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First time user......very dissapointed. Did I do it right?
  • After reading a lot about this product and even viewing some of the videos other users having a lot of enjoyment out of this product, I decided to take the plunge and order one for myself. This decision was a big one for me as this is an expensive toy for what you pay for it and I'm on a very limited budget right now.

    The model I ordered was the MGX. From what I read online, this would be the ideal model to try as a beginner. After my ass with lubricant (water based) and applying a liberal coating of lube over the MGX itself, followed the instructions by laying on right side and lifting my left knee to my stomach and inserting the unit into me with the Perineum tab resting on my skin (taint) between my anus and scrotum. I then waited.....and waited......and waited....and....


    I squeezed my sphincter muscle and nothing...

    I could feel *something* down there, but it was neither painful or pleasurable. From what I understand the unit itself is supposed to rock back and forth across the surface of the prostate with each squeeze of the sphincter muscle, but nothing happened or felt different. I'll I had was the same feeling of something was "there".

    After about 30 minutes I thought i would try to masturbate with the MGX left in me. I seemed to have a little trouble achieving an erection but I couldn't even get into it as the thin Perineum tab of the unit dug into my skin like a knife. After a minute or two my ass felt so uncomfortable I just had to stop.

    I removed the unit and my anus hurt for another 15 minutes. I really feel let down by this product and thought I would post my results here to see if anyone had any suggestions for me. I'm willing to give it another go, but this first experience was a disaster. Has anyone had a similar experiance doing this their first time? Any suggestions?

    More info about me...

    I'm 33 years of age, stand 5'11 inches tall and weigh 205 lbs and in shape.
    When I used the MGX I had a full stomach if that had any bearing on my results.....

    Also, is there a money back guarantee for these things?
  • rumelrumel
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    Welcome to the Forum,

    First, to answer one of your questions, “... is there a money back guarantee for these things?” . The answer is yes, there is a guarantee, if you purchased your MGX through the website. However, before you rush to judgment, please understand that for many men this is not an immediately pleasurable experience for a number of reasons. The frustration you are experiencing is a very common phenomenon with new Aneros users. Depending on your level of anal experience and familiarity with prostate stimulation this process of opening yourself to new sensations can take time. The first step is to go through a prostate "awakening".
    You are by no means the first to experience unfulfilled expectations from reading about other men's experiences, nor will you be the last. Most of us here on the Forum are sincerely interested in helping other men achieve these higher levels of pleasure but you need to have patience with yourself as well.

    So before you write us all off as cranks or shills, I invite you to do some necessary reading to better understand what is involved with the 'rewiring' process.
  • Hi,

    Don't give up so fast because you're gonna miss out on great feelings.
    I've been searching over a year,maybe longer,don't know annymore for multiple dry orgasms.
    A long time nothing much,but sometimes it would let me feel something so good that i knew it was out there.
    Now i've come to a point were i still don't have dry orgasms, but the last sessions are beginning to feel so good that i must be close.
    Not only does my prostate feel good on contact with the aneros but i also beginning to have a buzzing(don't know another word for it) sound around my sphincter and ass in the laast sessions.
    I also feel that the aneros is being drawn in,not contracting just drawn in.
    Does anybody of the more experienced members recognize these feelings?

    Just keep an open mind,no expectations and eventually you get there.
  • I agree. Don't judge it on just one experience. Sounds like you have the right idea as far as lube and starting position. Feel free to experiment a little.

    It really helps to go into this with a relaxed, aroused, no expectations frame of mind.

    Good luck on your journey.
  • MyTurnMyTurn
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    rumel said:

    (Note : Underlined Text is a Hyper-Link)

    P.S. I sent you a PM with some introductory hints and tips to get you started.

    Hi, could you send me that PM too, because I am not getting any results out of the Aneroses either.
  • It's not a push button orgasm machine.
    It took me a year for anything to happen. Rewiring can take time.