sensitive to touch. The slightest amount of rubbing will start a deep tickling sensation that can lead to more until the pleasure is just unbelievably amazing. I can say by adding this type of stimulation with your aneros inserted only heightens the pleasure to a whole new level.

    Congrats man! 8)
  • Sometimes, for a day or so after a good session with my aneros, I can start to contract down there, and its almost like I can "feel" my prostate...similar to how you describe it feeling like the helix is there but not. Sometimes, the aneros-less tension can be even more pleasurable than with the aneros in. I can't explain it either, but it's definitely a big bonus :D

    Keep enjoying it!
  • Thanks for the comments, gents!

    FrostFire, I'm reading that thread and have already joined the Yahoo group. :wink:

    Toobadsochad, this does not bode well. If my body is learning to generate its own "ghost" Aneros I'm gonna be in big trouble. Heaven forbid I start feeling sensations during one of my office meetings! :shock:

  • Well, I've never experienced the involuntary after-shock sensation...for me, it's always been generated by my voluntary contractions of the muscles.
  • xo4xo4
    Posts: 14
    i think maybe im experiencing this right now- but ive only used the helix once so im a bit confused lol
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    Yeah, really amazing...I purposely haven't used the Aneros since the weekend, guess I don't want to get addicted....But every morning when I wake up, I'm rock hard and prostate buzzing... I guess the experience of a few days ago is still making waves, sometimes when focussing on the sensations it's like I could just go into overdrive.....I really want to use Aneros but then I just get completely shitfaced instead
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi X and All! :D

    This wonderful result for you need not be threatening :lol:, there are ways to transform or transmute these orgasmic energies into other forms. Super-Os can take a wide variety of forms, from the vigorous full-body active that you had as an after effect, to ecstatic still-body high level bliss orgasms and many others. The energies can also become more generalized as Life Force energies (Chi in the Tao tradition) giving one exceptional radiant vitality while still being able to function at work or in social situations. :wink:

    Given your responsiveness, I invite you to think about starting a blog in the Blog section here: Your history, and experiences here as they unfold, could be a story of worth for many.

    Check out the Day-After Effects Poll: and vote and post your after-effects stories there too in the long-term record of these great gifts! :D

    all the full range of ecstatic bioenergetic surprises/gifts/gratitude all