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Aneros and ejaculation
  • It seems female ejaculation is more intense. Does the aneros even this out? Its not fair that most women can squirt more fluid and more intensely than men.
  • Based on my experience, there is slightly more ejaculate produced while using an Aneros. I think others have had a significant increase in the amount of fluid produced, so I'm guessing it mostly depends on the individual and possibly what model of Aneros he's using.

    Personally, I couldn't care less about the amount of fluids produced. It's all about the sensations for me.
  • How do you think female ejaculation vs male ejaculation would compare? It seems that female ejaculation lets out more fluid but it only lasts two seconds.
  • I have no direct experience, other than viewing some porn of a "real" squirter, to compare with. Assuming what I saw was real and not staged somehow, then yes, females (or at least some of them) have the potential to create a lot more fluid.

    Your opening post leads me to think you are equating the amount of fluid released with the intensity of the orgasm. I'm certain there is no correlation between the two since I've had quite powerful orgasmic sensations without even getting an erection or ejaculating.
  • artformartform
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    Hi newtoforums, and welcome!

    How do you think female ejaculation vs male ejaculation would compare? It seems that female ejaculation lets out more fluid but it only lasts two seconds.

    My Aneros adventure began as part of my wife and I setting off on our "mutual prostates" journey together with her never before experienced ejaculatory orgasmic potential being one of our mutual goals. Volume comparisons? No contest. She can fill a good sized water glass easily. Not me or any other man in one go! So what!? If you read through my blog: you can see that we each have our unique pleasures and successes and yet they all complement each other and come together in extraordinary ways beyond any sense of "unfair differences" at all. Mrs. a is not a squirter; she flows sometimes for minutes at a time – the flowing waters of the goddess!

    My guess is that you might benefit by reading Mantak Chia's MultiOrgasmic Man, MultiOrgasmic Woman and MultiOrgasmic Couple.

    Does your gf massage your prostate with her finger? My wife does and we both have chains of glorious Super-Os and then finish off with a Super-T for/by me with her finger contributing continuously and occasionally her ejac close to the same time. We also do very long slow sessions of mutual prostate massage: her fingering me anally, me fingering here vaginally, so slowly and gently like exquisite flowing music as our prostates/Gspots quiver, shift, engorge and enlarge (her's much more just because that's the way it works) until we shift from wonderful ranges of active full body to bliss-filled still body orgasms and ecstasies after two or three hours into the ejac mode and build to a deliciously soaking grand finale.

    Men and women begin with common genital tissues as foetuses and that commonality can be felt and found again in mature sexual togetherness, if you truly understand and feel your anatomy and her's and successfully rewire your neuro-anatomy to its fullest potential. Once you learn, you can dance together for hours before the showers! :shock: :lol:

    all the best with it all

  • I think time will tell if you will have an experience of massive ejaculation. I have had my Progasm for a couple weeks and have just experimented with it for only the second time tonight. Wow...I hit all the right spots and just let the Progasm do its job. I have had anal play with other toys and with some limited bi play, but this made me bring tears to my eyes. It felt like I was right on the edge of ejaculating for an enormous amount of time so a bit of agony and ectasy combined.

    This was so much more intense with a tremendous amount of fluid released. It was a major ejaculation but rather a continuous stream. It was great.

    Hope other guys experience the same thing
  • They should also make books called The Multi-Orgasmic Gay Man, The Multi-Orgasmic Gay Couple, The Multi-Orgasmic Lesbian, and The Multi-Orgasmic Lesbian Couple.