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FINALLY :O I think I got P-waves!!!
  • Al25Al25
    Posts: 27

    What an experience! I've just had an other session with my MGX and woooow finally I see (and felt) a great improvement. First of all , I read and re-read the wiki many times and really paid attention to every step.

    I took a warm bath, and started playing with my ass, while showering. I had never done this before any of my sessions. This time I used the KY and a little bit of WET lub. the kY seems thicker than the wet. so I thought why not?!I used my normal syringe tyo apply it inside me (I found that without this internalk lubrication things don't go well at all). I think the shower thing reallyu helped my ass to relax a great deal..I had no problems inserting a finger. I went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet, as if I was going to poo. this position is the easiest way for me to insert the aneros. I was a bit worried because iun my last attempts I still had this pain when I inserted the aneros...but okay I relaxed. my ass was cover in KY and I started inserting was soo soo easy this time!!!! I did have the classic páin, but it was not that strong and I started deep breathing and relaxing and it fade away slowly..haha dunno why but after inserting it I try to rrelax and some involuntary contractions come and it's so hard to really loose myself because tightening feels good :P. I was concetrtaed when I felt like the anertos was moving by felt like it wanted to come out so I was scared to drop it inside the toilet...this had always happened and I just grabbed it...but this time I didn't. I let it move to see what happened....silly me...the aneros was placing itself comfortably inside me! it didnt wanna come out! LOL

    yesterday while reading the wiki. I started the contractions (of course without the aneros ) and stablished the base contraction, so I wouldnt let go completely. this base contraction was the limit of loosening. and from that point just small deeper contractions. I found that without the aneros in. I got some stron involuntary contractiuons that gave me pleasure!!!!!! I swear! and my hips started to move to the sides and front and back to today's sesion. I had the aneros inside , had relaxed, set my base contraction and started contracting, 16 times I think...and then back to my base contraction and wammmmmmmmmm my insides started shaking and many involuntary contractions came over. and I started this contracting, loosening, contracting....I can't say it is a mechanic things like exercises.. you know 10 contractions 2 seconds loosening,. breath nonnoonnoon it's like going nalong with your body's sensations and doing what you fell like doing in that moment. I started concetrating in a sex fantasy, so I would get hornier and this time worked!!! my breathing became faster and more and more pleasure waves came...I had never understood how in this videos of guys using the aneros. their penmis would get so stiff in 2 I understand! with this contractions I felt like the aneros was rubbing something inside me...and my dick was harder and harder.. until pointing totally upwards and I hadnt even touched it !!! that is so hoooooooot! anyway
    I felt twice like I was about to cum, my hips strated thrusting forwards and backwards and the aneros was sort of fucking me! dammn it was hot! I though my penis was going to explode it felt like soo full ! what a fucking erection!!! (sorry for the vocab but just to rmemeber it, it is woow) twice I was thinking, damn this thing is gonna empty me.. when the orgasm semeed imminent I contracted even deeper and started moaning...but then it didn't happen., I didn't cum...after the second time this happened I felt I couldnt take it any longer without touching my dick and as I moved myu hand to grab it. my hand was shaking so badly and so was my body! I remmeber seeing my hand trembling really bad and I thought nooo fucking way body was really in another state.....but I ended up wanking .,..sorry but I couldnt take it anymore and the orgasm was WOW. I felt like cumming three times before I actually cummed. wow wow wow my balls hurt ...but in a good way :P

    after that I felt so so great! like happy and satisfied! not like when I normally wank and cum and then it's like " uh cool I have to clean myself". noo this time was like wow I feel satisfied!!! and I'm such ion a good mood!!! ahhahaha thios might sound crazy but this experience really changed my mood today :D it may be because of the hormones and those things!

    even though I didn't reach the Super-O or hands-free cummed this experience was something I had never felt before. even though I'm gay., I've never had anal sex because of fear of getting internally huirt or getting a disease.... I wanna thank the aneros people , those guys who designed this toy because it is really a different experience froim the normal wanking boring thing. it is really encouraging to see how straight guys use this.. the feeling like the aneros was fucking me is so hot, and I'¿m gay so naturally that is hot for me...but for a straight guy to have the balls to use this and to be okay with it , I think is great and really helps to overcome this tabus and ignorant ideas that anal sex is only for gays and that is disgusting. maybe if more straight people would try this, a better understanding and less homophobia would be in the world.

    sorry if I'm being abit philosophical but I wanted to write this.

    Some advices to the newbies (like me):
    *read carefully the wiki guide and stick to it
    *don't read every post here and try to do evberything other people are doing. I try top do this and ended up achieving nothing. again, stick to the wiki .
    *base contraction in the key (it was for me)
    *try many positions (mine is sitting in the toilet)

    now I need an adice from the expert users:
    I felt like the orgasm was immionent and that I was about to cum...but I didnt orgasm or cumm hands free... what is the next step, when you have the involuntary contracions and are about to orgasm? stronger contractions? what what'?:D

    sorry for my bad writing, I'm not in my laptop at the moment, but I couldn't wait to tell you this! :D
  • It's fantastic to hear about your fast progress. I tool feel great after a session. It sort of brings peace to your mind and body, an almost clensing effect of all stress. Its great to start the day with as your happy for most of the day.

    As for the next step... well would you have waitied a little longer then perhaps you would have reached orgasm. I too can find it hard not touching my penis when things really get going but over time you will learn this.

    I would advise you to keep enjoying yourself, take what comes your way because eventually the orgasm will come.
  • I’m sure since you’ve studied the Wiki you already realize that the penis doesn’t play a big role in the Super O and an ejaculation and penile orgasm are not the Super O or prostate orgasm (the Aneros kind).

    Along with reading the Wiki, you should read the Testimonials, Forum, and Blogs. Use the Search box as well.

    Try to resist the urge to touch your penis during your Aneros sessions. It’s not necessary to ejaculate/penile orgasm ever time you end a session. Resist the urge! Practice edging before your sessions. Use the Crystal Wand before your sessions to relax as well. Massage the pelvic bowl/prostate/tailbone with it for about an hour or half hour.

    You shouldn’t be afraid to participate in anal intercourse as long as you trust the partner and you are using protection via condoms. It would also put your mind at ease if you knew their health/HIV/AIDS/STD status. There is a risk of disease with any type of sex, not just anal sex. There is a stigma attached to anything anal as being gay and anything anal causing HIV/AIDS. There is also a stigma/stereotype that HIV/AIDS is a gay disease. HIV/AIDS is not a “gay disease.” It doesn’t discriminate.

    You mentioned pain in the anus/rectum. I’m not sure what type of pain you experience but you should research Protalgia Fugax and Levator Ani Syndrome.

    It’s good that you recognize many men’s hang up with anal pleasure and the Aneros, etc. are forms of internal homophobia. I’ve always agreed that if all straight men try the Aneros they’d be less homophobic (and no I’m not saying it would turn them gay just so they know).

    You seem to be getting the hang of things and catching on faster than many guys. Maybe we gay guys are experienced/knowledgeable with anal things which helps. lol. Keep up the good work!
  • In regards to edging (Edging is good practice to resist the urge to masturbate during Aneros sessions. But only edge before you insert the device. Edging also gets you horny enough for Aneros sessions.): (Stop and Go Technique) (look up edging)
  • Al25Al25
    Posts: 27
    hey! many thanks for the links and advices. But with regards to the edging technique, you mean that I should do it before inserting the aneros, I though touching the penis was forbidden....
  • alvalv
    Posts: 179
    Al25 said:

    hey! many thanks for the links and advices. But with regards to the edging technique, you mean that I should do it before inserting the aneros, I thought touching the penis was forbidden....

    Hey Al25, remember nothing is forbidden, you should not let any sensation overwhelm the feeling that the Aneros generates. Playing with the penis during the session is OK only if you keep it under control and just to add that extra little bit of spice to the session - but unfortunately - for most it is a one-way journey away from the Super-o towards more penis play.
  • Al25 said:

    hey! many thanks for the links and advices. But with regards to the edging technique, you mean that I should do it before inserting the aneros, I though touching the penis was forbidden....

    Not if you do it before you insert the device to get yourself well in the mood. I wouldn't recommend doing any touching there once you insert the Aneros however. You may wait about a minute and take a break from masturbating/edging before insert it though just to let the semen go down some so you won't be in danger of ejaculating as soon as the device sucks inside you.